Chapter 525: The Female Lead of Crossing the Demon Realm, Lady of Luck (1)

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Translator: _Min_

Yu Yao noticed the change in the butler’s expression and looked in the same direction.

Lin Jihuan was taking photos with Si Fuqing in a corner.

The passing guests couldn’t help but glance over, after all, even Si Fuqing’s haters couldn’t deny her beauty.

Si Fuqing seemed to sense the attention and turned her head.

In that moment, the butler caught a clear view of her face and couldn’t help but gasp.

Her expression was indifferent, the smile from before gone.

Her gaze didn’t linger on Yu Yao for even half a second before quickly shifting away.

Yu Yao frowned, calling out, “Butler Ji.”

Startled, the butler quickly regained his composure, somewhat embarrassed,

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“My apologies, Young Master Yu, I was indeed acting rude.”

“No need to apologize,” Yu Yao wasn’t upset, merely smiling, “Does Butler Ji recognize that actress?”

“Not personally, but I almost mistook her for someone else just now,” the butler replied, apologetically. “It might sound amusing to you, but at a glance, I thought the young miss had arrived. It’s strange because she doesn’t actually look like the young miss.”

He was indeed puzzled.

If pressed for similarities, there were a few, like the shape of the eyes and lips.

But indeed, beautiful people often share certain resemblances.

It wasn’t a physical likeness but rather an indefinable similarity.

Yu Yao’s frown deepened, his expression cooling, “I almost made the same mistake, but Qingwei is unique, incomparable to anyone.”

“If Young Master Yu were to say that to the young miss herself, she would be very pleased,” the butler no longer paid attention to Si Fuqing, “The young miss enjoys talking to Young Master Yu the most.”

To the butler, Si Fuqing wasn’t worth noting.

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How could a female celebrity compare to Miss Ji of the Ji family?

Even if a female celebrity could marry into a wealthy family, she would merely be seen as a means to bear sons.

They weren’t people of the same world; there was no need for concern. “Did you say Qingwei is embroidering a ‘Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains’ piece?” Yu Yao’s mood lightened, “I hadn’t realized that despite being secluded, she harbored such grand ambitions.”

“Yes,” the butler was pleased, “Once the young miss completes it, I’ll take it to the Heaven Earth Alliance for Director Gu to see. He should be satisfied this time.”

Yu Yao nodded.

Gu Huiyan’s standards were exceptionally high, having only taken nominal disciples before, without a single direct disciple.

If Ji Qingwei could become Gu Huiyan’s disciple, her artistic achievements would surely reach even greater heights.

The two continued their conversation as they walked towards the Yu family’s private room.

Meanwhile, Lin Jihuan finally finished taking photos, choosing the best one as her screensaver.

“Qingqing, I adore you so much,” she said with adoration, “I’m a mom fan!” Si Fuqing:

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After a few seconds, she diplomatically suggested, “You don’t really need to add that last part.”

“That’s impossible, fan attributes must be clear. I’m not like those girlfriend fans,” Lin Jihuan was spirited, “Oh, and by the way, Qingqing, my deskmate is also a male fan of yours. He even gave me a photobook of yours.”

Si Fuqing raised an eyebrow, “Your deskmate?”

“He’s definitely over one meter eighty,” Lin Ji Huan thought for a moment,

“And he’s good at basketball too.”

Si Fuqing was intrigued, “Oh?”

So, Nian Yi’an had asked her for an autographed photo to give to Lin Jihuan. The world was indeed very small.

“I’ll show him our selfie when I go back to school the day after tomorrow,” Lin Jihuan cupped her face, “I want to make him jealous.”

“Right, let’s make him jealous,” Si Fuqing said, taking out her phone to take a selfie.

Lin Jihuan was curious, “Qingqing, what are you taking now?”

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Si Fuqing calmly replied, “I’m posting a selfie to ask everyone about their fan attributes. ”

Lin Jihuan was puzzled, “Huh?”

While she was still dazed, a notification sound for a special follow on Weibo rang out.

[SiFuqingV: Where did you get the idea that I’m so young? Why do you call me ‘baby’?]

Accompanied by nine selfies, each more assertive than the last, her gaze sharp enough to kill.

[Whoa, wifey knows how to take selfies.]

[Ahhh, baby, mommy loves you!] [Since you asked, I guess I’ll switch from being a girlfriend fan to a mom fan.]

[Actually, we’re all career fans!]

Si Fuqing silently observed the screen full of “babies,” contemplating whether her approach to entering the entertainment industry was mistaken.

Lin Jihuan hesitated, then whispered, “Because you were so cute when you were killing the goose, and you’re only eighteen, so we all decided to adopt you as our daughter and became mom fans

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