Chapter 526: The Female Lead of Crossing the Demon Realm, Lady of Luck (2)

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Translator: _Min

Si Fuqing was silent.

She decided then, she needed Sang Yanqing to sign her up for a horror-themed variety show. It was time to showcase her maximum level boyfriend power.

“Qingqing, can I ask you something in private?” Lin Jihuan’s voice was even lower, “Which character are you playing in ‘Crossing the Demon Realm’? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“The shooting starts in a few days anyway,” Si Fuqing said with a casual demeanor, “Telling you in advance is no big deal. I’m playing Sui Yan.”

Lin Jihuan was momentarily stunned, then her eyes widened, “The female lead?!”

“Yes,” Si Fuqing nodded with a smile, “I really like this role. Teacher Lu has called for me, I have to go. Let’s keep in touch when we’re free.” Lin Jihuan watched dazedly as Si Fuqing was led away by Lu Ningsheng.

Her mind was still buzzing.

sui Yan!

She had speculated about what role Si Fuqing might play, boldly guessing it could be the second female lead, a demon princess. But reality turned out to be even more audacious.

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Screaming internally, Lin Jihuan decided to wash her face and calm down.

On her way, she encountered Lin Wansu walking with Xu Jianian towards the common area.

Lin Jihuan stopped and gave Lin Wansu a sideways glance.

Feeling the chill from her gaze, Lin Wansu pursed her lips, “Miss Jihuan, what do you mean by looking at me like that?”

“Looking at you because you’re pitiful without knowing it,” Lin Jihuan said with a slight smile, “Your face is bigger than a plate, yet you carry everything but a brain.”

She might not know what role Lin Jihuan had in “Crossing the Demon Realm,” but in any case, she was merely there to complement Si Fuqing.

Using “Crossing the Demon Realm” to look down on Si Fuqing? She didn’t even consider whether she was worthy or not.

Lin Jihuan took another look at the man beside Lin Wansu.

He seemed familiar, but he was too well-covered to see clearly.

Lin Jihuan didn’t care much and went back to the private room.

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Lin Wansu was trembling with anger, “Jianian, she’s just too much!”

“It’s alright,” Xu Jianian massaged his temples, “She’s the protagonist, let’s not dwell on it.”

“The protagonist? That remains to be seen.” Lin Wansu’s eyes darkened, “She’s so arrogant now, but sooner or later, I’ll make her pay back everything.”

After all the guests had arrived, the wedding officially began.

Shen Xi felt nervous until after the ceremony of honoring heaven and earth, finally heaving a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, he was the first to marry a wife.

“Here, I want to especially thank someone.” Lu Ningsheng, still under her red veil, picked up the microphone with a solemn expression, “It’s Qingqing. I can say that without her, I definitely wouldn’t be standing here.”

The guests were somewhat astonished.

They all remembered Si Fuqing’s face, seated at the table with Lu Ningsheng’s parents.

Although Lu Ningsheng was only Shen family’s daughter-in-law, her every action represented the Shen family. This was the entire Shen family showing goodwill to Si Fuqing.

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They couldn’t treat Si Fuqing like a regular female celebrity anymore.

Lu Ningsheng had also planned to thank Jiang Changfeng.

But she realized Jiang Changfeng’s background might not be simple, so she thanked him privately instead.

Jiang Changning glanced at Jiang Changfeng, leisurely saying, “Brother, you’re really pitiful, the women you interact with can be counted on one hand, either elderly or married.”

Jiang Changfeng was expressionless when he responded, “Actually, you don’t have to speak.”

The siblings sat next to Si Fuqing, at the main table.

On the other side.

“Uncle Nine, how do you feel about Qingqing being introduced as Queen’s Lu maternal family?” Yu Tang sighed deliberately, “Ah, Qingqing could have been sitting with us.”

Yu Xiheng’s expression remained unchanged, merely sipping his tea, “Did you finish your homework? Are you ready for military training the day after tomorrow?”

Yu Tang immediately deflated:

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She should have known; she could never outmaneuver her Uncle Nine.

As the banquet began, Lu Ningsheng and Shen Xi went to change into their toast outfits.

Feng San appeared silently, “Uncle Nine, news from Lin City says that something odd is happening with the Zuo Corporation. They haven’t made a move yet, but the Zuo Corporation is already beyond saving.”

It seemed as if an invisible force was pushing the Zuo Corporation to collapse.

“Hmm,” Yu Xiheng propped his head, ‘What about the item?” “It’s been found,” Feng San said, “It will arrive tomorrow morning.” Yu Xiheng nodded: “Give it directly to your lady.”

Feng San nodded, then paused, feeling something was amiss.

What did “your lady”‘ mean?

He decided he needed to consult Chen Ying and Xi Jiang about the implications of this term.

Meanwhile, in Lin City.

In just a few days, the Zuo Corporation had completely gone bankrupt.

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