Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2866: 2866

Chapter 2866 - The Old Place

"That's even better," Shenxi Xingtian said.

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"For matters on Yi Daiyan's side, leave it to my master. At that time, more than a hundred Intrepidus Mundus experts will join us, riding your Ebonfiend to the Sun. We'll slay Xiaodao and Tianming," Li Fan said.

"To forcefully break in, we may need a portion of astral gods to share the damage from the astralguard formation. We only have a million astral gods, and they’re all trapped, so they probably won't be enough," Shenxi Xingtian said, glancing at Meng Ying.

Meng Ying chuckled and said, "Alright, leave it to me. When the time comes, the wonderians will dispatch four million astral gods through the xenoworld to reach below the astralguard formation. We've already set the coordinates, and the four million astral gods will head straight to their main base."

"Four million? Brother Meng Ying, that's quite ambitious!" Shenxi Xingtian sighed. During the peak of his power, he had only had a bit over four million astral gods—and they were scattered across an entire mundus. For the wonderians to mobilize four million astral gods meant they had a total population of at least over ten million.

"It's normal. Wondrium is much larger than Ebonia, so we have more resources to cultivate astral gods. More importantly, our wonderians are dominant, ruling over the entire mundus. We’re free of internal strife, making it even easier for us to accumulate astral gods," Meng Ying said.

Shenxi Xingtian envied the wonderians. "The path of the Infinitum Bodhimanda is wrong!" After sighing, he looked at Rex Mundi Meng Ying and continued, "Although there won’t be astralships, I'm already looking forward to the formidable power of the four-million-strong wonderian army that’ll appear out of thin air."

"We wonderians have an obligation to vent Brother Shenxi’s frustrations, to reclaim the homeland and dignity for our fellow beings in the Infinitum Mundus, and to drive away the invaders," Meng Ying said. Although it was a transaction, at least their words sounded pleasant.

Shenxi Xingtian had nothing to lose now. As long as there was something to gain, he would gamble it all. "Alright, it's settled. The main target will be the Sun!"


On the Sun, the return of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and the Gladean Ruins was celebrated by the people in the Sky Palace Formation.

A victorious and hearty battle made the ordinary people who didn’t know about Myriadpath Valley and the Intrepidus Mundus think that the war had already ended. The ebons suffered a disastrous defeat, Tianming and Yi Daiyan reconciled, and the war came to an end. It was the perfect ending the people had envisioned.

Most of them were unaware that the greatest crisis was still looming over their heads.

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The population density in the Sky Palace Formation was unbelievably high. As long as it existed, it would remain a sanctuary. But once it was destroyed, it would become a graveyard. A casual bombardment could evaporate tens of millions of people.

Precisely because of that, Tianming and the others didn't feel any jubilation.

"On Ebonia, Yi Daiyan's astralship fleet has begun bombarding the beast wall. If Shenxi Xingtian doesn't change his strategy and continues using the lives of the beasts to protect Ebonopolis, then in at most half a year, three-quarters of the beasts on Ebonia will die!" Those that remained would be so few in number that they couldn't possibly affect the overall situation on Ebonia.

"If Shenxi Xingtian continues holding on like this, it can only mean one thing: he has confidence in his incoming reinforcements. He believes that the experts from Myriadpath Valley and the Intrepidus Mundus can behead Yi Daiyan and the two of us," Xiaodao gravely said.

"Why didn't you mention me? Am I not the number one genius in the Infinitum Mundus?" Wudi said with wide eyes.

Tianming sighed, "The war may be over, but the battle that’s following it will be our great calamity." Originally, he had thought that, with the infinitum-class Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, he would never face any danger again. But now it seemed that he had been a bit naive. Myriadpath Valley was coming to let everyone know that personal power was the true master of the stars!

"Regardless, the Sun is here and we can't escape. The only way is to face it. And the only way to face it is to grow stronger! I'm already at my limit. You guys, see if you can make one last effort," Xiaodao said.

"I'll continue absorbing Flameyellow Bloodsoul. There’s still two secret rooms," Wudi said.

"As for me? I’ve solidified my foundations after the rapid breakthroughs, but the Ninth District’s been sealed off!" Tianming said.

His eight orders would require at least several years for a breakthrough to the next level, under the assumption he only had foundationeer caeli. It was too difficult!

"Forget it, I'll go to the Xenoabyss and try my luck again," Tianming said.

"Go ahead, we’ll inform you if anything comes up here," Xiaodao said.

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"By the way, check for news about your sister," Wudi reminded him.

“Does the ‘number one genius in the Infinitum Mundus’ need to be so naggy?"


Once again, Tianming crossed the vast white sea of clouds and arrived at the Xenoabyss.

The Ninth District.

A thick purple mist hung over above the gloomy earth. Looking up, the incomparably huge purple divine eye in the sky could faintly be made out, shocking the soul. Tianming still had tens of billions of Yin Chens there, and as soon as he arrived, they instantly woke up and began their 'job’.

"Take a look at the recent situation in Antiquitas Mortis. They should still be hunting me, right?"

"Of course."

Up to now, all the people in the Ninth District had been under the control of the New Shrine. The Ninth District was still sealed.

"See if you can find Li Fan," Tianming said. He speculated that this person must know the level and quantity of the people from Myriadpath Valley and the Intrepidus Mundus. Although Tianming couldn't beat Li Fan, at least Yin Chen could eavesdrop on the specter.

"Li Fan... isn’t here!" Yin Chen quickly came to a conclusion.

"Didn't you say that once there's a seal on Antiquitas Mortis, no outworlder is allowed to leave, and if they do leave, they won’t be allowed back?" Tianming asked.

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Yin Chen told him that Myriadpath Valley had a special status and could leave as long as they ‘declared their innocence’.

"Alright!" Eavesdropping on Li Fan was one of the purposes of Tianming's entry, but since the other party wasn’t in the Xenoabyss, it meant that that hope was lost.

"By the way, check Zi Zhen’s current situation," Tianming casually said.

"Got it!"

Zi Zhen had become more and more mysterious, appearing and disappearing in the imperial capital of Antiquitas Mortis without a trace. Tianming didn't know if she could leave the Ninth District. As for her strength, he had no idea how powerful she had become.

He originally thought it would take a long time for Yin Chen to find her. But unexpectedly, not long after, Yin Chen said, "Zi Zhen... has appeared... She asked... you to... go to... the place... you two... first met.”

"Find her?" Tianming was somewhat surprised that she had finally agreed to meet. The first meeting place was where he had obtained the grand lexicon wonder, which wasn’t far from Tianming's current location and was secluded enough.

Tianming didn't say anything else and headed out. “How is she now?”

“Very fierce.” Yin Chen used that adjective.

“How fierce could one girl be?” Tianming rolled his eyes.

He soon arrived at Old Man Voidback’s grave.

“Did they strip and search the whole district? Even this grave was dug out.” Tianming was speechless. But where was Zi Zhen?

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He looked around. “Come out, what’re you peeking at me for? If you want to do something, do it openly and honestly!" Tianming confidently said. Suddenly, a chilling aura that made him shiver appeared behind him and he felt his hair standing on end.

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