Chapter 313: Chapter 311: It’s Not Easy to Learn Well, But Easy to Learn Badly

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Lincoln picked up his mobile phone, intending to hit her with some harsh words.

For example: “Have you ever thought about why no real science popularization workers have come forward to criticize me?”

—Because Lincoln really did hire several professional science popularization workers who were now focusing on researching simplified software development for creating a truly educational and 100% realistic “Animal World.”

However, this task is extremely difficult and requires enough profound professional knowledge, a large amount of field investigation experience, and hard work to apply this knowledge to virtual world animal behavior patterns.

If he were to ask this question, he could wait for her to come up with an excuse to refute, and then throw evidence in her face.

However, after thinking about it, Lincoln felt it wasn’t worth it.

Exposing this project too early is not a good thing.

After thinking about it, Lincoln called on Mavis to first blacklist this person.

But simply blacklisting her wasn’t enough, he had to add a reason.

‘Reason: Afraid of being bitten.’

This reason for blacklisting was so fresh and unconventional that even players who were originally attracted by the news of the national competition in “Assassins’ Alliance” turned their attention back to the situation.

Many players who had previously fought in Cathy’s comment section had been paying attention to Lincoln’s blacklist and naturally noticed this update immediately.

As a result, their fighting spirit grew stronger, prompting more and more comments in Cathy’s comment section.

If her goal was to attract the attention of netizens, she had already achieved it.

—If she didn’t mind that over 95% of them were actually bashing her.

Lincoln still felt unsatisfied because he didn’t need anyone’s help to criticize others online!

But just as he was wondering if he should say something more, a notification came from the game cabin.

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Randall had woken up.

Lincoln had no choice but to put down his phone and go over to him.

After getting up, Randall’s expression was quite interesting, and he even subconsciously touched his armpit.

“I feel a bit tired, but not really. Some rarely used parts of my body also feel a slight warmth.”

It was obvious that Randall thought the effect was significant and wanted to thank Lincoln.

However, Lincoln blinked and directly interrupted, “I guess it might be a psychological effect.”

The game cabin’s technical verification process was very standardized, Lincoln had tried it himself and there was no way it could have such an obvious feeling…

Most likely, it was because Randall’s hope was too great, which led to a placebo-like psychological effect.

Randall did not say much more, just reached out and firmly gripped Lincoln’s wrist.

Little Chun, on the other hand, was much more composed than Randall.

She politely nodded and expressed her gratitude to Lincoln.

After saying goodbye to these two major subordinates, Lincoln continued to work on counter-attack technology without rest.

He had already come up with an idea: with the current level of counter-attack technology development, there was no need to make an entire set of clothing.

Moreover, he didn’t really understand what kind of clothes girls liked.

It could turn out that after a lot of effort, they might find it ugly, reluctantly accept it, then stuff it in their closet never to be worn again.

Wouldn’t that be a waste?

So, he decided to 3D print a highly detailed and unique brooch instead.

Customized design, material, and pixel-level coding interference.

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It could even incorporate a special sonic interference device to prevent being recorded.

Lincoln worked all the way until late at night before washing up and going to bed.

Meanwhile, players excitedly discussed the national competition of “Assassins’ Alliance” and Lincoln’s blacklist.

—Many people actually only learned about Cathy’s criticism of Lincoln after seeing the blacklist update.

There was still a significant difference in attention and Internet presence between the two.

But Cathy apparently didn’t care about that.

She fearlessly argued with netizens in the comment section, insisting that Lincoln had a “double standard,” “no tolerance,” “dictatorial,” “could not humbly accept advice”…

And: “Why isn’t he talking? Does he have nothing to say? If he were right, why wouldn’t he speak up?”

This attitude angered netizens who were following the development of the situation, causing their blood pressure to skyrocket.

They all began to @Lincoln in the comment section, calling for fire support.

Unfortunately, Lincoln had gone to bed early.

Mavis was already worried about him staying up late and how it was bad for his health, so she certainly wouldn’t wake him up for an online argument.

By the time Lincoln noticed this matter, it was already breakfast time the next day.

Mavis, with a puffed-up expression, told Lincoln that many people were @-ing him online and showed him Cathy’s latest post.

Cathy displayed animated images of animals in the game, and found image materials from science education documentaries for comparison, in order to prove the correctness and necessity of her criticism.

She appeared to be riding on the momentum of victory.

It seemed like she believed that Lincoln couldn’t do much to her except blacklist her.

Lincoln, however, didn’t get angry. Nowadays, he generally wouldn’t get angry over arguments on the internet; it was unnecessary.

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Online quarrels had become more like a form of entertainment in his life, an important source of happiness.

So when Lincoln saw the evidence Cathy presented, the first thing he thought of was not how to explain the difference between “game” and “documentary,” but—

“Are these animated images made from game recordings?”

“Yes!” Mavis nodded in approval.

“So she has a Mirage console at home and logged into the game?”

“Mhm~” Mavis nodded repeatedly.

“It’s her own! Cathy is a host, her information is public, and Mavis has already locked her account! And she bought two consoles, one with her own ID card, and one with her 14-year-old child’s ID.”

“I see…” Lincoln pondered.

“Master, do you want to BAN their consoles?!” Mavis was super enthusiastic.

“I’d like to…” Lincoln sighed helplessly, “but I can’t.”

“We can’t just ban their consoles whenever someone criticizes us. Doing so would easily erode the players’ trust in us.”

“I see.” Mavis shook her pink head and her eyes sparkled, devising a plan.

She immediately took out paper and pen and started scribbling at the dining table.

Soon, she held up a newly-written announcement for Lincoln to see: “How about this? How about this?”

“Mirage Console Recall Announcement:

Last night, a Mirage console cooperative factory discovered a rare problem with one of its assembly lines.

In extremely rare cases, this may result in equipment manufactured on this line experiencing abnormally high power consumption between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on the first day of each month, up to more than double the normal power consumption.

The assembly line problem has been corrected immediately.

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After engineers have assessed the issue and the company’s top management has discussed it, we have decided to recall the problematic equipment.

According to statistics, the occurrence of this issue is extremely rare, with a probability of only 0.00002‰. We will recall all problematic equipment (a total of two units).

Other equipment does not have similar issues, so players and friends do not need to worry.”


“0.00002 per 1000, two out of 100 million, precisely recalling her two machines, right?”

Lincoln looked at Mavis with a somewhat strange expression, “It isn’t easy to be good, but turning bad happens in an instant. Who did you learn this trick from?”

Mavis didn’t speak, but her eyes stared unblinkingly at Lincoln…

“Did you learn it from me? Impossible!” Lincoln adamantly denied.

Mavis didn’t refute; she just looked at him and giggled continuously.

This made Lincoln really want to enter the virtual world and pinch her face.

“Forget it, let’s leave it for now.” Lincoln quickly finished his breakfast. “She works in an internet company doing online shows, right? Let’s see how they react.”

“Anyway, try not to use any means on the console.” Lincoln cautiously reminded Mavis, “The credibility of the console is related to our foundation; it’s much more important than a momentary quarrel.”

“Alright, Mavis understands.” Mavis nodded obediently.

Lincoln cleared up the tableware and got into his car to go to the company.

Meanwhile, in the small group chat of Dream Cloud Studio’s operation department, they were also discussing the matter.

Several employees in the operation department had transferred from public relations positions and were very experienced.

In their words: “The boss doesn’t need to bother with such a trivial matter, it’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!”

They even made up their minds: once the boss arrived, they would take the initiative to volunteer.

They guaranteed to handle this matter swiftly!

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