Chapter 2276: Five-Element Divine Physique! (1)

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Regarding the concept of the Three-Colored Light, Wang Teng could only think about it temporarily. It wasn’t the time for in-depth exploration now.

Nevertheless, just the Three-Colored Light alone was already excellent. It could contend with his Abyssal Hell Devil Lotus, and even heaven-stage martial warriors might not be able to withstand it.

This was the advantage of exceptionally talented individuals!

“I’m becoming more and more interested in this Heishan Race,” Wang Teng mused to himself.

Next were changes in the attributes of Spirit and Enlightenment.

As the attribute bubbles integrated, Wang Teng suddenly felt a shock in his head, as if some incredible transformation had occurred.

His mind became extremely clear, and his eyes glittered with divine light, seemingly able to see things that were usually invisible.

The world before him became incredibly clear, and mysterious and intricate patterns appeared in his vision.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, poison, ice, light, dark… even space and time. He could sense the origin fluctuations of all his elements.

Even behind the fluctuations of those origins, he saw intertwining threads of the rules of origin, forming layer upon layer of “shells”!

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At this moment, although Wang Teng seemed to be using his eyes to observe this world, his consciousness had unconsciously detached itself and entered the deepest layer of the universe. Within that “shell,” there was a wondrous place filled with endless radiance.

In that wondrous place, countless granules emitted dazzling light, resembling stars and entire worlds.

“Could this be… the origin of the universe!” A realization flashed in Wang Teng’s mind.

But before he could ponder further, a powerful suction suddenly erupted from those granules, drawing his consciousness into them.

“Damn!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse before he could comprehend what was happening.

In the next moment, numerous insights flooded into his mind—metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, poison, ice, light, dark, space, time… Every type of element’s laws of origin evolved in his mind.

This was the first time Wang Teng encountered such a situation.

He felt a bit bewildered, but quickly grasped the situation and earnestly absorbed the insights.

The various power of laws of origin he comprehended quietly elevated, even the power of his domain was influenced and gradually improving.

Time quickly passed, and Wang Teng had no idea how long it had been before he was abruptly thrown out of that state.

He slowly opened his eyes, a look of astonishment on his face.

“The origin of the universe!”

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“So, that is indeed the origin of this universe!”

Wang Teng was bewildered. He was no longer the ignorant novice he once was. He had delved into numerous eternal-stage scriptures and battle techniques, even mastering some god-level techniques. Naturally, the concept of the origin of the universe was not unfamiliar to him.

That was because these techniques contained relevant descriptions.

The mysterious place he had just entered astonishingly resembled the descriptions of the origin of the universe in those techniques.

Undoubtedly, this was a stroke of fate.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes board. The reason he had gained such benefits this time was solely because his enlightenment attribute had reached the limit of the universe realm!

Enlightenment: 30000/300000 (universe realm)

Wang Teng’s enlightenment attribute had already reached the peak of the universe realm. Now, with the integration of the enlightenment attribute dropped by the black-horned youth, his enlightenment immediately reached its limit.

When his enlightenment attribute reached the universe realm, he sensed the power of the laws of origin existing in the world very clearly.

However, he had never directly entered the origin of the universe to comprehend them.

After reaching the universe realm in Enlightenment, comprehending the power of laws of origin became much easier for him compared to ordinary warriors.

It could be said that his mastery of the power of laws of origin to this extent was not only due to the acquired attributes but also a significant part of his enlightenment and talent.

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Many geniuses possessed universe-realm Enlightenment and formidable talents, much like the black-horned youth. Otherwise, they would not be able to comprehend the laws of origin that only universe-stage experts could grasp when they reached the cosmos stage.

After reaching the universe realm limit this time, Wang Teng touched the deepest layers of the origin of the universe.

Comprehending the laws of origin at the origin of the universe was undoubtedly a more profound experience.

Unfortunately, time was limited, preventing him from maintaining that state indefinitely.

“If one reaches the universe stage, they can use the power of the world to comprehend the origin of the universe.” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.

To enter the origin of the original universe, one must rely on the world power mastered at the universe stage.

The power of the world was the bridge to the origin of the universe.

Wang Teng didn’t dwell on it any longer. He then glanced at his domain and the laws of origin. Both had significantly enhanced compared to before.

These were the benefits gained from the recent insights.

However, there were no breakthroughs, leaving him somewhat regretful.

Another point that left Wang Teng feeling extremely regretful was that his enlightenment attribute did not break through to the eternal realm.

After reaching the universe realm limit earlier, he finally understood that for his enlightenment to break through to the eternal realm, his strength must also advance to the universe stage.

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The enlightenment of every life form has its limits, tied to the level of life.

Wang Teng was currently at the cosmos stage, and the limit of his enlightenment was at the universe realm. Without a transition in the level of life, he cannot further elevate his enlightenment.

This also explained why the cosmos-stage prodigies he encountered so far had enlightenment only at the universe realm.

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