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Chapter 2769: 2769

Chapter 2769: Senior, Why Don’t We Change the Competition?

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“Other than the fat ball boss, you’re the most persistent boss who’s chased after me,” Song Shuhang said, his primordial spirit projection glowing with the power of virtue.

The pure light ot virtue expanded slightly and devoured the cold holy light.

As he erased the cold holy light, his consciousness collided with the owner of the holy light, the big-eyed planet boss.

In his consciousness.

The tiny Song Shuhang and the incomparably huge planet looked at each other.

Big eyes stared at small eyes.

Although in terms of size, strength, and consciousness, Song Shuhang was still far below the big-eyed planet. However, in terms of aura, he was absolutely not weak at all, and he was fearless.

“It’s you!” The big-eyed planet boss sent out a thought.

It didn’t expect that the one behind its troubles today was this little bug. It had tried several times before to crush this little bug but had failed. In fact, it had even been targeted by a mysterious ruler of the Netherworld, thanks to this little bug.

“It’s me,” Song Shuhang replied.

However, it was clearly this big-eyed planet boss who had been trying to capture him. Why did it suddenly show a surprised expression after their consciousnesses came into contact? Just like it didn’t know the target was Tyrannical Song before attacking?

Could there be some misunderstanding?

“It’s good that it’s you,” the big-eyed planet boss sent out another thought.

“Today, I will crush you completely.”

“Come on, crush me!” Not only was Song Shuhang fearless, but he even dared to provoke him.

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This was not only because of his current strength. It was also because the three-eyed senior youth was lying beside him.

With Senior Three-Eyed by his side, there was nothing to fear. If the big-eyed planet boss had the guts, it would come. Once it came, it would be handled just like the fat ball boss’s clone last time.

Perhaps he could even increase his gambling capital.

“Come if you have the guts. If you don’t, you’re my grandson,” Song Shuhang said, placing his hands behind his back and sneering.

“[Destroy!” The big-eyed planet boss said coldly.

In the next moment, the mental energy on its body exploded, crushing Song Shuhangs consciousness.

It wanted to crush Song Shuhangs consciousness in this battle of consciousness and then send its power to the previous coordinates to kill this annoying bug.

If it weren’t for its enormous size and the long time required for teleportation, it would have directly attacked Tyrannical Song with its main body and destroyed him.

The terrifying mental energy pressed down on Tyrannical Song, directly causing his consciousness to explode… 15+1.

The confrontation on the consciousness level ended.

Song Shuhangs consciousness returned to the space of the “Wealth Throne.”

The “cold holy light” on his primordial spirit had already completely dissipated. However, a portion of it had already fallen off before being devoured by his light of virtue. It turned into a small flame not far from Song Shuhangs body and became the “coordinates” of the big-eyed planet’s big shot.

Song Shuhangs primordial spirit opened his eyes. “Senior Three-Eyed, someone has infiltrated your Throne of Wealth.”

“Don’t come near me!” Senior Three-Eyed suddenly screamed at Song Shuhang. “Stay away from me!”

Song Shuhang was confused.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you look like you just crawled out of a manure pit to Old Master. But this isn’t because of you. It’s purely because Master can’t accept the beauty of the Holy Light. As a species of the Netherworld, it has no fate with the Holy Light in its lifetime. What a pity,” the eyeball butler explained while trying his best to pull himself out of the tip of the pillar.

Holy Light was very practical, but because it conflicted with the ruler of the

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Netherworld’s attributes… it was deeply hated by the ruler of the Netherworld.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

He had almost forgotten about this.

“Senior Three-Eyed, since you hate Holy Light, then you should be prepared.”

Song Shuhang pointed at the dark holy light burning on the ground and said, “The guy who infiltrated the space of the Throne of Wealth is coming. Its proudest ability is this cold holy light… a very special type of negative holy

The three-eyed youth glanced at the cold holy light on the ground. He stretched out his hand and pressed down, causing the space around the holy light to distort and transform.

Song Shuhang, who had mastered the spatial laws of a Ninth Stage

Tribulation Transcender, could see the space around the holy light beginning to twist and overlap. In the blink of an eye, the interior of this fist-sized space had expanded into a small world.

“Die!” At that moment, a cold voice sounded from the side of the holy light.

The next moment, the spatial gate opened.

A small sphere emitting holy light squeezed out from the space gate. This was a doppelganger technique of the big-eyed planet boss.

Because his main body was too huge, he could first command his clone to fight in the front. Moreover, the clone could also set up a huge teleportation door that corresponded to the main body, making it easier for the main body to teleport across space.

However, as soon as it appeared, it felt that the space it was in was strange.

The planet clone’s eyes turned and first locked onto Tyrannical Songs position.

However, it was certain that this abnormal overlapping space wasn’t a method to hurt Tyrannical Song. The planet clone’s eyes continued to move and turned to look at the three-eyed young senior.

In the next moment, its body stiffened.

Then, the cold holy light around its body quickly retracted, revealing the core of its small ball.

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Then, the small ball core began to retreat silently, preparing to retreat into the space gate. From its appearance to its retreat, it moved smoothly and naturally.

The word “cowardly” seemed to be written all over the little ball’s body.

There were no extra lines, and it did not even dare to speak loudly.

“This cautious personality is exactly the same as mine,” Song Shuhang said.

Gambling Demon Emperor Nightmare looked at the cowardly ball with a sad gaze. He could smell the aura of sympathy from the other party.

“Tyrannical Song, let the bet begin.” The three-eyed young man gently clenched his fist, and the spatial gate behind the small ball collapsed and dissipated.

Song Shuhang looked at the small ball and suddenly had a thought. A possibility appeared in his mind.

“That’s right. I’ve already found a suitable treasure. I can give you the carrier treasure you want,” the three-eyed youth slowly said.

As he spoke, the formation patterns of the bet ceremony appeared under his and Song Shuhangs feet.

The formation patterns wrapped around Song Shuhang, Demon Emperor, the three-eyed youth, and the small ball clone.

Tyrannical Songs side: Demon Emperor Og, Armor Saber Intent.

The three-eyed youth’s side: a small ball and a sword-shaped saber intent.

The bet ceremony was established.

“Senior, what shall we bet on this time? Do you want to continue betting on your pain tolerance?” Song Shuhang asked.

In the last round of the Pain Endurance Competition, Senior Three-Eyed didn’t lose because of his endurance but because of an accident.

In terms of pain tolerance, Senior Three-Eyed is also very strong.

“No, there’s no need to come back for an event that has already been competed. This time, let’s compete in luck. Pure luck!” Senior Three-Eyed waved his hand.

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“A competition of pure luck?” Song Shuhang lowered his head and looked at Senior White’s arm in his 15+1 primordial spirit.

At this moment, he seemed to see the myriad worlds blessing him through this part of Senior White’s primordial spirit.

Therefore, wouldn’t it seem like bullying Senior Three-Eyed by comparing pure luck?

“Senior, why don’t we change the way we compete?” Song Shuhang couldn’t bear it and suggested.

“Why? Are you afraid?” the three-eyed youth asked..

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