Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3694: 3694

Chapter 3694  Only Three Left

Girias and Harmon shouted. They were barely able to stop themselves from reaching the crystal mountain because they were Immortal Emperors, but they still crashed into the crystal mountain range along with the others. However, they were able to regain their autonomy faster before they shot away in the same direction.

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They fled the area in the opposite direction of Isabella, leaving behind tens of inheritors to their deaths.


The Crystal Beast Dragon was a towering menace. It also seemed to be taken aback but roared at them, causing them to be suppressed but it didn't go after them and started targeting the others who crashed deep into the crystal mountain.

Its giant crystal claws sank, carving entire mountains as though they were made up of low-quality material.

Unfortunately, the inheritors were cunning. They all used escape talismans to flee if they weren't able to escape, so the Crystal Beast Dragon managed to kill no one despite sending many areas of crystal mountains flying out of the region.

Nine seconds eventually passed, and all the barriers had disappeared by now. Isabella came out of the ground, holding her right arm, which seemed fractured. Her internal organs were also shaken a bit, but other than that, there seemed to be no injuries.

"As expected, it's not easy to kill them all…"

Isabella giggled wryly.

Flamerose had already transformed back to her human form. She went towards Isabella and helped her heal along with Frostrose.

"It wouldn't be easy at all unless they have expended all their talismans."

"Right, but these people were swayed by greed… if only they had enough power to come through…"

Isabella turned to look at six crimson-blue crystal statues made out of blood. Their expressions appeared to be in pain, trying to get out, but were crystallized. When they died, their souls would've suffered extreme pain along with the feeling of getting their bodies burnt and frozen at the same time.

She had only seen Shirley suffer from these wounds and knew it was excruciating, as though being carved out and burned multiple times as the chill seeped into them. Nonetheless, since they were dead, there was no need to bother about them.

"Hayley, you don't need to flee." She turned to look in another direction and saw the people who hadn't taken part in wanting to kill her but decided to retreat.

They were in the minority, numbering seven people, including Hayley.

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"Unless you want to steal from me…"

"I don't." Hayley wryly smiled as she waved her hands, "You got two strong bodyguards from two different clans protecting you for some reason I can't understand. I can only imagine the status you would come to hold in the future."

"Aha, don't be so distant. Because you portrayed your art of tranquility, I was able to understand some intricacies that were crucial to winning this trial."

Isabella took a step forward and rotated her shoulder, adjusting the bones and relaxing the muscle after it healed. However, she turned to look back and wrapped her arms around Flamerose and Frostrose.

"Thank you. I fully believe you two will have my back until the last trial."

"Of course." Frostrose said calmly, "We aren't shameless enough to go back on our words."

"In the last trial, we'll try to win or support Shirley to the best of our ability. Don't hold it against us." Flamerose giggled.

Isabella smiled brightly. She was at a loss for words and couldn't say anything other than thank you. She knew they probably battled Girias and Harmon in her stead in the trial, giving her the freedom and peace to train.

If it weren't for the serene ocean and the surroundings, she doubted she could've learned Rumbling Laws any sooner.

Wrapping their arms around them firmly, she sent them a soul transmission.

"Words are useless. I'll talk to my husband and try to convince him to give two of the three rewards I obtained to you two. You two deserve it, and even if you don't get them, I'm sure he would award you with appropriate resources~"

Isabella patted their shoulders with a firm look and turned around, shocking Frostrose and Flamerose.

Three rewards?

They didn't know what she received, but they were aware that anything that came out of these trials wouldn't be normal. Therefore, they were taken aback by the fact that Isabella would be willing to part with what she earned.

On the other hand, Isabella began checking on her cultivation.

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She already knew, but her brows still couldn't help but raise as she saw that she was at Level Six Immortal King Stage. When she entered, she was at Level Three Immortal King Stage, so for it to have increased by three levels, it meant three more Hidden Pagodas had been completed.

She completed one, which left two, leaving her wondering who the winners were and which Hidden Pagoda they had completed.

Nonetheless, this left only three more Hidden Pagodas, making her narrow her brows.

Should she leave this sanctuary and search for another?

However, she had used up one Escape Talisman and one Defensive Talisman, leaving her with only one Escape Talisman. She could rely on Flamerose and Frostrose, but that wouldn't get her anywhere in terms of improving herself.

"Perhaps it's time to regroup…"

Isabella uttered, wanting to join up with Evelynn and Shirley.

She turned to look back at the Phoenix twins and asked them to locate Shirley with their bloodline.

Isabella may not know who completed the other two Pagodas but the people of the First Haven World sure were aware as they could peep at the Immortal Dreams Palace. There was a new tier of list ever since the First Hidden Pagoda was completed.


Hidden Pagoda Winners:

First Hidden Pagoda - Rea Tyriel - 1 point

Second Hidden Pagoda - Tahundra - 1 point

Third Hidden Pagoda - Fourth Hidden Pagoda - Isabella Ruth - 2 points

Fifth Hidden Pagoda -

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Sixth Hidden Pagoda - Seventh Hidden Pagoda - Zenova Artoria - 3 points

Eighth Hidden Pagoda - Evelynn Cauldon - 3 points

Ninth Hidden Pagoda - Shirley Ashton - 3 points


The ranking was also evident, but there was always a list constantly updated for that; only the changes were very few.



1st place: Shirley Ashton - 12

1st place: Evelynn Cauldon - 12

2nd place: Zenova Artoria - 11

2nd place: Isabella Ruth - 11

3rd place: Rea Tyriel - 9

3rd place: Dewzai - 9

3rd place: Tahundra - 9

4th place: Atsuo - 8

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But for some reason, Dewzai, who hadn't managed to complete the Ninth Hidden Pagoda, had increased her ranking by one point. There were many speculations, but no one could tell why exactly that was the case.

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