Chapter 322: Chapter 306: North of Fanyin City, Asura Reappears_2

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“Next, naturally, we need these two to help us figure out the specific configuration of the mysterious organization’s raid team tonight.”

Finishing the hot tea in his cup, Leo Ray smiled lightly.

In the north of Viennas City, in the old city district.

Under the twin moonlight, in the shadow of a stone house ruin.

Clad in black robes and wearing white metal masks, Gary Lewis and Clyde Thompson stand waiting anxiously for something.

Upon closer inspection, their brand new white masks only bear a black cracked emblem, without any specific number.

After a while, a black-robed figure with a white mask and No. 00051 descends from the sky and lands in front of them.

The third powerful figure doesn’t speak to the duo, but merely extends an arm to expose a rough, veined dorsal hand.

Seeing this, Gary and Clyde do not hesitate to make the same gesture.

The next second, the three arms come together.

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In an instant, three identical black cracked emblems emerge from the backs of their hands, emitting a strange black glow under the cold moonlight.

“Two interns of the organization, come with me.”

After confirming the identity of Clyde and his son, No. 51 nodded slightly and spoke in a stiff, disguised voice.

“As you command! Lord No. 51!”

Hearing this, Gary and Clyde both nodded and made the same disguised voices.

It seems that the Gothic-style white metal masks themselves have a voice-changing function.

Then, under the guidance of No. 51, the three raced through the dark night, leaping from one broken rooftop to another.

Finally, after many twists and turns, they arrived at a dilapidated and long-abandoned warehouse.

Stepping into the cobweb-filled, dusty ruins, Gary and Clyde noticed others besides No. 51 guiding them.

At this moment, in addition to No. 51, there were 11 other imposing black-robed masked powerhouses.

“Two Tier 4 Powerhouses and ten Tier 3 Pinnacle Powerhouses, right?”

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Seeing this, Gary’s cloudy eyes swiveled and he muttered to himself.

“Have the two interns arranged the route for the operation?”

An emotionless disguised voice rang out, and the burly black-robed No. 40 inquired.

“In response to Lord No. 40, everything has been arranged properly.”

Stepping forward with a nod and a bow, Gary immediately replied: “This time, there will be no issues.”

“Let’s hope so. Last time, due to you two misjudging the time their reinforcements arrived, our operation not only failed, but we also suffered losses.”

Striding up to Gary, No. 40’s black-robed man’s tone became increasingly harsh, saying coldly: “This time, if there are any problems, even the slightest, I’m afraid you two will have to permanently disappear from this world.”

“No, no, Lord, please rest assured, everything is under control.”

On the other side, Gary quickly nodded and smiled.

Speaking up to this point, Gary paused for a moment and tried to probe: “Respected Lord No. 40, although we did not figure out the specific powerhouses’ configuration of Viennas City, they must have set up a tight net to prevent us from robbing the Ancient Chest. I’m afraid this might be…”

“Afraid of what? Are you trying to teach us how to do things?”

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Waving the glistening wide-blade sword in his hand, No. 40’s black-robed man leaned forward as if to press his mask against Gary’s, the threat was unmistakable.

“Enough, No. 40, step back.”

A low, powerful voice sounded, and from the shadows emerged another burly man.

This man was at least two meters tall, like a small moving mountain.

Moreover, the white metal mask he wore was also unique.

There were blood-red patterns all over it, clearly different from other black-robed people’s white plain masks.

Engraved on the very top was the number: “7”!

“A Tier 5 Powerhouse? Lord Asura?!”

Seeing this, a smile of ecstasy appeared beneath Gary’s and Clyde’s masks.

No matter how powerful the Lord of Viennas City might be, there was no way he could muster a force capable of contending with a Tier 5 powerhouse!

“It seems that this time, Gael and Kelsey will certainly meet their demise.”

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At this moment, while excited, Clyde’s pale face began to twist again.

He secretly thought: “Right, I initially thought that the hateful boy might have some tricks up his sleeve, but now, with a Tier 5 powerhouse here, there’s no way he can make any big waves!”

Just as Clyde gleefully thought about this:

No. 7, emanating terrifying energy fluctuations with every move, stepped in front of them and said indifferently, “How about it? Is this lineup enough to seize the Ancient Chest now?”

“Enough, as long as Lord Asura is in action, it will be a sure win!”

On the other side, the two nodded and bowed reverently.

“Some time ago, if it weren’t for a major task approaching in Saint Night Kingdom, I wouldn’t have been in the Coldflame Domain. The Ancient Chest would have already been in our possession.”

At this point, the extremely burly No. 7 black-robed person sneered.

He then turned to address the other powerhouses: “In any case, the purpose of our operation this time is to seize the Ancient Chest. Of course, if anyone dares to obstruct us, regardless of who it is, they must be eliminated at all costs.”

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