Chapter 323: Chapter 306: North of Viennas City, Asura Reappears_3

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“Yes, Lord Asura!”

Upon hearing this, the other black-robed figures respectfully bowed and spoke in unison.

For a moment, a heavy killing aura filled the vast warehouse.

No. 7 Black-robed Person nodded satisfactorily and walked in front of Gary Lewis and Clyde Thompson.

He said, “According to the organization’s rules, you two are the strongest fighters in this city, so you don’t need to participate in this operation. Just guide us, and once we succeed, you’ll become official members.”

“Thank you, Lord Asura!”

Grateful, Gary and Clyde bowed their heads and said with a worried tone, “Lord Asura, there’s one more thing we’d like to mention. The Master of Sanders’ Trading Conference and his daughter in Viennas City are extremely cunning and difficult to deal with.

One is a middle-aged Tier 4 Powerhouse Martial Artist wearing a light gray robe, and the other is a Tier 3 Powerhouse Martial Artist in a red dress with a topknot. Please be cautious when dealing with them, comrades.”

“Apprentice, don’t try to be smart anymore.”

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In a dark disguised voice, No. 7 Black-robed Person stepped closer. His overwhelming aura surged like a giant wave, pressing down upon Gary and Clyde.

Under immense pressure, they felt the surrounding air become thick, making it difficult to breathe, and their faces involuntarily turned red as they clutched their necks.

After a moment, the pressure from No. 7 Black-robed Person finally faded, and he looked at the two men now slumped on the ground, gasping for breath. “If you ever achieve great merits, you can apply for a Kill Order from the organization to eliminate your enemies. Understand?”

“We understand! We won’t do that again!”

Both Gary and Clyde, still trembling, spoke in unison.

“Alright, lead the way.”

No. 7 Black-robed Person nodded faintly.

In an instant, the thirteen mysterious organization fighters, guided by Gary and Clyde, transformed into shadows and vanished within the abandoned warehouse.

At the same time, two petite and delicate figures followed closely like ghosts, not even stirring a single speck of dust.

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“A Tier 5 Powerhouse, two Tier 4 Powerhouses, and ten Tier 3 Pinnacle Powerhouses, huh?”

Listening to the conversation through Mind Talk, Leo Ray couldn’t help but take a deep breath and muttered, “The most crucial thing is that we meet those ‘old acquaintances’ from Mirage again, No. 7 and No. 40.

It seems tonight, a bloody battle will indeed unfold between the Lord of Viennas City and the mysterious organization. It’s quite a ‘coincidence’ that we get to encounter them again so soon.”

“Lord, with the addition of the lord of Viennas City and my father’s subordinates, the City Lord’s team only has five Tier 4 Powerhouses and twenty Tier 3 Pinnacle and Senior Powerhouses. There’s no way they can stand against the Mysterious Organization.”

At this point, Kelsey’s face showed a worried expression, “You know, just one Tier 5 Powerhouse is probably enough to challenge everyone.”

“Don’t forget our undisclosed variable.”

Smiling faintly, Leo Ray looked at the burly man next to him and said, “Taylor, this time, our success depends on you.”

“Rest assured, my lord.”

In a rough and unrestrained voice, Taylor responded with confidence, his thick beard and long hair fluttering without wind, exuding a fighting spirit.

Pausing, he continued, “During the Mirage encounter, I sensed that the enemy’s strength was almost on par with mine. However, with the Dragon Slash Sword gifted by Lord, I have full confidence that I can remain undefeated under normal circumstances, regardless of his hidden cards.

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And in my berserk state, I have absolute certainty that I can defeat him.”

“Very good.”

Nodding in satisfaction, Leo Ray said, “In any case, this time, although we have a common enemy with the Lord of Viennas City,

we are not actually allies, but an independent third-party between them.

Secondly, since we’re on someone else’s territory, we must reserve some strength in case of emergencies.

Thus, we don’t need to go all out in this battle. All we need to do is seize the Ancient Chest in the chaos and then slip away. Of course, if there’s an opportunity to deal a heavy blow or even kill the so-called Asura, it shouldn’t be missed.”

With these thoughts, even Leo Ray felt his blood boiling.

After all, this was their first time facing a Tier 5 Powerhouse.

However, even though Tier 4 Powerhouse Gideon Black had not arrived,

their subordinate team still included a Tier 5 Powerhouse Taylor, Tier 3 Pinnacle Powerhouses Serena Clark, Stella Clark, Linda, Mason Banks, and Amelia,

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Two Tier 3 Eight-Star powerhouses Scarlett and Abigail, Tier 3 Six-Star Bianca White, and Tier 3 Two-Star Kelsey, all equipped with weapons above Tier 4.

In addition, Leo Ray had 24 Tier 3 Earth Guardians [Blessing of the Southern Cross] that could block one Tier 5 attack, as well as other spell attack scrolls.

Therefore, as they appeared as a third force while the other two parties were fighting fiercely,

they could effortlessly profit from the situation.

“Also, during the auction, there will be several other ordinary neutrals or even clueless noble powerhouses. In the early stages, our side just has to blend into the crowd, wait for our chance to strike, and watch the drama unfold.”

With these thoughts, Leo Ray regained his composure and put down the teacup in his hand.

He then addressed his subordinates, “Alright, it’s about time we head over to the Lord of Viennas City to discuss exploring the ruins and see if we can obtain any additional information.”

“At your command, Lord!”

The subordinates bowed and spoke in unison.

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