Chapter 324: Chapter 307: The Test of Fanyin City’s Lord_1

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“Lord, speaking of that, the part where Clyde Thompson and Gary Lewis were outwitted with their petty cleverness was quite satisfying.”

Kelsey whispered into Leo Ray’s ear as they walked along a quiet corridor of the trading conference.

“These two are merely clowns. We’ll deal with them directly during the chaotic battle later and then pin it on the mysterious organization.”

Leo Ray nodded slightly and responded, “Kelsey, when you see your father later, find an opportunity to inquire privately about all the details of Lord of Viennas City’s trap. The more detailed, the better. This time, the mysterious organization has sent a Tier 5 Powerhouse, making the situation much more difficult.”

Pausing for a moment, Leo Ray continued, “Therefore, we need to make adequate preparations and arrangements, transfer you and your father away from the main battlefield of the auction early, ensure the escape route afterward, and do all these without letting the Lord of Viennas City notice anything suspicious.”

At this stage, Leo Ray understood clearly.

Although Gael, a Tier 4 Powerhouse, was not yet his direct subordinate,

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his relationship with Kelsey, and his significant status within the Sanders family made him extremely important to Leo Ray.

Moreover, although Kelsey had been mediating between them during this time, Leo Ray had noticed that Gael, the Master of Viennas City Sanders’ Trading Conference, had been working behind the scenes, forming an unspoken understanding with Leo Ray.

As such, it was natural that Gael should not become a sacrifice between the Lord of Viennas City and the mysterious organization.

“Understood, Lord!”

Upon hearing his words, Kelsey’s delicate face revealed a touch of joy, as she nodded repeatedly.

Just like that, they walked along the luxurious corridor lined with soft red carpets.

Before long, under Kelsey’s guidance, Leo Ray and his party arrived at a heavily guarded area.

Here, besides the trading conference guards wearing leather armor, there were also numerous elite soldiers wearing light armor, patrolling around. The crisp, cold sound could be heard as their armor collided and rubbed against each other.

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Upon closer examination, the eyes of each soldier beneath their helmets were sharp, and the weapons they carried were round shields and one-handed swords, ideal for fighting in narrow spaces.

An intense murderous atmosphere had begun to permeate the air.

“Lord, these soldiers are the city guards of Viennas City, and their strength is at the Tier Second level. Many of them are battle-hardened veterans with rich combat experience,” Kelsey whispered to Leo Ray as they moved closer to the room where they would meet the City Lord.

“Very well.”

Leo Ray nodded slightly and retracted his gaze that had been wandering around.

Currently, Scarlett and Kelsey were accompanying him openly, along with a team of Tier 2 elite guards from Kelsey’s side.

As for Taylor and the others, they were hidden under the Invisibility Cloak. Meanwhile, Mason Banks and his party had gone ahead to scout the new meeting venue.

Soon after, under Kelsey’s guidance, Leo Ray and his party entered a heavily guarded room.

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Of course, thanks to the Invisibility Cloaks and the assistance of the Concealment Rings, they didn’t encounter any obstacles, as only a Tier 5 Powerhouse could detect the presence of these subordinates.

However, to be on the safe side, Leo Ray only brought Scarlett, Kelsey, and Taylor, who was hidden in the shadows, into the room.

Upon entering the lavishly decorated room, Leo Ray noticed that there were only two people sitting solemnly inside.

One was Gael, Kelsey’s father and the President Gail of Sanders’ Trade Association, whom they had met previously.

On the other side was a middle-aged powerhouse in a blue mage robe, exuding a sense of calmness.

Based on his grayish-white temples and relatively dense crow’s feet around his eyes, he appeared to be about fifty years old.

Leaning in for a closer look, the mage’s robe was of various colors, exuding an extraordinary aura from all over.

His movements were quite similar to Gael’s, both giving a sense of unyielding resilience.

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Undoubtedly, this was Lord Asher Porter of Viennas City.

“Your Excellency, the City Lord, this is the gentleman I mentioned earlier, Mr. Christopher, who helped our Sanders branch tide over the crisis,” Gael said as he introduced Leo Ray to Lord Asher after putting down his teacup.

Christopher was, of course, the alias Leo Ray had been using all this time.

Through his understanding in this period, he already knew that the name “Christopher” was quite common in the various human countries, so he didn’t worry about any issues arising from it.

“Ah, so this is Mr. Christopher. You are indeed young and talented!”

Upon hearing this, City Lord Asher smiled, nodded, and motioned for Leo Ray to take a seat.

However, judging by his slightly surprised expression, Lord Asher had not expected the dazzling and powerful Leo Ray at the auction to be so young.

“Your Excellency, the City Lord, you flatter me. I’m just bluffing, nothing worth mentioning,” Leo Ray replied with a faint smile and a wave of his hand, as he took his seat.

Leo Ray gave this ambiguous answer to keep Lord Asher guessing about his true strength.

From the current situation, although it could be determined that Lord Asher of Viennas City was an enemy of the mysterious organization,

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