Chapter 266: Chapter 266: The Matter Won’t End Until She Dies

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“Miss Qiao!”

Tong Sanlang never expected Qiao Xiaomai to act like this. He exclaimed in surprise, and in a flash, appeared by Qiao Xiaomai’s side.

With one hand, he held up Qiao Xiaomai’s swaying body, and with the other, he snatched the kitchen knife from her hand, his arm trembling, “Miss Qiao…”

He threw the knife to the ground, reached out to cover the bleeding wound, and shouted, “Doctor Wu, Doctor Wu!”

In such circumstances, Doctor Wu was naturally present as well, and happened to be sitting in the courtyard.

Upon seeing this, he immediately said, “Quick, quick, pick her up and take her to my house. Sanlang, you move fast, the door is locked, just kick it open.”

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Hearing this, Tong Sanlang bent down, intending to lift Qiao Xiaomai.

But Qiao Xiaomai stood still, pushing away Tong Sanlang’s arm with one hand. The excruciating pain made her face turn pale, but her eyes were fixed on Cen Hong, even a cold sneer hanging on her lips, “Lord Cen, are you satisfied now?”

“The Sun Family caused my father to break his leg, drove my mother away from home, and over the years, they took away countless amounts of food and money from my home.”

“You want to settle the grievance for Sun s poisonous woman, then can you settle the grievance for me, Qiao Xiaomai?”

These words were gritted out from between her teeth, the pain made her break out in a cold sweat, and the loss of blood made her feel dizzy.

However, she stubbornly glared at Cen Hong, conveying a message: if she didn’t die today, this matter would not be over.

But if she really died, this matter would still not be over.

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Cen Hong understood this message, his face quickly changing from iron-grey to pale.

Sure enough, the next moment, Ma Dongshu’s exclamation sounded, “Oh my, General Cen! You actually use your power to bully others and force common girls to death in public! I remember that the ‘Daqi Laws’ stipulates, that even if it is a high-ranking official, if they kill at will, they are to be punished!”

“Exactly, General Cen disregards national laws and regulations by interfering in local affairs and forcing citizens to death, this matter, this Prince will promptly report to the Emperor.” Yang Ye said coldly.

He never expected that Qiao Xiaomai would be so decisive.

No, he should have anticipated this.

Qiao Xiaomai dared to confront Bai Zhi directly, let alone Cen Hong.

He couldn’t help clenching the folding fan in his hand, whether it was Bai Zhi or Cen Hong, both were caused by him.

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“Your Highness, we just came to celebrate a birthday, but it was inappropriate to see blood at the birthday banquet on Chief Tong’s watch.” said Valley Chief with a sigh.

“Humph, the events of today, this Prince will report them truthfully to the Emperor.” Yang Ye’s handsome face looked as hard as water. He shot a glance at Cen Hong, then looked at Tong Sanlang, and shouted, “What are you still doing standing there? Hurry up and stop Miss Qiao’s bleeding, if you delay any longer, she might really die!”

As soon as his words fell, Tong Sanlang immediately bent down, picked up Qiao Xiaomai and rushed to Doctor Wu’s house using his light skills.

The short journey was covered in a blink of an eye. He landed directly in the courtyard, kicked open the room door, and placed Qiao Xiaomai on the small bed specifically for patients, then began to search for the ointment.

Qiao Xiaomai was in so much pain that she wished she could pass out. She saw him rummaging around, so gritting her teeth, she took out a clean plastic basin filled with Spiritual Spring water.

“Stop looking, come and clean my wound for me.”

Upon hearing this, Tong Sanlang immediately turned around, caught sight of the white plastic basin on the bed, his pupils shrunk and he quickly came over.

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Qiao Xiaomai, enduring the pain, instructed, “Rinse off the blood, then you lick my wound.”

At her words, Tong Sanlang froze.

“What are you standing there for? Hurry up!” she urged.

At her words, Tong Sanlang felt a dryness in his mouth, “Miss Qiao, your wound is on your thigh.”

This was not an arm, but a thigh.

“Don’t worry about the details, hurry up!” Qiao Xiaomai stared at him, her eyes suddenly welling up with tears..

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