Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 3067: 3067

Chapter 3067: Class 5 Breeder!

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When Zhao Chen spoke, he couldn’t help but feel a bit regretful. This intermediate Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, now up for auction, belonged to the Agile Hand Brocade Monkey species and had a highly esteemed emperor bloodline.

Furthermore, he was still young and had significant potential for future development. If not for his imminent death and lack of healing prospects, Zhao Chen’s faction would not have let go of such talent.

Zhao Chen wouldn’t have been willing to use that valuable medicinal ginseng if it weren’t for the worth of this Spirit Craftsman.

He felt no remorse about deceiving those participating in the auction because it was a place where everyone relied on their judgment. Even if someone felt tricked, they wouldn’t dare confront him.

Initially, Zhao Chen’s warning to Lin Yuan was just an attempt to establish a connection. Now, his reminder was motivated by self-interest. If Lin Yuan suffered a loss in this deal, he might not treat Zhao Chen favorably in the future.

After careful consideration, Lin Yuan determined that the intermediate Class 4 Spirit Craftsman could indeed be treated, though it would require some effort. He could manage it.

In Diverse City, Sun Yin could assist. With Sun Yin’s help, healing this Spirit Craftsman wouldn’t be difficult.

Sun Yin had a medicinal pill called the Heart Stabilizing Pill. Dissolved in spirit fluid transformed from pure spirit qi, it became a potion capable of restoring spiritual veins. This pill could heal the Spirit Craftsman’s injuries.

The Heart Stabilizing Pill was refined using a strange flame, an unconventional method among Creators. Many Grade 5 Creators specialized in traditional potion concoctions and couldn’t refine pills with strange flames, making the Heart Stabilizing Pill a high-level resource.

Zhao Chen’s faction had Grade 5 Creators, but their resources were reserved for the faction’s Elders. They wouldn’t provide such resources to a captive, regardless of his talent.

“Brother Zhao, I’m very interested in the auction items now. I have many ways to heal spiritual veins. I’m going to purchase him. If he can be cured, I’ll keep him by my side. If he can’t be cured, it’s fine.”

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Lin Yuan prepared to bid.

Zhao Chen hurriedly reminded him, “Brother Lin, even Grade 5 Creator resources might not be enough to recover his spiritual veins. Besides, he doesn’t have much time left.”

When Lin Yuan expressed his intent to buy, Zhao Chen reiterated his warning. Lin Yuan could spend his Creator resources freely, but Zhao Chen didn’t want to be blamed if things went wrong.

“I brought a Grade 5 Creator with me to Diverse City. With their help, I can definitely heal him.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Chen’s face displayed shock, and Sun Youcai beside him reacted similarly. Could it be that Lin Yuan traveled with a Grade 5 Creator as his servant? If so, Lin Yuan might indeed heal the Spirit Craftsman.

Zhao Chen seized the opportunity to curry favor with Lin Yuan and immediately placed a bid.

Despite organizing the auction, Zhao Chen couldn’t directly pull items from the auction process without affecting his reputation in Diverse City. Thus, to please Lin Yuan, Zhao Chen had to bid himself.

Watching Zhao Chen bid, Sun Youcai thought even someone as shrewd as Zhao Chen could be confused. Zhao Chen wasn’t smart in this matter.

Lin Yuan had already made a deal with Zhao Chen: provide Lin Yuan with talents, and Zhao Chen would receive Grade 6 Creator resources. Given this, Zhao Chen’s attempt to curry favor this way might cause Lin Yuan to misunderstand his intentions. Sun Youcai wouldn’t have done the same.

Sun Youcai wanted to remind Zhao Chen that despite Lin Yuan’s youth, he was astute. However, reminding Zhao Chen might be perceived as biased. In the end, he kept silent.

Lin Yuan said, “I know how to bid for things that interest me, Brother Zhao. I appreciate your kindness.”

With that, Lin Yuan began to bid.

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Many factions valued this intermediate Class 4 Spirit Craftsman. Zhao Chen highlighted his merits, especially his emperor Agile Hand Brocade Monkey bloodline.

Every piece of equipment crafted by a Spirit Craftsman from this species was a work of art and could be sold for a high price.

Ultimately, Lin Yuan had to bid at least twice the base price to win this intermediate Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, leaving Zhao Chen somewhat intimidated.

Zhao Chen felt that he had tricked Lin Yuan and was afraid that he would be displeased. However, Lin Yuan continued to drink as though nothing had happened. Later on, he bid for many talents that he was quite interested in.

Lin Yuan had successfully implanted the image of taking Creator resources lightly into Zhao Chen’s mind. At the same time, it also increased Sun Youcai’s understanding of Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Yuan’s actions seemed like a waste, he had actually exchanged a lot of resources for Sky City’s development. These high-end resources were not so easy to obtain, and they were exactly what Sky City lacked the most. At the same time, Lin Yuan also wanted to show off his skills to Zhao Chen and Sun Youcai so that he could obtain a stable channel to trade talents.

Zhao Chen looked at the time and said, “Brother Lin, the final three pieces of the auction are about to be auctioned. These three final items are all Class 5 professionals. I think you should be interested in these three items, so I asked the auctioneer to highlight the shortcomings of these three items. This will reduce the bidding on these items and prevent you from overspending!”

Upon hearing this, Sun Youcai thought that Zhao Chen’s approach was indeed quite clever, but perhaps not thorough enough. If it were him doing this, Sun Youcai would only take action without deliberately emphasizing anything. When Lin Yuan saw the description of these items, he would naturally know his intentions. Zhao Chen’s actions were a little lacking in consideration. However, it was most likely because Zhao Chen had not tried to please others before.

This time, Lin Yuan did not reject Zhao Chen’s favor. “Brother Zhao, thank you for your consideration!”

While Lin Yuan was talking to Zhao Chen, he saw the Class 5 Gourmet being auctioned off. This Class 5 Gourmet looked intact, but Lin Yuan could sense many bloodthirsty energy fluctuations from her body, indicating there were many parasitic lifeforms in her body.

This Gourmet was an ordinary-looking woman with shoulder-length chestnut-colored hair. She was pressing her chest with a frown as if she was enduring the intense pain in her body.

The auctioneer kept introducing the Class 5 female Gourmet. This Class 5 Gourmet had been parasitized by the Bloodline Corroding Insects’ Insect Queen.

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Although the Insect Queen was already dead, there were still many insect offspring left in her body. These insects escaped the control of the Insect Queen and ran amok in the Class 5 Gourmet’s body. If not for the chains made of Insect Suppression Stones that wrapped around the female Class 5 Gourmet’s body, the insects in her body would have eaten this Class 5 Gourmet long ago.

The Heart Corroding Blood Thread’s Insect Queens were extremely valuable insect-species feys. After the Insect Queen died, every offspring had the chance to transform into an Insect Queen. However, if these offspring wanted to successfully transform, they needed to consume a large amount of blood energy.

The Heart Corroding Blood Thread was a functional insect-species fey. The insect molting it produced had the ability to fuse insect-species feys.

After this Class 5 Gourmet’s Heart Corroding Blood Thread’s offspring were taken out, Lin Yuan could use the blood-type spiritual ingredients he had obtained from the Land of Bloodian Ancestors to nurture several Insect Queens.

These spiritual ingredients that could fuse bloodlines were of great research significance to Creators.

Without sufficient blood-type spiritual ingredients, these Heart Corroding Blood Thread’s offspring were worthless. It was also extremely difficult to lure the insects out of this Class 5 Gourmet’s body.

Despite being a Class 5 professional, there were fewer bidders now and it was not as intense as it was when bidding for Class 4 professionals.

Many factions were very curious at this moment. Could it be that the City Lord of Diverse City had changed his ways and was now pointing out the shortcomings of the auction items himself? In the past, no matter how big a problem there was with his items, Zhao Chen would never reveal it.

When they saw that Lin Yuan had been bidding non-stop, the factions quickly gave up on bidding as Lin Yuan’s previous bids had been crazy. This allowed Lin Yuan to bid for this female Class 5 Gourmet at a very reasonable price.

The female Gourmet glanced at Lin Yuan’s VIP room with a hopeful expression. She wondered if the person who bought her could help her cleanse the Heart Corroding Blood Thread in her body.

The second finale item was also a Gourmet. This Gourmet was good at making raw food. None of the core members of Sky City had the habit of eating raw food. However, many of the Creators who joined Sky City later were interested in raw food due to their different bloodlines.

Lin Yuan bid for the Gourmet, whose soul had been injured and was a little silly. When the final item was brought up, the scene became lively. Many factions were unconcerned about the various injuries on this professional’s body because this Class 5 professional was a rare and precious Breeder.

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Breeders were very good at cultivating plants. Apart from knowledge, specific bloodlines were required to become this kind of professional.

Breeders were even stronger than Creators of the same level when it came to helping plant-type lifeforms reproduce. They had some methods that even Creators could not compare to.

Zhao Chen said, “This Breeder is someone I fought hard to acquire from my faction, all to boost the reputation of the Diverse Talent Market. Otherwise, this talent market opened by me, the City Lord, will be inferior to Sun Youcai’s.

“In order to fight for the sale rights of this Breeder, I competed with my cousin. This Breeder is an outstanding existence in the entire South Universe battlefield. Grade 4 Creator resources will be able to heal his injuries. Brother Lin, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have put this Breeder up for auction at all. Instead, I would have exchanged resources with you.”

The Breeder on the stage was a short but sturdy old man. He stood there with a calm expression, fully aware of his worth. Regardless of which faction purchased him, he knew they would treat him well to ensure his efficiency. As long as he worked hard to help nurture plant-type feys, he could expect significant benefits.

The old man preferred to be bought by a faction specializing in plant-type feys, like Bizarre Plant Demon Hall. He knew they would cherish him. Conversely, other factions might not value him as much.

However, as a commodity, he had no say in who would buy him. If the Bizarre Plant Demon Hall knew of his existence, they would undoubtedly be willing to spend a considerable amount of money.

Currently, Bizarre Plant Demon Hall had the highest bid. Zhao Chen, wanting to secure a good price, had informed several factions in advance about the auction. He had specifically informed Bizarre Plant Demon Hall about this Class 5 Breeder to incite fierce bidding.

Due to their unique bloodlines and resources, the Bizarre Plant Demon Hall experts found reproduction extremely challenging. This Class 5 Breeder was practically a savior for them, arguably more valuable than a Grade 5 Creator.

Despite their conflict with Traveling Dragon Palace, Bizarre Plant Demon Hall pooled all their resources. They even agreed to several unreasonable treaties with Gray Smoke Stronghold and borrowed Honor Absent dollars.

The Bizarre Plant Demon Hall’s representative, Wu Xuan, was one of the faction’s four rulers. Chan Jing, an Elder of Bizarre Plant Demon Hall, attended the auction as her follower.

Nervously, he asked, “Madam, do you think the resources we prepared will be enough to secure this Class 5 Breeder?”

Wu Xuan, swinging her long brown braid that resembled a scorpion tail, replied, “Zhao Chen informed us about this Class 5 Breeder deliberately. He must have told Traveling Dragon Palace as well. To maximize this Breeder’s value, Zhao Chen will take many measures. Do you really think Traveling Dragon Palace will let us win the bid so easily?”

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