Chapter 259: 258 Narcissistic men are really scary

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A trace of profundity crossed MO Xiuchen’s eyes, and his thin lips lightly pursed, without saying a word.

Little Liu quickly explained, “Miss, I only recently met Ah Shi and fell in love with her.”

MO Xiuchen spoke indifferently, “Since you have a girl you like, don’t bother with Cheng Jia anymore. If she calls you, you don’t have to answer. I’ll talk to her. ”

Little Liu gratefully thanked them repeatedly, “Thank you, Young Master, thank you, Miss. I didn’t dare to tell you before because I wasn’t sure if Ah Shi liked me or not.”

Wen Ran chuckled lightly, “So now, you’re certain that the girl called Ah Shi also like you? You’ve only been reunited for a few days. Is this reliable?”

“Find a time to invite Ah Shi to our house, let Nanny Zhang and Housekeeper Uncle Liu keep an eye on you.”

MO Xiuchen softly ordered. Little Liu was inherently honest, and he did not want him to be deceived by any cunning woman. Although Cheng Jia was also cunning, she couldn’t play tricks in front of him.

Little Liu’s face brightened with joy. He really wouldn’t dare bring anyone home without MO Xiuchen’s permission. Although their family of three had separate living quarters in the villa, MO Xiuchen was the master of the place. “Alright, Young Master, I’ll discuss it with Ah Shi later.”

MO Xiuchen nodded, tossing Wen Ran’s car key to him. “You can drive, by the way, what’s Ah Shi’s full name?”

“Young Master, Ah Shi’s full name is Tong Shishi, currently working in a supermarket in the city. She only has her mother in her family…”

Little Liu recited Tong Shishi’s information all at once to MO Xiuchen.

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In the twilight, the black Aston Martin slowly drove towards the suburbs. MO Xiuchen, in the driver’s seat, calmly surveyed the road conditions ahead. His big hand, gripping the steering wheel, was steady and powerful, with the knuckles defined.

“Xiuchen, what if Cheng Jia knows that Little Liu has a girl he likes and she refuses to let go?”

In the passenger seat, Wen Ran turned her body slightly, raising her small face to look at MO Xiuchen’s handsome face.

Upon hearing this, he turned his head, met her clear eyes and spoke soothingly with a comforting smile, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

“Call Ah Mu.’

His voice paused, and MO Xiuchen continued in a gentle tone.

Wen Ran blinked in surprise, pulling out her phone while asking, “Why call Qin Mil?”

MO Xiuchen’s lips curled up, speaking at a relaxed pace, “Ask him to investigate the girl named Tong Shishi. Little Liu is too naive, I don’t want him to be deceived.”

Wen Ran realized, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “You are so kind to Little Liu.”

“I am even kinder to you!”

MO Xiuchen responded almost instantaneously. Wen Ran paused before blushing, glancing at him reproachfully before turning her head away. Her heart felt as sweet as if she had just drunk a bowl of honey.

“Ranran, you blush so easily.”

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But MO Xiuchen enjoyed seeing her blush, and continued to tease her.

Wen Ran raised her hand to touch her slightly hot cheek, retorting, “I don’t have as thick skin as you, of course I blush easily.”

After speaking, she ignored him and unlocked her phone, dialing Qin Mu’s number, and conveniently switched on the speakerphone.

MO Xiuchen chuckled, not hiding his pleasure, and only stopped when the phone got through. He spoke calmly, “Ah Mu, could you investigate someone for me in the next couple of days? A woman named Tong Shishi… ‘

“Who is she?”

Qin Mu’s confused voice came across, along with the sound of cooking in the background, indicating he was probably preparing a meal.

“She’s someone Little Liu knew from childhood. They reunited a few days ago and seem to have mutual feelings for each other. You look into her.” “Little Liu? Alright, I’m cooking right now, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Are you cooking for yourself?”

MO Xiuchen questioned his statement, and sure enough, Qin Mu’s frustrated reply cleared his doubt. “I’m at my cousin’s house. My cousin’s husband is busy chatting on the phone, so I have to do it myself.”

His cousin’s husband was a renowned chef, and yet he slacked off and left Qin Mu to labor in the kitchen – it was no wonder he wasn’t in a good mood. After all, he had gone to their house to freeload, of all things!

“Qin Mu can cook too; I wouldn’t have guessed.”

Wen Ran couldn’t help laughing at Qin Mu’s frustrated words. He usually seemed so cold and prideful; he didn’t seem like the type to venture into a kitchen.

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“His cooking isn’t as good as mine.”

MO Xiuchen’s indifferent words served to pour oil on the fire. From the other end of the phone, Qin Mu’s voice came back quickly, “It’s useless to just talk! You come here, and we’ll have a cook-off with my cousin’s husband as the judge.”

“Deal, what will you do if you lose?”

“I’ll definitely beat you.”

Despite his bad temper, Qin Mu was confident.

“Alright, if you win, I’ll give you a ten-day vacation. If you lose, you’ll have to work part-time at the Wen’s Pharmaceutical Factory, and give Ranran a ten-day rest.”

MO Xiuchen, the man who valued his wife even more than himself, was relentlessly seeking benefits for her, using his brother like a workhorse. “Forget it, I don’t feel like competing with you!”

Qin Mu was silent for a few seconds before he suddenly backed out.

MO Xiuchen laughed lightly, teasing, “I knew you wouldn’t dare. But it’s okay if you just concede. Starting tomorrow, don’t forget to report for duty at the Wens.”

“MO Xiuchen, have you no shame? If you don’t show up within twenty minutes, consider it a forfeit.”

Qin Mu couldn’t stand being treated like this. The reason he had hesitated earlier was because MO Xiuchen’s suggestion that he would have to work part-time at the Wen’s Pharmaceutical Factory if he lost had inexplicably reminded him of the moment when Wen Ran’s fingers had brushed against his collar. It made his heartbeat behave unusually.

People are strange. Before, facing Wen Ran would not make him feel uneasy. But since that night, he had been unwilling to have contact with her again.

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In the afternoon, upon bumping into her in the hospital corridor and seeing her brilliant smile, his heart was no longer as calm and rippleless as before. It was as though he was enchanted.

He wasn’t a fool. Even without any experience in love, he knew what it meant to have such thoughts.

But knowing that he should avoid her, he inexplicably looked forward to seeing her clean and brilliant smile.

His impulsive suggestion of a cooking contest with MO Xiuchen made him feel ashamed once he had cooled down.

“Ranran, shall we go?”

Having hung up the phone, MO Xiuchen looked to Wen Ran for her opinion, mainly fearing that she was too tired.

Wen Ran shrugged nonchalantly, “I’m fine. The one competing is you, not me. Sister Li isn’t working overtime tonight, so we might as well go to her place for a meal.”

MO Xiuchen raised his brow in confidence, “Rest assured, Ah Mu’s cooking skills are not as good as mine. The person who will surely lose is him.”

“Narcissistic men are truly scary.”

Wen Ran looked at MO Xiuchen’s proud and confident expression, snorted in amusement, her teasing words sounding as light and pleasant as a hummed tune..

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