Chapter 665: Ji Xueyan ‘s Confession in the Asura Arena

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To be honest, he liked it!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have cultivated so crazily during that period of time and tried so hard to forget about the two of them.

One minute, one second.

Seeing that he didn’t speak for a long time and didn’t get the answer she wanted, Ji Xueyan’s heart gradually fell into the abyss. It was cold, cold. She was in despair and didn’t dare to have any more hope. Her voice was very cold, and the temperature in the air dropped by more than ten degrees.” Sorry for disturbing you!”

He stood up from the chair and walked out.

Tears welled up in the depths of her eyes. She stubbornly held them back and did not let them flow out. Seeing that she was about to reach the door, the purple cat jumped down from the table and hurriedly called out,” Meow!”

He pounced and landed on the ground. Like a pendant, he hugged her feet tightly, trying to stop her from leaving.

Zhang Ronghua’s heart ached. He was sure that he liked her!

Grand Tutor, Crown Prince, Empress, and the Imperial Family, scram!

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No matter what he faced in the future, he would accept it! Even if everyone in the Great Xia Dynasty was his enemy, he didn’t want to miss her!

Some good girls, once they let go, would miss it for the rest of their lives. Looking back behind the scenes, as they grew older, it would become a knot in their hearts that could never be untied. They regretted not giving it a try back then. Work hard to love?


With a flash of golden light, he stood up from the chair at the fastest speed in his life. He took a step forward, as if he had teleported, and appeared behind her. He grabbed her soft and boneless hand with lightning speed, and pulled it fiercely. Ji Xueyan turned around, and her face was facing him. Before she could come back to her senses, he reached out his palm and held her face. Zhang Ronghua lowered his head and kissed her.

Ji Xueyan was stunned. She couldn’t believe that this was real. The surprise had come too suddenly. Looking at this handsome and handsome face, she felt as if she had been electrocuted. Xia Fei’s cheeks were flushed, and she closed her eyes shyly. Only her long eyelashes were beating violently, betraying her nervous and anxious heart.

Purple Cat retracted its paws and took a few steps back. It looked at the two people in front of it and felt embarrassed! She raised her little claws to cover her eyes, but she couldn’t help but want to take a look. Just one look, to see what they were doing?

A crack appeared between its two little claws. It opened its eyes wider than an egg, wishing it could record the scene in front of it.

Ji Xueyan seemed to have sensed its gaze. She shyly pushed him away and hurriedly took a step back. She tidied her messy hair and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She looked over again.” You haven’t answered my question!”

Zhang Ronghua smiled from the bottom of his heart. He was relaxed and happy.” I like you!”

He pointed at the chair. “Sit down and talk!”

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“Yes.” Ji Xueyan nodded.

He took the teapot and poured a cup for her. Purple Cat jumped up and pushed the teacup over. Zhang Ronghua smiled and poured a cup for the little girl. He put down the teapot and stopped smiling. He said seriously,” Have you thought of a solution?”

They were all smart people, so there was no need to make things too clear. They were referring to the Grand Tutor, the Crown Prince, the Empress, and the Imperial Family.

“I have a preliminary plan.”

He told her everything he thought without hiding anything.

Zhang Ronghua listened quietly, thinking about the pros and cons. When she finished speaking, he subconsciously stretched out two fingers and knocked on the table, making a “dong dong” sound.

Ji Xueyan didn’t disturb him and waited quietly.

Her plan was not bad. The only thing she missed was the powerhouses. It was not that she had not thought of it, but that she did not have the means to win over the top powerhouses unless she was in charge of Jixia Learning Palace.

Everything else was fine. He would develop his influence in the Imperial Court and fight against the Grand Tutor. She would control Jixia Learning Palace, fight against the Empress, and then use the army to fight against the Imperial Family.

“The power hidden in the Crown Prince’s secret is more terrifying than you can imagine,” he said sternly. “Are you sure?” Ji Xueyan frowned.

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If this was said by someone else, she wouldn’t believe it at all, but it was true when it came from Zhang Ronghua’s mouth.

“Have you seen him before?”

“I saw it once from afar!”

Ji Xueyan understood. She was smart enough to understand everything from a little bit of information. If the Crown Prince was hiding a huge force, then this confrontation with the Empress was worth pondering. There must be a bigger secret hidden in it.

“I’m investigating this matter in secret, but I don’t have any leads yet,” said Zhang Ronghua.

“What about the army?”

‘ We’ve already made arrangements. Right now, our forces are still very weak.

What we lack is time.”

“Just let me know if you need my help,” Ji Xueyan said gently.

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She took the initiative to hold Zhang Ronghua’s hand. Her skin was fairer and smoother than a woman’s. This was too much. Other than being thick, warm, and strong, it also made her feel at ease.

Confirm their relationship.

A girl should be reserved when she was shy, but she knew how much pressure

Zhang Ronghua was under at this moment. She wanted to comfort him in this way, cheer him up, and tell him that no matter what the future faced, she would always stand firmly with him.

Zhang Ronghua patted her hand and smiled gently.

‘ I’ll keep an eye on the imperial court and the army. I’ll think of a way to deal with the experts. What you need to do is to take control of Jixia Learning Palace as soon as possible and become the Palace Lord!”

“I will!”

If you need help, don’t hide it. Don’t be shy and shy like before. No matter what is in front of you, I will always be your strong backing!” “Yes.” Ji Xueyan nodded heavily.

“Help me investigate someone!” Zhang Ronghua said..

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