Chapter 666: Ji Xueyan’s Confession in the Asura Arena

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“Who is it?”

“Saber Emperor!”

“Alright!” Ji Xueyan didn’t ask any further and noted this matter down. She would order someone to investigate later.

He extended his palm and patted the Five Dragons Spirit Controlling Belt. He took out the Haoran Wood Origin Technique that he had just created, a top-grade yellow-tier technique, and handed it over.

He took a look.

On the cover, there were five large words, ” Righteous Wood Essence Technique . Ji Xueyan’s beautiful eyes lit up, and her face was filled with joy. With Zhang Ronghua’s talent, it was not difficult for him to create the rest of the elemental cultivation techniques. She did not expect him to create another one so quickly. This way, her Jixia Learning Palace would be able to walk ahead of the other two schools in all aspects. It would greatly help her in increasing her power. She flipped through it, focused, and read it seriously. After reading it once, she solemnly put it away and sighed,” Your talent is too terrifying.” “If you put your heart into it, you will succeed.”

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Ji Xueyan rolled her eyes and said,”You’re so talkative!”.

Zhang Ronghua took out the fourth batch of Righteousness Qi basic cultivation techniques and handed them to her.” Prepare more books for me,” he said.” Be it cultivation techniques or other books.”

“There’s nothing else but a lot of books! I’ll bring it to you tomorrow night.”

She looked at the sky outside. There was still an hour before the morning court session. Afraid that he would be tired, Ji Xueyan stood up from her chair. She looked reluctant to part with him, but she still had to leave.” Rest early. I’m going back.”

“I’ll send you off!”

Opening the door, the two of them walked side by side towards the front yard.

At the courtyard gate.

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Ji Xueyan stopped in her tracks. Their relationship had already been confirmed. Although she was shy and couldn’t let go, she wouldn’t remain the same as before. She turned around, opened her arms, and took the initiative to hug Zhang Ronghua. With a gentle hug, they separated. She looked at Zhang Ronghua’s face again. It was even redder than the sunset. She said,” I’m going back.”

She took out a veil and put it on, covering her exquisite face. Then, she tapped her jade-like feet and left as if she was escaping.

After she disappeared, Zhang Ronghua rubbed his nose and looked at the night SKY. He was relaxea ana nappy. He turnea arouna ana walKea towaras tne backyard.

At this point.

The door beside him opened.

Uncle Shi closed the door and walked out. Seeing him standing by the lake, he walked over and asked,” You’re up so early?”

“I’ll buy one more serving for breakfast,” Zhang Ronghua smiled and changed the topic.

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His mood was good, and his appetite had also increased.

“Yes.” Uncle Shi responded and turned to leave.

He started cultivating the Great Five Elements Heaven-Splitting Sword

Formation, then the True Spirit Treasure Technique-Torch Dragon

Transformation, Kun Peng Transformation, Heavenly Trampling Secret Technique, and finally the Five Elements Illusionary Spirit Technique. He practiced all three times before stopping.

After getting some water from the well to wash up and changing into his official robes, Uncle Shi had just returned. He placed his breakfast on the Heaven Secrets Carriage and said,” Qing Lin, it’s time for court.”

When they arrived at the front yard, they stepped on the small stool and got into the car. They sat on the soft couch and took off their boots. They took the fashion brand and rolled up the youtiao and onions. They took a little spicy sauce and started eating.

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He thought about the matter of the Flamespark Pearl, whether it should be transported to Wangtian County, and how the situation was.

He shook his head.

When they arrived at the court, they would naturally know that after breakfast, they had not slept for another night. They were exhausted but there was nothing they could do. They took advantage of the time they still had to take a nap.

She lay on the soft couch and pulled the blanket over her body. Soon, she fell asleep.

He looked into the car.

Uncle Shi smiled kindly. He seemed to know that he wasn’t asleep, so he deliberately slowed down and drove towards the Vermillion Bird Gate.

After a while.

The Heaven Fate Chariot stopped at the entrance of the Vermillion Bird Gate. There was a person standing by the side. It was Ding Yi. He seemed to have waited for a while. When he saw Zhang Ronghua’s carriage arrive, he hurriedly went up to him..” Brother!”

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