Chapter 667: Chapter 156 Promotion Due to the Reason

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Inside the car.

Zhang Ronghua smiled bitterly. “You’re waiting for me?” he asked as he lifted the curtain and got out of the carriage.

“Yes.” Ding Yi’s expression was solemn as he nodded heavily. There were too many people around and it was not a good place to talk.

Waving his hand, he let Uncle Shi go back first.

After entering the Vermilion Bird Gate, he found a corner and stopped.

“What happened?” asked Zhang Ronghua.

“Brother, you don’t know?”

He pondered for a moment.

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Zhang Ronghua thought about everything that had happened recently. He had basically solved everything except for the Flame Thunder Pearl. He asked tentatively,” Is there any news from Wangtian County?”

Ding Yi was impressed. He gave a thumbs-up and praised,” You’re my brother indeed. You guessed it so quickly.”

He told her everything.

As Cao Zhao from the Scarlet Heaven Palace arrived in time, the Black Dragon

Path used the power of the Flaming Thunder Pearl to wipe out 30,000 enemies.

There were also some powerful cultivators. At the Tian County side, Zhou Yuanba was killed, 30,000 of the 40,000 enemies were wiped out, and the remaining people fled. The lost Gupo Town and other territories were also taken back and once again fell into the hands of the Great Xia Empire.

“Brother, the news that came back is that the Flame Thunder Pearl is very powerful, much stronger than the Sky Shaking Thunder.”

“I’ve already tried.”

“How are our losses?” Zhang Ronghua asked after a pause.

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” The Black Dragon Path lost nearly ten thousand men, and Wangtian County lost eight thousand men. Overall, it’s much better than the sixty thousand men the Shang Dynasty lost.”

This was unavoidable.

Although the Flame Thunder Pearl was powerful, it was limited to the soldiers and low-level martial artists below. In addition, time was tight and the number of refinements was limited. It was rare to achieve such results.

There was another point. The Shang Dynasty had also used spiritual items.

Other than the Fire Thunder Pearl, there were other powerful spiritual items. Even if they were suppressed by the Great Xia’s firepower, they would still cause casualties if they counterattacked.

“How did you know?” Zhang Ronghua asked again.

Ding Yi rubbed the back of his head and smiled smugly. I’m from a family of generals. ”


Above the nine heavens, a silver-white lightning bolt tore through the sky without any warning, wanting to strike down and destroy everything. As this lightning bolt appeared, dark clouds gathered, and a strong wind blew, sweeping up dust and fallen leaves.

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“It’s going to rain again,” Zhang Ronghua sighed.

Ding Yi nodded in agreement. Recently, there had been a lot of rain, and it was very annoying. He said,” Lord Shen Yuanxiao, please send a report to Your Majesty urgently. Please refine more Flame Thunder Beads and prepare to take down the remaining half of the province. We will bite off a piece of meat from the Shang Dynasty.”

It’s impolite not to reciprocate. It’s not in our nature to take a beating passively. Let them feel the flames of war from the Shang Dynasty.”

“Brother, do you think His Majesty will really agree?”

‘ I’ll definitely refine the Flaming Thunder Pearl. I’ll work overtime and go all out to take down the remaining half of the province. Just the garrison in

Wangtian County is not enough. I’ll have to transfer troops from the East Barren camp and consider many things. A large-scale battle shouldn’t happen in a short period of time. I’ll probably let Shen Yuanxiao gather the troops of Moxia and the garrison in Wangtian County. He’ll leave some troops to guard and lead the rest of the troops to attack. Then, I’ll transfer heavy troops from the East Barren camp to set up camp in Wangtian County and take over for them. We’ll slowly nibble away at the remaining half of the province.”

Ding Yi was very smart. He was a family of Generals. The battle that would erupt from an all-out war would be far more intense than what was happening now. Both sides had invested at least a million troops. It was easy to mobilize troops from the East Barren Territory. However, the logistics, support, rations, spiritual items, and formations were not ready yet. If they started a war now, even if they had the upper hand, it would be very disadvantageous!

Great Xia wasn’t the only enemy of the Shang Dynasty. The True Spirit race, the beasts, the demons, and some small countries didn’t have a foolproof plan.

It would be fine if they won, but if they were at a disadvantage or lost, these people would be even more terrifying than wolves, tigers, and leopards. They would charge at Great Xia like a swarm of bees and bite off a piece of flesh from its body.

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He took another step back.

Even if they were prepared, they would not start a full-scale war against the Shang Dynasty. They would first destroy the surrounding small countries and incorporate them into their territory to increase their own strength. They would also be able to prevent them from launching sneak attacks at the critical moment. Then, they would eliminate the demons and ghosts. Only when everything was ready would they start a Dynasty War to destroy the Shang Dynasty in one fell swoop and kill all the members of the royal family. Only the Empress Dowager, Empress, concubines, and princesses would be left behind.

“War of attrition?”

“Yes.” Zhang Ronghua nodded.

” The cost of refining the Flame Thunder Pearl is low, it’s easy to carry around, and it’s powerful. Let Shen Yuanxiao take action and stall the Shang Dynasty. If they send an army to wipe out the city, they will retreat. If they don’t send an army, they will attack the city and seize everything. They won’t leave anything behind. As time passes, the Shang Dynasty will definitely be anxious. No matter how they respond, they will fall into our trap.”

Ding Yi chuckled. The cost of refining the Fire Thunder Pearl was much higher than the Flame Thunder Pearl, and its power was also much weaker. If they really fell into a stalemate, no matter how big the Shang Dynasty was, they would be dragged to death. He asked again,” Do you not want the city?”

“What do you want it for? We can’t build it? They would take away all the people, wealth, and cultivation resources, and drag the men to do hard labor. As long as they could not die, they would do it to the death! Throw all the women into the Education Bureau or use them for other purposes. What was the point of guarding the Sky City? Waiting for the Shang Dynasty to attack?”

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and the storm could fall at any time.

It’s almost time,” Zhang Ronghua said.” Let’s go in first. We’ll talk later..”

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