Chapter 668: Divine Heart Technique (8, 000)

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Although he didn’t know why Xu Bai asked this question, King Sheng You was instantly reminded of his memory. He did have a mental cultivation technique here, but this mental cultivation technique was very strange.

“Oh?” Xu Bails eyes lit up as he said,” Your Highness, since you’re keeping it, why don’t you just give it to me? If you want something to exchange, I’ll give you everything I have here. ‘”‘

Mental cultivation method, this thing was what he lacked the most now. After

all, there were two especially high-level skills that consumed a lot of his true essence energy.

If he could increase the level of his mental cultivation method, then he could increase his overall strength. Using those two skills would also reduce the consumption.

Of course, he still had to say it. After all, no one gave you anything for free these days. The things that were given for free were actually the most expensive.

“This king doesn’t want you to give me anything. “Seemingly not wanting Xu Bai to give him anything, King Shengyou turned around and walked to a cabinet. He rummaged through it and finally took out a book and handed it to Xu Bai.”However, with your merchant personality, you see everything very directly. How about this? This time, entering the ruins will be your reward in advance.”

Xu Bai stared at the book in front of him with a burning gaze. Soon, he noticed the golden progress bar on the book.

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The speed was very slow, but compared to the saber manual and the lotus flower from before, this speed was slightly faster.

Xu Bai was sure that it was something from the mortal evolution state, but he couldn’t be sure if it was from the transcendent state.

The mental cultivation method was extremely precious and rare. Now that there was one, Xu Bai didn’t treat it as an outsider and put it away.

He thought of what King Sheng You had said before and could not help but ask, “Your Highness just said that this mental cultivation method is very special, what is it special about?”

King Sheng You said,” The good things that this king obtained are all sent to the capital. After all, the border doesn’t need any secret manuals or the like. However, this thing is very special, so this king has always kept it.””

“If you want to take a look, feel free to read it. However, you must not cultivate it, because this is a book that invites gods to do things.”

Xu Bai was still listening. When he heard this, he was stunned on the spot.

A book to invite gods?

He couldn’t figure it out, especially since he didn’t know the role of this profession.

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In his previous life, he had heard of this word, but he did not know what it was in this world.

King Sheng You explained,” The so-called ‘please god’ means to attach something to the body to increase one’s strength. However, no one knows what it is, including this profession.””

“Moreover, this industry has already disappeared, and this book is the only one left.”

Xu Bai fell into deep thought.

Invite a god?

Moreover, he didn’t even know what they were inviting. This was a little mysterious. After all, he didn’t even know what this profession was, which added a little mystery.

“Is this profession extinct?” Xu Bai asked.

King Sheng You shook his head.” This king doesn’t know either. He just disappeared inexplicably and never appeared again.

Xu Bai didn’t get the information he wanted. Even the King of Ascending Darkness didn’t know about it. Xu Bai looked at the progress bar in his hand and pondered.

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A moment later, he had already figured it out. Since there was a progress bar, he would give it a try. With the cheat, perhaps he could discover many secrets after the fusion.

They had talked about what they needed to talk about and obtained a secret manual. Xu Bai did not stay any longer. He turned around and prepared to leave.

“You’ll stay in Chu Yu’s tent tonight. After all, you’re Chu Yu now. “King You

Sheng added.

Xu Bai agreed. He did not return to his own tent but went to Chu Yu’s tent instead. After he entered, he laid on Chu Yu’s bed and flipped through the book again. He carefully checked the progress bar.

He was really interested in this book about inviting gods, especially a mental cultivation method, which greatly increased his interest.

If there was really something special about it, or if there were any disadvantages, it didn’t matter.

After all, this was only a mental cultivation technique and not any other skill. He did not have a way to use it. At most, he could fuse it with his mental cultivation technique. After learning it, he would not be able to ask for help without the corresponding skill.

Fusion meant improvement. It also meant that he could use the Three Uniques of Sword and Saber and the Indestructible Demon Soul Buddha Body more.

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No matter how one looked at it, it was beneficial to him.

It was getting late, but Xu Bai couldn’t fall asleep. He continued to study the progress bar.

The next day.

When the first ray of sunlight shone in, Xu Bai had already gotten up and followed King Shengyou’s army to the Three Watch River that they had been to before.

He did not bring the first-grade puppet with him. Instead, he let it follow Chu Yu, who had turned into him.

After all, his identity was different now. Therefore, he did not plan to bring the first-grade puppet into this operation.

Three groups of people had already gathered at the Three Watch River, confronting each other. No one spoke, clearly waiting for the arrival of the ruins.

Xu Bai turned into Chu Yu and waited patiently.

Time gradually passed. After about an hour, something strange finally appeared in the surroundings..

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