Chapter 669: The Statue in the Ruins (8000)

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Above the Three Watch River, there was a sudden distortion in the air, as if there was a high temperature burning.

The distorted air didn’t last long. It only lasted for half an incense stick to burn before it slowly stopped.

However, the surrounding soldiers scattered and did not approach the distorted position.

When Xu Bai saw this scene, he felt that there was something above the river, but there was nothing there.

It was a relic. The relic had quietly descended. Only people like them could feel it.

No one went first, and the three forces sent out their own forces.

No one knew how many people this ruin could accommodate.

However, there was an extremely simple method, which was to keep entering until they could no longer enter.

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For the sake of fairness, the people of the three forces all lined up in three rows and entered the ruins at the same time.

These people all went in from the weak to the strong.

Xu Bai was at the front of the line. When he steDDed into the void in front of him, he felt a change in his vision. Then, he appeared in an unfamiliar environment.

The surroundings were not as dark or gloomy as Xu Bai had imagined. Instead, it was filled with a gentle light.

In the sky, warm sunlight shone down on the ground, dispelling the surrounding cold and making his body feel warm.

Although this place was empty, it didn’t give off any sense of evil. It was just like an ordinary wilderness. Xu Bai looked around and found that he had come to a mountain not far away.

Looking up from here, the mountain was majestic and tall, towering into the clouds. The forest and grass in the mountain were dense, and the vitality was all in sight.

The space behind him distorted, and the soldiers who entered from behind gradually appeared. Not only the soldiers of Great Chu, but also the soldiers of Great Yue and Barbarian Race had arrived.

After the three forces arrived, they set up their own boundaries and were on guard against each other.

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After all, in a place like this, killing could happen at any time. No one would not be on guard.

It was only because everyone’s strength was equal now that there would not be any killing for the time being. Otherwise, it would affect the following opportunities. Otherwise, they would have already started fighting.

Xu Bai turned around and found that the soldiers of the Great Yue State and the Barbarians were also looking at him.

This group of hostile forces did not hide the killing intent in their eyes at all. It was as if they wanted to kill Xu Bai here and now.

Xu Bai touched his face and suddenly realized why these people were so eager to kill him.

He was wearing Chu Yu’s appearance now, so the group of people in front of him must have other thoughts.

As expected, just as he thought of these people in the Great Yue State, one of them walked out and drew his weapon.

“Everyone, let’s work together to destroy the people of Great Chu and kill the princess of Great Chu. At that time, we will definitely be able to make King

Sheng You grieve.”

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“I don’t know how many brothers have died in the hands of Sheng You Wang. There are mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Now is a good time to take revenge on him.”

“Moreover, we should eliminate them first. With one less competitor, we can settle our scores.”

The general who spoke had a long saber at his waist and a black spear on his back. Coupled with the cold armor, it made people feel a chill on their backs.

The Ninth Prince of the Great Yue State had been killed by Chu Yu previously. Now, he finally got the chance. Everyone was the same here, and he knew that Chu Yu’s secondary skill was the military formation technique. It was not the main skill.

Therefore, if the two forces joined forces, they could easily kill him here. At that time, King Sheng You would definitely be heartbroken.

As for revenge, he had said before that he would not care about life or death after entering this place.

If they wanted to use this as as an excuse to retaliate, the Great Yue State would not back down.

He had already explained the importance of the matter and the benefits. He thought that the barbarians would agree.

As expected, after these words were said, the barbarian generals looked at each other. Then, they took out the weapons in their hands and surrounded all the soldiers of Great Chu.

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At this moment, the atmosphere became more and more solemn. At the same time, the strength of the army was also competing with each other.

Xu Bai was the only one who was baffled. After stroking his chin. he suddenly

said something that stunned everyone present.

“No one outside can see what happened here, right?”

The Great Yue State and the Barbarian Race who were preparing to launch an attack were obviously stunned after hearing this. Then, the general who spoke first replied with a mocking tone.

“Of course not. Why? You want to give yourself a way out, but are you afraid of losing face? Alright, take off your clothes now and let us play. Maybe you can find a way to live?”

As soon as he said that, the soldiers of Great Yue and Barbarian all burst into laughter. At the same time, many of them looked at Xu Bai with inexplicable fervor.

They also knew the culture of the Great Chu Country. They would rather die in battle than be cowards. However, they still had a glimmer of hope now. If the princess of the Great Chu Country could play with them, they would definitely feel extremely comfortable.

“Oh.” ” Yes,” Xu Bai replied indifferently. Then, he reached out and wiped his face. A human skin mask was wiped off and he stuffed it into his pocket.

He could return this thing when the time came. According to his personality, he would have easily made it his own. However, this depended on the person. The Thousand -faced Female Bandit said that this was the most important inheritance treasure of the other party, so it was better not to scheme..

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