Chapter 667: Experts Fight (1)

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After leaving Bi Wei Rong’s set, Liao Zixuan quickly changed his appearance and rushed back to the other set with the image of a Thousand Island person, Bai Sang.

As expected, the group of Northern Cross players who had left were already standing at their original position. They had been waiting for a long time and were looking around anxiously.

When they saw Liao Zixuan’s figure, they all frowned and ran over with joy on their faces.

“Bai Sang, where did you go? We had a hard time finding you!”After the players surrounded Liao Zixuan, the quest NPC, they couldn’t wait to start talking.

“Can you tell us more about the Society and the Astorokis?””

Although the players thought that they had not exposed their big sister, Liao Zixuan actually knew their purpose from the beginning. Therefore, when he said this, his eyelids instantly twitched uncontrollably.

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He had sent out a few messages to the players regarding the recent major events on Lunar Abyss Island, but the players had only picked this one to follow up with him.

This was definitely a hint from Nan, the big sister of the Northern Cross’s captain.

Therefore, it was almost certain that the father of the old friend was related to the Astorokis. It was even very likely that he was one of the passengers on the Astorokis.

As for who it was, Liao Zixuan no longer had any hope of getting lucky. After all, there was only one Gui Liren on the ship.


Liao Zixuan began to recall the time when he had repeatedly probed Zhao Jie. He even did not hesitate to directly rebuke the ” Qilin Pavilion Master ” in Zhao Jie’s face. However, that old uncle was indifferent and even had the intention to laugh at him.


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Liao Zixuan immediately shook his head in denial. He couldn’t forget Zhao Jie’s confident look back then. If he was faking it, then the Oscar for ” Fallen Gods ” would definitely be his.


This stinky uncle didn’t know anything about his daughter at all!

‘No One in the World Knows My Xing Er Better Than Me’ is it!?

Liao Zixuan began to reflect on himself. Why did he really believe this old man’s words? If he was a father, then he must be a father? If she’s a daughter, then she must be a daughter?

“Bai Sang…Bai Sang!” On the other side, the players were waiting for Liao Zixuan to talk to them again. However, they realized that the quest NPC suddenly fell silent after their words. His expression also became uncertain. From time to time, he would grit his teeth as if he was extremely regretful.

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The players shouted several times in succession before Liao Zixuan was finally pulled back to reality. He looked around at the Northern Cross players who were waiting with eager eyes, hoping that he could give them the next mission guidance. Liao Zixuan pondered for a moment and said,

“Astorokis, is it? How about this, instead of telling you all about it, why don’t I recommend you a light novel that just recently came out and happened to have this legendary ship as its background.”

“However, I’m not sure if you guys can still buy it now. Speaking of which, it’s quite a coincidence. Just now, I was here, and I happened to see someone who should be a foreigner like you guys. He was holding this novel in his arms, and he went that way. If you guys chase after him now, you should be able to meet him, right?”

Light… A light novel, a stranger?

This is asking us to find a…Players?

Fish Pigeon and the others were confused by Liao Zixuan’s words. However, when they wanted to ask more questions, Liao Zixuan ignored them. He was like an NPC who had already completed his script. No matter how much the players talked, it was useless. He only urged them to hurry up so that Bi Wei Rong would not run away.

That’s right, Liao Zixuan had an idea. He hinted to Yu Ge Ge and the other Northern Cross players that the target they were looking for was Bi Wei Rong Rong, who had just separated not long ago.

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After knowing that Nan was looking for Zhao Jie, Liao Zixuan changed his strategy. Even if he tried to hide it, Nan was not like the players. She definitely had her own intelligence methods. It was only a matter of time before she found out that Zhao Jie was on Sakuragi Island.

If that was the case, Liao Zixuan might as well not hide it anymore. He would openly give the information to the players and let Nan go to Sakuragi Island as soon as possible. This way, it would increase the weight and trust of the players in Nan’s heart. If there were any situations in the future, he would be the first to know through the players.

In addition, Liao Zixuan was worried about how to send Bi Wei Rongrong, the ” Flame Domain spy “, to Sakuragi Island. After all, as the saying goes, send Buddha to the west, help people to the end!

Now, it seemed that the Northern Cross fleet could solve this problem perfectly.

“F * ck, this is the first time I’ve seen an NPC quest target a player. Who is this? And a female player?

Fish Pigeon and the rest of the players were curious as they followed Liao Zixuan’s directions to Gu Youpan, trying to find the female player that Liao Zixuan had described to them.

Soon, Yu Gege’s eyes lit up and she quickly pulled her companion.

“Hey! Look! Glasses, blonde hair, brown trench coat, and black leather boots. She looks like a detective, and she happens to be holding a novel in her arms. Is she the person we’re looking for?”

They weren’t looking for the wrong person. It was the Bi Wei Rong that Zixuan was hoping for. She was still reading a light novel, but when she looked up, she was surrounded by several players.

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