Chapter 668: Experts Fight (2)

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“Are you guys…?” If it were in the wild, Bi Wei Rong would be nervous. However, this was Moon Abyss Island. PVP between players was prohibited in such a large city.

“F * ck! Bi Wei Rong Rong? I seem to have some impression of this ID…Ah! I remember now. Wasn’t she one of the few people who were very popular on the forum at that time? The blogger for the closed beta player strategy!”

” Hey, you’re so weird. I think I’ve seen her post before…”

“F * ck! So he was a God. No wonder he could get NPCs to give out quests!”

When the Northern Cross players saw Bi Wei Rong’s ID, a few who frequently surfed the forum immediately recognized her.

After they briefly explained their intentions, just as Liao Zixuan had expected, players like Bi Wei Rong Rong were immediately intrigued. They expressed that they could cooperate with them, but could they let her follow the players of the Northern Tenth Team to meet the big sister?

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The Northern Cross players were hesitant at first because Nan had said that this operation should be as low-key as possible. However, with the help of the ” celebrity effect “, they still agreed to Bi Wei Rong’s request.

The group of them hit it off and immediately returned to the fleet. There was a small interlude in the middle. Bi Wei Rong Rong had specially asked the Northern Cross players to bring her to the warm-hearted citizen NPC who had mentioned her before. She wanted to meet him.

Unfortunately, Liao Zixuan wouldn’t give Bi Wei Rong Rong this chance. He had already left, leaving them with nothing.

Helplessly, they could only return to the Northern Cross as planned.

“You’re back? Did you…”

On the ship led by Northern Cross, the crew members guarding the entrance were about to greet the foreigner who had performed well recently when they saw an unfamiliar face in the team and immediately stopped him.

After the players quickly explained that this was an important informant they had found, Nan heard the commotion and personally came out to tell the guards not to be nervous. She also warmly invited Bi Wei Rong in.

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Inside the cabin, Nan was flipping through the light novel that Bi Wei Rongrong had given her.

“Yes… Ha, interesting. Even though I’ve been at sea for so many years, the stories here still attract me. It’s indeed very interesting and imaginative.”

“Sister Nan…” A female assistant beside her was a little anxious to remind the big sister if the middle-aged merchant who had appeared in this light novel was very similar to the one they were looking for.

However, Nan raised his hand to interrupt him.

“You said that the author of this novel was one of the passengers on the Astorokis. So, although most of the content in the novel is fictional, it still draws some reference from reality?”

After Bi Wei Rong Rong nodded, Nan suddenly burst out laughing.

“Isn’t that a coincidence? I have a friend in the Lunar Abyss Island, and her sister was also a member of the Astorokis. Why don’t we wait for a while and let my friend read this light novel?”

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Since Nan had spoken, the others naturally did not have any objections. They did not make everyone wait for too long. About ten minutes later, a red-haired energetic girl appeared at the door of the cabin.

If Liao Zixuan was here, he would definitely recognize her at a glance because she was Kasumiakko’s sister, Nagano Miyako.

Gui Li also had fireworks, especially during the ceremony. The two countries had many cultural similarities.

Nan’s Northern Cross Fleet traveled between countries and traded goods. Naturally, they would also import fireworks. The Nagano family was the best and most famous, so it was not surprising that the two of them would become friends.

“Nan, a few years have passed in a flash. It’s really been a long time…Ah, sorry, do you have a guest?”

Nagano Miyako was about to leave when Nan smiled and said,

“No, no, no, Gongzi, we were waiting for you.”

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“Eh? Nan, the light novel in your hand…” Just as Nagano Miyako was feeling puzzled, she caught a glimpse of the light novel in Nan’s hand and immediately widened her eyes in surprise.

After that, when Nagano told her that the novel was actually written by her younger sister, Nan was finally certain and locked onto Zhao Jie’s information.

Therefore, it could be seen that Liao Zixuan was right. Even without his assistance, Nan’s own network would only take a matter of time to find clues about Zhao Jie.

Of course, after Liao Zixuan sent Bi Wei Rong over, the process obviously sped up a lot.

Nan was very smart in front of everyone. She didn’t hide her real purpose. Instead, she expressed that she wanted to find the “female protagonist” in the story and ask some questions.

Unfortunately, Nagano Miyako shook her head, indicating that she wasn’t too sure either. She would have to ask her younger sister for the details. Unfortunately, her younger sister was suffering from poor sales for ” A Journey to Thousand Islands from Zero ” and was extremely isolated at home. She turned her grief and indignation into motivation to write her next novel. She probably wouldn’t leave the house for a week, nor would she meet outsiders.

It seemed like the clue was cut off again. At this time, Bi Wei Rongrong found the right opportunity and said cleverly,

“Lord Nan, to be honest, I’ve been investigating this person. Although I can’t be 100% sure, there’s at least an 80% chance that the person you’re looking for is… The fox-faced witch on Sakuragi Island.”

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