Chapter 669: Experts Fight (3)

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These words not only shocked Nan, but also all the Northern Cross players present.

“Sakuragi Island, fox-faced witch…” Nan frowned and muttered to himself. He then looked at the foreign sailors who had quickly become excited after the shock.

Nan remembered that on her previous voyage at sea, a stranger seemed to have mentioned the name “Fox-faced Witch” to her.

“Can I ask what your basis is?”

Unfortunately, Bi Wei Rong Rong shook her head at Nan, indicating that this explanation was too complicated. She herself was not too willing to reveal it, but she hoped that Nan could believe her.

“Is that so…” Nan fell into deep thought again.

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Soon after, she did not make a judgment immediately. She only told Bi Wei Rong and the other players to continue searching for clues. As for her side, she had to be careful because this matter was related to the Thousand Islands Forbidden Land, Sakuragi Island.

Naturally, Bi Wei Rong Rong did not mind. However, she made a request. It could be said that it was a reward for her information.

“Are you saying that if we really want to go to Sakuragi Island, you want us to have two more outsiders to ride on the wind?”

This time, Nan didn’t hesitate much and readily agreed. The only possibility was that she was a little curious.

“You said there were two people. One of them must be you. I can tell, but what about the other person? Your friend?”


Bi Weirong nodded her head affirmatively.

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She took a deep breath and adjusted her glasses. Against her will, she said that her friend was very reliable and would not cause trouble. The two of them were comrades who had known each other for a long time and often sparred together. This time, they had agreed to go find the fox-faced witch, so she hoped that Nan would bring him along.

Bi Weirong’s serious look dispelled Nan’s last bit of worry. When Nan noticed that the friend Bi Weirong mentioned was “him”, she gave him a knowing look.

Even the players of the Northern Cross, who were standing at the side, looked as if they had just gotten a big deal.

This almost made Bi Wei Rong choke to death, but for the sake of her grand plan, Bi Wei Rong chose to endure the humiliation.

After all…

Bi Weirong opened her friend list, then clicked on the blacklist. She then clicked on the first blacklist friend named ” The Most Handsome Little Wolf “.

[Port, Return Fleet, Northern Cross, come quickly. I’ll take you to Sakuragi Island.]

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Undeniably, Bi Weirong admitted that she was a woman with a little bit of revenge.

As the saying goes, send Buddha to the west and help people to the end.

Bi Weirong had done her homework and knew that a group of Sakuragi Island players who had been bewitched by the ” Society Enforcement ” were crying and screaming to go back.

The Handsome Little Wolf was currently on Deep Moon Island, so he probably belonged to this group.

Since she wanted the most handsome wolf cub to brag about the fox-faced witch to reveal the truth and defeat Black Vivian’s gang, she had to send him back to the fox-faced witch.

Bi Wei Rong couldn’t help but praise herself for her forbearance and the overall situation.

The most handsome little wolf must be very happy right now, right?

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Laugh, laugh, wait until you cry later, hmph!

Just as Bi Weirong was imagining how grateful her sworn enemy would be at this moment…

Little did he know.


They had already returned to their homes and were halfway there from Moon Abyss Island. They were about to reach the most handsome wolf cub on Cherry Tree Island.

At this moment, he was floating on the surface of the sea with a question mark expression on his face. He was looking at the private chat box that suddenly popped up.

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