Chapter 726: Going All Out (2)

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Fang Nianbai looked at his daughter and took the two lists after she nodded.

‘Soaring Cloud Leaf, Lotus Flower, Phoenix Fairy Grass…’

Looking at the familiar names of the precious materials on the list, Fang Nianbai felt his heart tremble.

These were all precious materials that could be sold for sky-high prices! Moreover, this sky-high price was not referring to gold and silver, but spirit stones!

“This is really too precious.”

Although Fang Nianbai had already decided to do as his daughter said, the weight of these two lists still scared him.

“Hey!” Xun Wugu waved his hand.” It’s just a small token of my appreciation.

Please accept it, Chief Fang. Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep at night.””

“This… Alright then.”

After listing Fang Nianbai’s subordinates, Xun Wugu took out two Qian Kun Rings and handed them to him, ‘”‘These are some flowers and plants that we have cultivated ourselves. I thought that Chief Fang might like them, so I brought them for you to take a look. However, I came in a hurry and didn’t bring too many.”

Although Fang Nianbai didn’t know what the flowers and plants Xun Wugu was talking about were, he guessed that their value wouldn’t be low.

So, after asking his daughter for her opinion again, he put away the two Cosmos Rings.

“Clan Leader Fang is indeed a straightforward person!” He cupped his hands at Fang Nianbai and continued, “Those were all welcome gifts just now. This is the apology I prepared for you today. Please accept it.”

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Xun Wugu took out a blue flower from his Qian Kun Ring.

“This flower is called the True Martial Flower. I believe Patriarch Fang should be familiar with it.”

Of course, Fang Nianbai didn’t find it unfamiliar. As a merchant in the medicinal herbs business, how could he not recognize the Zhenwu Flower, which was ranked in the top 100 of the Rare List?

” The Xun family is really going all out.’

Realizing this, Nian Bai turned his head to look at his daughter. Seeing that his daughter nodded again, Nian Bai took the True Martial Flower and said, “I have made Patriarch Xun spend so much money.”

“What are you talking about? It’s our puppy that frightened your daughter.”

With the clan leader’s personal order, the entire clan naturally immediately put

Without going through the formalities, the clan member, Xun Wugu, directly asked who harassed a woman named Fang Qiuyao.

When he heard the clan leader angrily say the words ‘Fang Qiuyao’, Xun Ying’s legs went weak. He knew he was in big trouble.

But he didn’t dare to hide anything, because the matter that could make the chief gather all the clansmen for a meeting must be bigger than the sky, and his family also knew that he was in charge of this business in the Sheng Kingdom.

If he refused to admit it now and was found out later, he would definitely be burned to ashes.

Therefore, even though his legs were trembling, Xun Ying still knelt on the ground and explained everything clearly.

Xun Wugu immediately went up and gave Xun Ying a slap.

“This old man has said many times that you juniors should not use the name of the Xun Family to bully others!”

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Xun Ying didn’t even dare to rub his face. He quickly kowtowed to the ground and know I was wrong.”

“Let’s go! Apologize with me.”

Xun Wugu knew that this matter could not be delayed, so he immediately led all his clansmen to the Fang family in the Sheng Kingdom.

After finding the Fang Family and probing them with his words, Xun Wugu immediately realized that the Sect Master’s friend probably did not want to kill the Xun Family, but only to give them a beating.

However, even though the other party only wanted to give them a beating, Xun Wugu had to treat this as a big deal!

Xun Wugu, who was slightly relieved, immediately said to Xun Ying,””Hurry up and kowtow to your Uncle Fang! If it wasn’t for his magnanimity and understanding that you were a junior, you wouldn’t be able to walk out of this door alive today!”

Xun Ying quickly knelt in front of Fang Nianbai and took the teacup from his father. He lowered his head and held the teacup in front of Fang Nianbai with both hands,”Thank you, Uncle Fang, for your magnanimity. I’m here to apologize to you.”

“This, this, this…

At this moment, Fang Nianbai was still in a daze. He really did not understand why the Xun family would treat him so respectfully.

Seeing Fang Nianbai stunned, Xun Wugu said in a deep voice, “Can your Uncle Fang hear you?”

Xun Ying quickly raised his voice and said,””Uncle Fang, you have a great deal! Please forgive my rudeness earlier. I’ll apologize to you!”After saying that, she held the tea and knocked her head on the ground.

It had to be said that this action required some skill. Ordinary people really couldn’t do it.

“Father, please take the tea.”

Just as everyone was frozen, Fang Qiuyao stepped forward and said to her father.

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Fang Nianbai’s eyes widened when he heard his daughter’s words.

‘Could it be that the expert that Yao’ er mentioned is real??’

Fang Nianbai had never expected that his daughter would actually know a master who could make the Xun family humble to this extent.

When Xun Wugu saw that the person who spoke was a junior, he guessed that she should be the main character of this matter.

So he smiled and asked,”ls this Fang Qiuyao, Miss Fang?””

Fang Qiuyao cupped her hands at Xun Wugu and said, ‘”Junior greets you.”

Although Fang Qiuyao hated the Xun Family’s Second Young Master, he was a Mystique Venerable after all. If she went too far, she would probably bring trouble to her Senior Brother.

And this was something she absolutely could not do.

Therefore, what she needed to do now was to end this matter as soon as possible. Then, she would never have to see the disgusting face of the Second Young Master of the Xun family again.

Seeing Fang Qiuyao cupping her hands at him, Xun Wugu immediately smiled and said,””Miss Fang is indeed beautiful, like a painting. “Then, he slapped Xun Ying on the head and said,””How can you covet such a peerless beauty!?Bastard!”

Xun Ying naturally accepted the clan leader’s lesson. He kowtowed and shouted,””Patriarch, you are right. I am the toad that wants to eat swan meat.”

Fang Nianbai finally understood something and took the tea from Xun

Ying,”Since Yao ‘er wants me to drink your tea, I’ll drink it first today.”

Fang Nianbai had been in business for many years and was a reasonable person. He knew that the decision was now in his daughter’s hands, so he just had to do what his daughter wanted.

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At this moment, the members of the Fang Clan had also recovered from their shock.

After all, they had all seen Xun Ying’s arrogant and despotic appearance. Now that he had suddenly come to apologize like a dog, it had a huge impact on them.

But now that they had calmed down, they understood that the expert Fang Qiuyao mentioned really existed. He was so high that they couldn’t even look up to him. He was so high that they couldn’t even imagine him.

Why were they so afraid of the Xun Family back then? It was because they had Mystique Venerable One as their backer.

Therefore, even if it was just a small subsidiary family, it was still the face of Mystique Venerable One. In the Sheng Country, even if you had extraordinary abilities, you could not find a backer who dared to offend Mystique Venerable


“This…” Fang Tianchen opened his mouth wide and looked at Fang Wenyao.””Sister, she…Which expert did he know that could make the Xun family so afraid??”

“If you ask me, who should I ask? If I knew that my little sister knew such an expert, why would I say those embarrassing words just now?”

“Strange…lt’s really strange.”

Xun Wugu drank Fang Nianbai and Xun Ying’s tea as an apology. Xun Wugu’s heart finally calmed down. At the same time, he took out two pieces of paper and handed it to Fang Nianbai.”Chief Fang, I heard that your family is in the medicinal herb business, so I brought you some good seeds and seedlings.

These two are the lists.”

Fang Nianbai looked at his daughter and took the two lists after she nodded.

‘Soaring Cloud Leaf, Lotus Flower, Phoenix Fairy Grass…’

Looking at the familiar names of the precious materials on the list, Fang Nianbai felt his heart tremble..

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