Chapter 840: Encounter in the Dungeon

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The two of them looked at each other tacitly. Then, Qin Yuan adjusted his belt and led the way into the dark underground passage. Green Snake followed closely behind.

The light inside was also very dim, and he could not even see his fingers. Fortunately, he could feel from the nearby walls that there was only one road. Qin Yuan did not have any lighting props, so he could only rely on his senses to slowly walk forward.

“Why can’t I feel a trace of human aura here? Can we catch up to him like this?”

Green Snake asked curiously as he walked.

Qin Yuan was still walking in front and did not answer his question.

Who knew now? He obviously didn’t have any clear answer in his heart. He could only walk forward in the dark. He only knew that Dong Zhejun must be inside. They would never turn back until they found him.

The path inside was not difficult to walk, but it was extremely dark, making people feel very uneasy.

The two of them continued to walk in this dark and narrow passage. It was as if this was an endless road. They walked for a long time without any exit.

“Did we get hit by some evil trick? Why does it feel like this road is endless?”

Green Snake said in surprise.

Qin Yuan had long felt that something was wrong. However, in the face of such a predicament, he could only say that he had miscalculated and could not solve the current problem.

“Do you think we can find him?”

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Green Snake looked flustered.

“Perhaps we have already fallen into the trap set by the other party!”

“What did you say just now?”

“Even if it’s a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den, I’m not afraid! Why did you change your mind so quickly?”

Qin Yuan said unhappily.

” Aiya, we’ve encountered a difficult situation and are anxious. Don’t be so serious. What’s important now is to solve the mystery!”

As it spoke, Green Snake looked around again. The environment here was indeed the same as the secret passage from before. It was pitch-black and very quiet. There was no sign of life at all.

” Let’s not talk about whether he can reach Dong Zhejun’s place or not. We don’t even know if we can finish this road!”

At this point, Qin Yuan slowly stopped in his tracks.

Then, he bent down, picked up a piece of gravel from the ground, and casually threw it into the tunnel ahead.

However, after a few seconds, there was no response.

This time, the two of them were even more surprised. They did not expect that they had walked for almost ten minutes since they entered the door. So far, from the way they had tested the waters just now, it was obvious that the journey ahead of them was still very long.

A sense of frustration slowly rose in Qin Yuan and Green Snake’s hearts.

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“We’re going to die here!”

Green Snake had a blank expression.

Qin Yuan could even see despair in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect that we would be defeated in such a place!”

” Don’t be so pessimistic. Aren’t we still standing here?!”

Qin Yuan patted his head to wake him up.

Then, he said sternly,

” Right now, we have two choices. One is to press forward, or the other is to turn back and leave this place, becoming a piece of trash who runs away from the battlefield.

“What will you choose?”

Faced with Qin Yuan’s soul interrogation, Green Snake fell silent.

That’s right. What’s the use of them being depressed and sad here? It would not affect the current situation at all. It would only waste precious time.

Green Snake felt a new wave of frustration.

“Sigh! I was blinded by the environment here just now! We should go forward bravely!”

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“There’s no chance or time for us to rest here!”

Only then did Green Snake slowly react.

“You’ve finally come to your senses. Do you know how much time we wasted just now?”

Qin Yuan frowned.

“There must be a way to solve the traps here. There must be no evil existence.”

“I believe that as long as we persevere, we will definitely find a way out!”

Qin Yuan said firmly.

“Alright, I believe you. I was indeed too flustered just now. I take back what I said just now. I’m still your good comrade!”

Green Snake immediately became very confident.

“Let’s cut the crap and set off! From now on, no matter what difficulties we encounter, we must move forward without hesitation until we hit the wall!”

Qin Yuan said sternly.


Green Snake immediately agreed.

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The two of them immediately perked up and continued walking inside.

Time passed by.

The two of them walked in the dark and bottomless passage for more than ten minutes.

There were still no clues ahead. It was still a bottomless tunnel.

According to the time, the two of them had traveled at least a few kilometers.

However, the two of them did not stop because of this hallucination again. Instead, they continued to walk forward without looking back.

Then, something unexpected happened.

They walked for a few more minutes when suddenly there was a rustling sound ahead.

Qin Yuan and Green Snake’s expressions immediately tensed up.

“There’s movement!”

Green Snake said softly.

Qin Yuan nodded and immediately looked over. He did not stop but slowly slowed down to observe the movements in front of him.

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