Chapter 841: Encounter in the Dungeon (2)

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In the distance, a yellow light flashed.

This was a completely different light from the white light from before.

The white light before was warm and gentle, but this yellow halo was very dazzling and gorgeous.

It was even difficult for people to open their eyes and look straight at it.

” Did you find the exit?!”

Green Snake said in surprise.

“It’s possible, but we can’t let our guard down. Don’t forget that Dong Zhejun knows about our existence.”

Qin Yuan replied in a low voice.

“I’ll go over and investigate first. When the time comes, if the situation is fine, you can follow me. If the situation is not right, you can run.”

“Do you understand?”

Green Snake knew that this was Qin Yuan’s decision. It could not change his mind with words, so it did not say anything else and nodded in agreement.

Then, Qin Yuan tidied up his items and equipment and slowly walked towards the light in front of him.

When he was only a few meters away, Qin Yuan could clearly feel that the white light in front of him was gradually weakening, and it was replaced by a black shadow.

“What is this?”

Qin Yuan muttered in his heart.

After Qin Yuan entered the cave, he felt that his entire body was instantly surrounded by the original endless darkness. There were also waves of ferocious laughter coming from the surroundings.

“Hahaha! This guy actually walked right into the trap!”

“It’s really easy to find it!”

“Boss, let’s just take him down? This person deserves to die!”

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As the domineering voices around them slowly sounded, some dim yellow lights gradually lit up around them.

As the lights lit up, Qin Yuan finally saw the appearance of this place clearly.

There were cages surrounded by iron fences, and the ground was dirty and smelly, covered in mud stains.

The wild laughter around him still entered Qin Yuan’s eardrums.

Qin Yuan was shocked. This place looked like an underground prison!

He didn’t expect this passage to lead to such a place!

This Dong Zhejun was really an old fox!

He had really walked into a trap!

Footsteps came from behind. Qin Yuan turned around and saw that Green Snake had followed him.

“Didn’t I tell you to act according to the situation outside? Why didn’t you listen to me and come here yourself?”

Qin Yuan was shocked and angry.

“Aiya, I really can’t take it anymore! You know my temper. How can I keep my cool at a time like this? You haven’t come back for so long!”

“If anything happens to you, then what’s the point of me living here!”

Green Snake said angrily.

“You idiot! Of course there’s a point in you being in the dark! If I can’t go back! You can be their last hope and go back to inform them! Sigh!

You fool!”

Qin Yuan sighed.

Now, the two of them were like fish in someone else’s mouth, turtles in a jar!

If they fell into Dong Zhejun’s hands, they would definitely die. At the very least, their chances of survival would be slim!

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect you two idiots to really dare to chase after me!”

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A familiar laughter came from afar. Needless to say, this was Dong Zhejun’s voice.

As Dong Zhejun’s voice rang out, the lights on the other side gradually lit up.

The figure in the distance gradually became clearer.

Dong Zhejun was still wearing his red silk clothes. His panicked look had long disappeared.

What replaced it was a look of calmness and contempt.

“I gave you a chance.”

Dong Zhejun walked in front of Qin Yuan and narrowed his eyes as he looked at him.

“You think you’ve succeeded? Hahahaha!”

Dong Zhejun’s arrogant laughter spread throughout the entire dungeon.

“I was just acting just now.”

As he spoke, he tilted his neck, revealing the part that had been hit by Qin Yuan’s hypnotic needle.

There was only a small needle mark on the spot, and the rest was exactly the same as usual.

In other words, Dong Zhejun was not affected by the hypnotic needle at all!

“How is that possible?”

Qin Yuan’s lips twitched, and he only said this one sentence. He did not dare to act rashly because he had already observed that there were many soldiers with guns around him. As long as he dared to act rashly, he would definitely be attacked by a storm.

Green Snake also saw Dong Zhejun’s arrival and said with a solemn expression,”

” Dong Zhejun, you’re a treacherous villain. You don’t even dare to face us head-on. What kind of hero are you?!”

When Dong Zhejun heard this, he did not show any displeasure on his face. Instead, he continued to smile at Green Snake and said,

“A traitor still dares to bargain with me?”

“Forsaking righteousness for profit is the most appropriate way to describe you.”

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Dong Zhejun said with contempt.

“Humph! Don’t think that you’re so noble. I know all the dirty things you’ve done in secret!”

Green Snake retorted angrily.

“Hahaha! Everything I do is for the sake of the future of this organization, unlike you, who gave up on righteousness for your own selfish desires!”

Dong Zhejun said righteously.

” Anyway, you’re going to become corpses soon. I’ll tell you my secret.”

” I’m a person who has been nourished by special drugs. All the drugs with negative effects are completely ineffective against me.”

“In other words, I have an invincible body! Hahaha!”

Dong Zhejun laughed even more arrogantly.

” I gave you a chance last time. I didn’t expect you to disappoint me again.”

“Alright, since you guys like to seek death, then I’ll fulfill your wish, you bunch of hopeless fools!”

As he spoke, Dong Zhejun’s tone carried a fierce and contemptuous aura.

“Brothers, I’ll leave the rest to you! What should he do here? Do I need to say more?”

As Dong Zhejun spoke, he placed his hands behind his back and slowly walked out of the venue.

“Good! Let’s cut these two pieces of trash into pieces!”

The soldiers at the scene had already been patient for a long time and shouted loudly and cheerfully.

At this moment, it was too late to say.

The scene instantly exploded into a thick gray smoke!

” What’s going on?!”

The soldiers of Daybreak shouted in panic.

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“I don’t know. Cough, cough, cough!”

Some of the soldiers began to cough violently.

“It’s a smoke grenade! It seems to have some chemical effects!”

“Yes! It looks like tear gas!”

The Daybreak soldiers at the scene instantly fell into chaos.

Immediately, several soldiers fell to the ground and rolled back and forth, wailing in pain.

Qin Yuan and Green Snake had already put on the gas masks that they had prepared.

“Captain Qin Yuan, this move of yours is really useful!”

Green Snake said in a deep voice through the gas mask.

“It’s all Xiaoxiao’s credit.”

As Qin Yuan spoke, he did not stop. Instead, he looked in Dong Zhejun’s direction and immediately chased after him.

He had already planned it out when he came in. Xiao Xiao had prepared these powerful tear-gas grenades for him to use in times of crisis. They would be able to escape this disaster, but he had to succeed in his next operation and capture Dong Zhejun. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have many trump cards left.

Through the gas mask’s x-ray mirror, Qin Yuan saw Dong Zhejun’s escaping figure. He immediately took three steps and jumped up, rushing over quickly.

Dong Zhejun clearly felt that Qin Yuan was chasing after him. His footsteps were very agile and his speed was very fast. Before he was infected by the poison gas, he rushed out of the dungeon.

“You go after Dong Zhejun. I’ll stay here and deal with all the people before coming to find you!”

Green Snake said loudly to Qin Yuan from behind.

Qin Yuan knew that his priority now was to arrest Dong Zhejun. He understood Green Snake’s intention very well. This was a very obvious division of labor. Therefore, he did not hesitate at all and continued to chase after Dong Zhejun.

In the small prison, a series of gunshots rang out.

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