Chapter 842: Confrontation with Dong Zhejun

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Qin Yuan followed Dong Zhejun’s footsteps and chased after him with all his might.

What was surprising was that the passage that connected the dungeon was very winding. In the complicated road, Qin Yuan could only rely on Dong Zhejun’s footsteps to chase after him. He could not see his figure.

As Qin Yuan chased after Dong Zhejun in front of him, he took out his self-defense item from his pocket, a mini pistol.

Xiaoxiao had specially made it for him.

It could cause high damage from a long distance.

Just in case, Qin Yuan even wore a special bulletproof vest. This bulletproof vest could not only withstand ordinary bullets, but it could also defend against grenades and bombs.

Although they hadn’t met the other party yet, once they started fighting, they wouldn’t have time to switch.

The footsteps in front of him were getting closer and closer. Qin Yuan felt that he was already very close to Dong Zhejun.

Qin Yuan did not feel tired at all as he shuttled back and forth through the passages in front of him. Instead, he was getting closer and closer to Dong Zhejun.

Obviously, in terms of physical strength, Dong Zhejun was not Qin Yuan’s match. After turning a corner, Qin Yuan could already see Dong Zhejun’s back.

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Qin Yuan was overjoyed. He took advantage of the victory and chased after her. He took large strides and increased his speed.

Dong Zhejun, who was in front, also clearly felt that he was unable to do anything. Although he knew Qin Yuan’s position behind him, he also knew how terrifying Qin Yuan’s speed was. He was also very surprised.

“I didn’t expect your willpower to be so strong!”

Dong Zhejun, who was in front of them, pretended to be calm and shouted.

“It’s because of an evil person like you that I have to pursue this matter to the end!”

Qin Yuan shouted righteously.

” Since you’re so persistent, then I’ll give you a chance!”

As he spoke, Dong Zhejun, who was in front of him, stopped and turned his head, looking at Qin Yuan lightly.

Qin Yuan knew that the other party must have come with ill intentions, so he did not act rashly. Instead, he stopped and stared at the other party.

” Come here. We can be considered the representatives of the two sides with the highest combat power in this war. Let’s decide the victor here today. This victory will determine the fate of both sides!”

“This is the final battle!”

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Dong Zhejun shouted with an imposing manner.

Qin Yuan looked ahead. Dong Zhejun’s position was already outside the passageway. It was like a white field outside. It was very large and one could not see the end from the inside. There seemed to be staircase-like levels around them, and there seemed to be many soldiers of the Daybreak Organization sitting on them.

Qin Yuan was surprised, but he still followed Dong Zhejun outside.

When he walked outside, he was completely stunned by the scene in front of him!

This was actually a circular arena!

The people around them were the soldiers of the Daybreak Organization who were waving flags and cheering for them!

Dong Zhejun was standing in the middle of the field. He had changed into a black plainclothes and was looking at him with a sinister smile.

” Come on, I’ll give you a chance to defeat me. Haven’t you been waiting for this day for a long time?”

Dong Zhejun still had a very cold expression on his face.

“How is it? Not speaking? Weren’t you very arrogant before?”

Qin Yuan slowly took off his backpack and put down the weapon in his hand.

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Then, he took off his heavy coat, revealing a green vest and a body of strong muscles.

Qin Yuan glared ahead with a proud and determined expression.

He knew that this was the final battle. He had no way out. Everyone was looking forward to this final battle. Success or failure depended on this one move. There was no room for error.

Opposite him, Dong Zhejun also stood in position, barehanded, waiting for his challenge.

“Yo, he seems to be ready. There’s going to be a good show!”

“Looking at his bear face, he’s definitely not a match for Governor Dong Zhe. Let’s just wait to collect his corpse! Hahaha!”

” Don’t say that. He’s also the captain of the logistics company. We can’t underestimate him. We suffered a loss because of him previously. We also lost a lot of combat strength!”

The audience outside were discussing animatedly.

“You still have guts. I didn’t misjudge you.”

Dong Zhejun said with a smile.

“You caused me so much trouble previously. Today, we have to settle this score properly.”

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“Don’t you think so? Captain Qin Yuan.”

Dong Zhejun looked at Qin Yuan with a faint smile.

“Hmph, you and I are already irreconcilable opposites. Let all our grudges end today.”

Qin Yuan said sternly.

“Hahaha, look at what he said. He actually wanted to duel Governor Dong? He had never heard of the Governor, right? Hahaha!”

” The Governor has never lost in a duel. Look at his muscles. He’s a combination of speed and strength. Who else is as strong as him?”

The onlookers were mercilessly mocking Qin Yuan.

“Come, I’ll let you know what true terror is!”

As he spoke, Dong Zhejun made a hand gesture to Qin Yuan, indicating for him to attack him.

Qin Yuan was about to adjust his state and prepare to attack when a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

Right, where was Green Snake who said he was covering the rear?

He had to confirm his condition before he could fight Dong Zhejun with peace of mind!

He was secretly guessing the whereabouts of Green Snake.

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