I’m A Wasteland Giant

Chapter 214: 214

Chapter 214: Chapter 213 Guardian of the Three Gates! (50,000 characters request for subscription)

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The God Spirit Level guards sent Du Gang near the temple and then disappeared back into the void.

They, as guards, should not get too emotional or reveal themselves randomly.

But Du Gang was too infuriating. Not only did he acquire the Saint-level Drunken Monkey Divine Fist, but he also planned to drink the remaining ten bottles of Wuliangye.

If they didn’t get the task of protecting Du Gang and if they weren’t from the Kong Family army, they would have beaten him up long ago.

Having seen them retreat, Du Gang flashed his simple smile again.

This time, his smile was from the heart.

“I’ve learned another Saint-level cultivation method!”

This was quite unexpected. He went there Raising a ruckus, and to pick on Jiang Wenxing in the evening. He hadn’t expected this happy surprise.

“This really justifies the high price of Wuliangye. After all, there are Saint Level Cultivation Techniques inside!”

At this moment, Du Gang was in an area outside of the temple. The location was quite secluded and there was no one else around.

But from this location, you had a good view where you could directly look at the entrance to the temple.

The entrance to the temple was blocked by people from the four major companies.

In the center, there was one ring left, and below the ring, there was a big drum hanging.

The area around the ring was packed with people, some were there to enter the temple, but many were just there to watch the show.

The interior of the temple was rumored to have fairies coming out, which was a very eye-catching event for anyone.

Du Gang looked at the temple in the distance and shook his head, “Since I’m here, I might as well go in and take a look at the temple!”

He had originally intended to pick on Jiang Wenxing’s banquet, but since he arrived at the temple ahead of time, he decided to look into that later.

So, he swaggered towards the entrance of the temple.

He knew that Jiang Wenxing was outside, so he deliberately showed himself to let him know that he had already gone in.

If they couldn’t fight outside, they would fight inside. He would try to keep Jiang Wenxing in the temple, let him keep company with the old ancient bones.

As Du Gang got closer, people’s discussions became clearer and clearer.

“If you want to get through the three tests, you need to strike the drum!”

“Did you see the drum hanging next to the ring?”

“That’s called the Sky-shocking Drum, a special drum that only those with a certain cultivation level can make ring!”

“The drum at the entrance of the temple requires you to strike a sound with power equal to that of a rank two Sector Lord.”

No wonder!

Du Gang realized. He thought there were a lot of people standing, not going through the three tests, it actually had conditions.

Just this one drum had blocked many people.

“Why did he go directly?”

Just then, there came a clamor from the front.

With sharp eyes, Du Gang swiftly looked over only to see Qiao Jin near the ring, walking inside.

“Yeah, why didn’t he go through the tests?”

“Hey, are you blind? Didn’t you see he had passed the three tests already?”

The Pass Order for the three tests was something that the four major companies jointly developed. Only those who got through the three tests can receive this.

Even though it only serves as a ticket, it is a supreme honor for young geniuses.

It means that your strength has reached the Four Heavenly Lord realm, and at the same time, it means that you are one of the few geniuses, very rare!

“But, he seems to be at the fourth or fifth rank of the Sector Lord Level…”

“He’s the mysterious man…he’s Qiao Jin!”

People then realized who he was.

“My god, it’s him. He finally showed up!”

“Yes, is he the Ancient Holy Body?!”

There was a strong curiosity towards Qiao Jin because he came from White Dragon Mountain. His cultivation was much lower than the other geniuses, since he crossed the three tests that required the strength of Four Heavenly Lords with only being at a fourth-rank Sector Lord Level.

As everyone watched, Qiao Jin stepped onto the ring, walked onto the red carpet lane left by the four major companies in the center, and went ahead.

This red carpet lane, leading from the ring to the entrance of the temple, was specially created by the four major corporations to showcase the distinguished status of those who had passed the three tests.

Soon, he reached the end of the red carpet, turned around, waved to the crowd, and entered a vortex-shaped passage, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

The temple wasn’t located on the Pangu Continent but in another dimension. To get there, you had to cross the vortex-like channel.

“Qiao Jin has entered…”

“I remember, he finished the Cosmic Peak Talents Competition a month ago, why did he only enter now?”

“Not just him, many people were going in and out today!”

“Look, it’s Long Aotian!”

At that moment, a figure descended from the sky, landing directly on the red carpet.

He was dressed in a dragon robe, shimmering in golden light. His crown of golden ornaments and red tassels gave him the air of an emperor. A half-mask concealed his upper face.

What was more astonishing, Long Aotian had two dragon horns on his head.

After he landed, he arrogantly scanned the crowd. Only when everyone looked down did he slowly start pacing towards the temple entrance, his golden-threaded boots moving with grace.

“What a show-off!”

Watching Long Aotian’s ostentatious display from a distance, Du Gang sneered.

Fortunately, they were far enough away not to be heard by Long Aotian who would not hesitate to fight if he heard them.

“Did you notice that this month, apart from Jiang Wenxing who goes in and out once a week, everyone else seems to start entering today after they came out…”

“Today, is it some auspicious day?”

Someone with good standing and status narrowed their eyes, “Today? The day when the Ancient God returns to Pangu Continent, I wonder if that counts?”

“What? Is the Ancient God coming back?”

“Didn’t he run back to his ancestral home?!”

The crowd looked at the young man speaking, noticing his luxurious clothes and recognizing him as a member of a major family, immediately became alarmed.

What this kind of person says tends to be more reliable.

“Run back to his ancestral home?”

A young prodigy chuckled, “Only fools believe that the Ancient God ran back to his ancestral home!”

“The Ancient God went back this time to fetch his people from there!”

“I heard, he brought all the people from his home planet here…”

“Apparently, he spent tens of millions of Saint Crystals to house those people on the land owned by the Virtual Universe Company…”

“What? Tens of millions of Saint Crystals?!”

In that moment, everyone was shocked and did not know whether his words were true.

“Yes, tens of millions of Saint Crystals. You can check this information inside the Virtual Universe Company. He now owes the company more than ten million Saint Crystals!”

“Damn, he, how dare he! That’s tens of millions of Saint Crystals…”

Then someone burst out laughing, “Tens of millions of Saint Crystals are nothing. Do you know Xiang Yu, the Overlord?”

“The Tyrant Body, who was taken in by the Xiang Family!”

“Exactly, the homeland of the Tyrant Body is next to the Ancient God’s. This time, when the Ancient God went back, he also brought the people from the Tyrant body’s homeland…”

“Oh wow! These country folks are really sentimental…”

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“Hehe, you know how much the Tyrant Body borrowed from the company?”

The crowd seemed to have realized something and looked excited. “Are you saying the Tyrant Body borrowed even more?!”

Seeing everyone looking at him, the young man chuckled and loudly said, “Not just more, the Tyrant Body borrowed a billion Saint Crystals from the company!”


Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air upon hearing this, their faces showing shock.

“How dare he? I heard that the Tyrant Body is only at the Stellar Level?!”

“That’s so awesome, this Tyrant Body…”

Not to mention these Sector Lord Level prodigies, even the mighty godlike figures guarding different prodigies from the void were all stunned.

They all sighed, “Sure enough, being a Tyrant Body, he has such courage!”

“Yes, so young, and only at Stellar Level, but he dared to make such a decision!”

Only the people from the Xiang Family, at this moment, were looking at each other, unable to speak.

Because, their family chat group was also in uproar.

But not because the Tyrant Body was being tyrannical, but because Overlord Xiang Yu, upon returning to Penglai Island, was beaten up by the family head. They heard his butt blossomed from the beating!

To them, they were actually quite envious of Xiang Yu.

A common man wouldn’t be able to owe a billion Saint Crystals, and even if they did, they would probably be forced to refund.

But Xiang Yu didn’t. The family head only spanked him and didn’t make him refund.

This meant that although the head of the family was dissatisfied with his actions, he did not deny his decision.

And being personally spanked by the family head, in the eyes of many Xiang family members, was a sign of affection and attention.

A common man wouldn’t be spanked by the family head!

Hearing these rumors about Xiang Yu, Du Gang’s face was unchanged and his heart did not flutter. It seemed as if all this had nothing to do with him.

“Indeed, it’s none of my business, I just suggested….”

Cough! Cough!

Du Gang quickly squeezed forward; he couldn’t afford to waste time; it was time for him to enter.

At this moment, a young man suddenly kicked into the air, aiming at the huge drum by the edge of the stage.

Instantly, a huge drum sound rang out.

“Last time, I was just one step away from passing the third stage. After a month of hard practice, this time, I’m sure to break through!”

While the young man’s talk was full of modesty, he stood on the stage with a confident air, sweeping the entire audience with his gaze, looking proud!

“It’s Yao Zijie, the Twin Pride of the Yao Family!”

“His twin sister, Yao Zixuan, broke through the third stage a month ago and entered the temple without coming out!”

“At the time, Yao Zijie also followed closely and broke through the three stages, but alas, he fell short and got stuck at the third stage, ultimately retreating!”

“Who would have thought, after a month, he’s back again!”

“This time, he should be ready, right?”

Yao Zijie has every reason to be proud. A month ago, his strength had already reached near four-Sector-Lord level, surpassing everyone present.

At this point, those who remained outside were primarily spectators due to insufficient strength.

Soon, a man emerged from a tent stationed not far away.

This man was the guard of the first stage, with the power of two Sector Lord level. Seeing that it was Yao Zijie, he smiled and said, “Yao Zijie, you’ve already broken through the first stage a month ago. There’s no point in fighting you again. The first stage, count it as you’ve passed!”

Soon, another guard from the second stage tent also stepped out. After hearing his colleague’s words, he likewise shook his head and said, “You’ve already broken through my second stage. Consider it passed!”

After the consecutive stage walkthroughs, the sentry of the third tent finally came out.

This was a man with a gigantic physique, resembling a brutish bear. He stood nearly three meters tall, and his hands alone were larger than Yao Zijie’s head!

“I am Bao Xiong, the gatekeeper of the third stage. Only by passing my stage can you enter the temple!”

Yao Zijie smiled and said, “Enough talking, General Bao Xiong, come on stage!”

The title ‘General’ was just a title, not Bao Xiong’s actual military rank.

Of course, Bao Xiong didn’t explain either and jumped directly onto the stage.

“Defeat me, and I’ll let you pass!”

Bao Xiong came up without saying a word, brandishing a gigantic hammer, and charged directly towards Yao Zijie.

On this side, Yao Zijie initially wanted to say a few words, but to his surprise, his opponent was so direct. Reluctantly, he had to start combating.


As soon as they made a move, it was the most powerful attack.

Bao Xiong, as a soldier, had a military killing technique. His giant hammer moved straight without a hint of uncertainty.

Each blow could make the surrounding space tremble with a ‘squeaking’ sound.


Yao Zijie met the attack with his sword alone but seemed too weak, being pushed back by the huge hammer.

The fight had just started, and the upper hand between the two had already been divided. Bao Xiong, with absolute strength, seized the initiative.

“Huh? Yao Zijie is already being suppressed?!”

People below the stage were filled with doubts. Didn’t this man come back after a month? How come he got suppressed from the start? With such strength, he’s not enough to break through.

“It’s only the beginning, keep watching. They haven’t used their big moves yet!”

Indeed, although Bao Xiong held the upper hand, he didn’t exert his full effort in each strike; there was still energy left.

He was guarding against something!

Du Gang’s eyesight improved dramatically, and he figured out the real situation on the stage in a glance.

“Does Yao Zijie have some Supreme Technique or something?”

He speculated that Bao Xiong must be guarding against this kind of attack!

In truth, that was the case. Yao Zijie came with the belief that he was going to break through. Now, hearing the criticism from below the stage, he felt disgruntled.


He cast a secret method, temporarily boosting his strength by multiples and forcibly pushing back Bao Xiong.

All of a sudden, the two stopped at opposite ends of the stage.

Bao Xiong look turned serious; he understood that his opponent was about to unleash a significant attack.

At this moment, Yao Zijie was entirely different, brimming with confidence.

His gaze was as cold as treacherous ice, his long hair danced in the air, and with a slight movement of his lips, he calmly said, “Next, I will use a King-Level attack. If you can’t block it, leave the stage!”

A King-Level technique, also known as Mystic Level Art, is very rare.

The audience below instantly showed expressions of envy and shock.

For the direct disciples of the four major companies, if they have powerful elders reaching the God Spirit Level, or if they are suitably talented, they may have a chance to learn the Yellow Grade Techniques at the Sector Lord Level.

Yellow Grade techniques are broad in their applicability. Even for the top geniuses, even if they cannot learn them at the Sector Lord Level, they can always master them at God Spirit Level.

However, the practices of a higher level than the Mystic Rank are different. Anyone who can learn them in advance is usually a once-in-a-million-years kind of prodigious genius!

Don’t look at Du Gang possessing two saintly methods, but in fact, one of them was inherited from an Ancient God, and the other one was derived from drinking.

Real saintly techniques are extremely difficult to cultivate. Not to mention the geniuses at the Sector Lord Level, even some of the strong at the God Spirit Level find them hard to master.

King-level methods, although one grade lower than the saintly methods, are also extremely difficult to learn.

At this moment, there were millions of people standing below the stage, but the number of people who truly mastered the techniques above the Mystic Rank did not exceed ten!

“The king-level technique I learned was created by the Elder of my Yao Family, named the Gentleman’s Sword!”

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Seeing him declare his background, Bao Xiong surprisingly remained calm and likewise stated, “Although I haven’t studied techniques above the Mystic Rank, the Blast Hammer I learned from the army is a top-level Yellow-grade Technique, tempered through countless battlefield experiences, and possesses unparalleled power….”

Yellow Grade Techniques are different from those above the Mystic Rank. The Yellow Grade Techniques are widely applicable and tend to have numerous practitioners. When these people interact and challenge each other, they slowly divide the numerous different Yellow Grade techniques among themselves into ranks.

From highest to lowest, they are: top-grade, superior-grade, middle-grade, and lower-grade, four grades in total.

Similarly, the creator of a Yellow Grade Technique could be a God Spirit Level practitioner, a True God Level, or a Great Power. Therefore, the Yellow Grade Techniques do not have any other names, and they are only called Yellow Grade Techniques.

Techniques above Mystic Rank, due to their difficulties in learning and scarce users, have not been graded.

However, in reality, there are some differences between the techniques created by different individuals.

For example, Du Gang’s Ancient Spear Technique was created by an Ancient God Spear Saint. It’s incredibly powerful and can be called a top-level saintly technique.

This also explains why he was able to fight a draw in the last battle with Kong Xu’s supreme technique, Void Handprint, relying on the Ancient Spear Technique.

However, it can be inferred from here that if the Void Handprint were to be graded, it could only be classified as a lower-grade Heavenly Level Technique.

Bao Xiong introduced himself in a slow-paced manner and never stopped.

But the crowd below could sense that he had already begun to utilize some fearsome technique from the energy slowly emerging behind him.

“What’s going on?”

On the stage, Bao Xiong had been introducing himself for a minute and hadn’t finished yet, but Yao Zijie was extremely patient and kept listening.

“This is the weakness and strength of the Gentleman’s Sword!”

At this moment, someone clarified the mystery, “The Gentleman’s Sword usually declares its identity before it strikes. It can only strike if the opponent strikes first. If the opponent does not move, the Gentleman’s Sword will not move!”

“This seems to be their weakness, but it is also their strength because the longer the enemy drags out the time, the greater the power of the Gentleman’s Sword becomes!”

“I once read in a chronicle that about several hundred million years ago, Yao Family’s Gentleman Sword fought against a strong practicer of the saintly method. The strong practicer intentionally dragged out time, and when it dragged on until the third minute, the Gentleman’s Sword was able to gather infinite combat power, and eventually slayed that strong practicer, defeating the saintly technique!”

Hearing the explanation, everyone present suddenly understood.

“So the Gentleman’s Sword has this depth!”

“That’s right. His opponent, Bao Xiong, clearly is familiar with the characteristics of various clan techniques…”

“The best time to attack the Gentleman’s Sword is normally within a minute and a half, so I guess Bao Xiong is about to attack soon!”

On the side, when Du Gang heard this, he was shocked and thought it was highly novel.

He didn’t expect that these techniques created by the ancient ancestors of these families could have such peculiar effects.

A minute and a half passed in a flash.

Bao Xiong, who had been talking nonstop, finally stopped.

“Blessed to have encountered the Gentleman’s Sword, this time, I’ve fully charged my energy. Let’s see if I can win with my Blast Hammer!”

Bao Xiong shouted, leaping up in an instant, and raised his giant hammer to rush towards Yao Zijie, like a moving Mount Tai.

At the same time, an illusion appeared above his giant hammer, following it to strike at the opponent.

Across from him, Yao Zijie only smiled lightly and seemed unconcerned about his opponent’s actions.

While his enemy was building up energy, wasn’t his Gentleman’s Sword doing the same?

The more the enemy behaves this way, the stronger his additional power will be!

It’s not until Bao Xiong leaps halfway out of the ring, and is about to reach Yao Zijie, that he finally makes his move!


A crisp sword cry rings out.

Bright and dazzling sword radiance sprang forth, and for a moment, the stage was filled with chaotic sword energy, surging ceaselessly.

Yao Zijie still didn’t move, but his Gentleman’s Sword did it for him.

Like a bolt of lightning in the dark night, it flashed in a split second, a stream of blue light rushed out. It was like a falling star in the night sky, directed at Bao Xiong.

Compared to Bao Xiong’s Blast Hammer attack, the Gentleman’s Sword looked much more impressive.

“So cool!”

“Yao Zijie, he’s really so cool!”

At this moment, the girls below the stage all showed looks of admiration, their beautiful eyes filled with affection and appreciation.


The Blast Hammer suddenly stopped in mid-air.

“What’s going on?”

This pause was as striking as if continuously falling rain had frozen in mid-air!


The next second, Bao Xiong vomited blood, retreating wildly as if hit by a speeding train, only stopping after he had fallen outside of the arena.

Now, when people looked at the massive hammer floating above the arena, it had been damaged by endless sword energy and had crumbled into pieces, dissipating in the wind.

“So powerful!”

“Is this the power of a King-Level technique?”

“If a Mystic-Level Art can reach this level, how incredible would Earth Rank or even Heavenly Level Cultivation Methods be?”

At this moment, many people’s eyes were flashing with speculation and admiration.

Yao Zijie quietly sheathed his sword, clasped his hands in a salute, and calmly said, “I concede!”

On the other side, Bao Xiong’s injuries weren’t severe, he’d only spat out some blood.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, admiringly said, “No wonder you’re Yao Zijie, the unique genius of the Yao Family. Your effortless strength is admirable. Thank you for your mercy!”


At this moment, many people looked at Yao Zijie in surprise, their eyes wide with shock.

Lifting heavy as if it were light was a technique for using strength. Although it is not a mainstream technique and doesn’t greatly enhance attack power, anyone who can master it is far from simple!

“He’s even stronger and more mature than he was a month ago!”

“Not just that, he hasn’t used any manifestations!”

Many people thought with emotion, “He has an extraordinary demeanor, this youngster’s future is unpredictable!”

In fact, most of those who cleared the three stages and had special body types hadn’t used any manifestations, they relied purely on their strength.

After all, those guarding the stages were all ordinary bodies with no manifestations.

Moreover, each genius harbored the intention of competing with their peers. If others could pass the three stages without using manifestations, but you did, wouldn’t that make you appear weaker than them?

On the stage, Yao Zijie gave a faint smile, turned to face the crowd below, and cupped his fists in salute, saying, “I’ll take a step ahead of everyone and explore the temple…”

Immediately, there were more screams from the girls below the stage.

A person like him, with his graceful demeanor, handsome and casual elegance, and deep background, could always garner a group of loyal female fans.

After his show, Yao Zijie then stepped onto the red carpeted path and walked towards the entrance of the temple.

In a while, he disappeared into the vortex.

“Ah, another one has entered!”

The people below the stage were all envious, but helpless.

“I really want to know what changes have occurred inside the temple!”

“The four major companies are too domineering, setting up these stages and not allowing anyone to enter without clearing them…”

Some people were indignant, feeling that the four major companies had turned the temple into a place to test extraordinary geniuses, and the three stages were set up for screening purposes.

At this time, a cold voice rang out.

“Fools, the four major companies set up these stages to protect you!”

Upon hearing this arrogant voice, everyone immediately looked over.

“Little Hawk King?”

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“He’s here too?!”

The person who came had a pair of wings on his back, a characteristic eagle-shaped nose, and a defiant expression.

“I heard that Little Hawk King returned to the ancestral land of the Ying family for a transformative trial, I wonder if his strength has increased!”

The crowd’s perception of Little Hawk King’s strength was still at the Sector Lord Level.

But he had been gone for more than five months, so his strength should have increased.

Little Hawk King continued, “There have been earth-shattering changes inside the temple. Savage beasts have appeared, and there are various barren lands. Anyone weaker than the Fourth Sector Lord Level entering it is sending themselves to their death!”

Although he hadn’t entered, their Ying family had plenty of strong characters at the Fourth Sector Lord Level who had explored the situation.


The people outside the arena all showed shocked expressions.

“Indeed, the inside of the temple is now a completely different world!”

At this moment, a melodious voice slowly resonated, and a celestial woman wearing a white dress descended from the sky.

It was Yu Shuiyao who also returned to the Yu family for a round of special training and didn’t emerge until today.

Little Hawk King glanced at her indifferently, disregarding her with a slight shake of his body. Suddenly, a loud sound echoed out.


The giant drum in mid-air was struck at that very moment.

Inside the tent, three soldiers emerged, the same ones as before.

Seeing the distinct appearance of the Little Hawk King, their faces became solemn.

In the universe, one must be cautious when encountering people with strange appearances and animal characteristics. Such individuals are either born different or are halfway between man and monster through union with a powerful bloodline.

They had often seen this kind of feature on the Little Hawk King throughout their lives. He was from the Ying Family.

“Hurry up and come to die!”

Little Hawk King was very defiant, making a definite prediction about his opponent’s fate as soon as he spoke.

His words made many people beneath the stage extremely uncomfortable, but nobody dared to say much because his power was sufficient.

The two Sector Lords in the trio took to the stage swiftly, their expressions filled with solemnity.

“I am the guardian of the first checkpoint…”

“You talk too much!”

Before the soldier guarding the first checkpoint could finish, Little Hawk King moved, his Sky Hawk Technique was unparalleled in the world, speeding forward like a raging storm.


Before the guard at the first checkpoint could react, a claw struck him.


In an instant, a wound was torn open in the guard’s abdomen, and he was sent flying by the tremendous force of the blow.


Bao Xiong flew up in an instant, and in mid-air, he caught the first checkpoint guard who was uncontrollably retreating backward.

At this moment, the man had already fallen unconscious!

Seeing the fate of his comrades, Bao Xiong, shocked and enraged, shouted, “We are merely keepers of the gates, yet you resort to such ruthless blows?!”

Little Hawk King merely scoffed, “I didn’t even use ten percent of my power. He couldn’t even take one of my claws, what a piece of trash!”

As soon as these words fell, the whole place went into an uproar.

Many people glared angrily at him.

Because, most of the people present couldn’t even pass the first checkpoint.

By calling the gatekeeper trash, isn’t he insulting them as well?!

“Little Hawk King, you’re going too far!”

“This is outrageous, as a member of the eighteen tribes, instead of providing a good example, you’re bullying the weak…”

For a moment, there was nothing but voices of criticism from below the platform.

Hearing these insults, Little Hawk King haughtily lifted his head, looking dismissive and said, “I’m not targeting anyone in particular. I’m just saying, all of you here are garbage, complete trash!”


At these words, the whole place was shocked. Everyone was incensed, angered by Little Hawk King’s attitude.

“You think you can beat me?”

Little Hawk King’s eyes were sharp, full of murderous intent. Looking at everyone, he coldly said, “If you don’t agree, come and fight me. Life and death will not matter!”

As soon as these words came out, there was one who could no longer bear it.

“I’ll fight you!”

He was seen taking to the skies, stepping in the air continuously, and in no time, he reached the stage.

“I am Mo Youwei from Penglai, I’m here to test Little Hawk King’s high-handed methods…”

“Mo Family, although not part of the strongest eighteen clans, is known as a great clan on Penglai Island, there’s a good show to watch!”

“Good job, Mo Youwei, put him down!”

“Teach this arrogant Little Hawk King a lesson, let him know who’s tough!”

For a while, there was nothing but cheering from below the platform.

Mo Youwei immediately turned his head with a delighted face, waving at the crowd.

It was quite obvious that he was enjoying this attention.

“Seeking death!”

At this point, Little Hawk King didn’t waste any more words. The wings on his back instantly spread wide.


With a fast flutter, a phantom passed by.


A good head was instantly sent flying into the sky.

Mo Youwei couldn’t believe, even in his death, that Little Hawk King would kill him.

The severed head in mid-air was covered in blood, and disbelief was reflected in those pair of eyes.


“Thud! Thud!”

The head thudded down like a basketball, bouncing on the ground a few times before it came to a stop at the feet of a girl.


The girl screamed in shock instantly.

The strong decibel made everyone on the scene cover their ears.


The scene momentarily quieted. The previously clamoring crowd fell silent at this moment, as if they had all been silenced collectively.

“Mo Youwei is dead…”

“How… How could he dare?!!”

No one could believe their eyes, Little Hawk King had actually killed Mo Youwei!

“Mo Youwei, who is the most outstanding youth of this generation of Mo Family is dead!”

“I heard that Mo Youwei was the direct lineage…”

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“It’s over, Little Hawk King has indeed caused a catastrophe!”

No one had died in public since the opening of the Golden Age.

Mo Youwei was indeed the first one!

At this moment, a protector of the Mo Family appeared out of thin air and stood by Mo Youwei, hoping to save him.

But it was too late!

The protector hadn’t expected the fight to end so quickly, and even less that Little Hawk King would kill.

Moreover, Little Hawk King was too fast; so fast that even he didn’t react until the fight was over.

This was not a fight, it was a massacre!

“Little Hawk King!”

With a frosty face, the protector of the Mo Family gritted his teeth and said: “Why did you kill him?!”

Upon hearing this, Little Hawk King’s eyes were cold and there wasn’t a hint of remorse in his expression. He scornfully replied, “Nothing but trash. I’ve said it before, whoever dares enter the stage, it’s a matter of life and death. Since he came on stage, what’s wrong with killing him?!”


At this time, another figure appeared in the void – the protector of Little Hawk King, who was also a God Spirit Level powerhouse.

He appeared indifferent and calmly said: “Little Hawk King has just experienced our ancestral land’s trial and his killing intent is a bit heavy…”

“However, just as he said, life and death are predestined. Those who dare to take the stage must be ready to die!”

“If your Mo Family wants to cause trouble, just come find us directly. We, the Ying Family, will fully take it on!”


The protector of the Mo Family was fuming; he was infuriated by their disregard. He collected Mo Youwei’s remains and coldly stated: “I will report the exact situation to the Family Head. At that time, whether we fight or negotiate, we will meet on Penglai Island!”

Although Penglai Island is the strongest of the eighteen clans, the other major clans are also not to be underestimated, among them exist Kings.

These major clans, although they don’t show up in the Universe on usual days, they are quite famous on Penglai island.

After saying this, the protector of the Mo Family disappeared into the void.

He didn’t dare to stay any longer because he sensed killing intent from Little Hawk King’s protector and he was worried he’d be the next one to be killed.


At this moment, descendants of all families had the same thought lingering in their minds.

Little Hawk King is and should not be messed with!

At this moment, everyone wore a look of grief and indignation, but could say nothing.

They didn’t dare. The death of Mo Youwei had completely awoken them up.

All heaven’s chosen ones thought that battles would stop at small injuries and no one would die.

However, today, Little Hawk King taught them all a lesson. You want to spare his life, but he wouldn’t spare you.

So, the future situation would gradually become such that, if there was a struggle, there would be no mercy!

At this moment, Little Hawk King didn’t care about everyone else, turned his head towards Bao Xiong and said impatiently, “Where is the guardian? Hurry up and come to die, I am in a hurry to enter the temple!”

Bao Xiong stared at his dying comrade, his hands trembling incessantly.

This was a manifestation of extreme anger and frustration!


Just as the second gatekeeper was about to stand up, Bao Xiong grabbed him, shook his head slightly, and said, “You can’t defeat him, let me do it!”

The second gatekeeper didn’t argue. He nodded, taken over the injured comrade from Bao Xiong.

Meanwhile, Bao Xiong slowly rose to his feet.

“All this time, I’ve held back, allowing anyone reaching the level of Four-Method Sector Lord to pass…”

“Everyone thought that was all the power I have, but in reality, I’ve been restraining my strength, afraid to accidentally hurt you…”

His face was extremely ferocious, with bloodshot eyes that seemed ready to devour anyone in sight.

“However, you are not worth our restraint!”


At this moment, all the stationed soldiers cried out in unison, releasing a torrent of formidable aura.


In the sky, a leisurely drifting cloud was instantly dispersed under this overwhelming pressure.

They were all furious!

Seeing their comrades injured and disrespected was enough to spark their anger.

If not for the discipline sustained by long-term training, they might have already mutinied and collectively attacked Little Hawk King.

“The order given to me by the commander is to filter out people below the Four-Method Sector Lord. If they reached the Four-Method Sector Lord, I can let them pass…”

After reaching the peak of his anger, Bao Xiong suddenly calmed down.

“As for how much strength I should use, it all depends on us…”

“This time, I will unleash all my power. If you want to get past me, you will have to kill me!”

After Bao Xiong spoke these final words, an intense aura of killing intent and a metallic scent of blood spread out.

This aura was far more potent than the smell of blood on Little Hawk King.

“Do you think that just because you’ve ventured into a Secret Realm once and killed some beasts, you’re very powerful?!”

Bao Xiong slowly walked towards the ring, his eyes ferocious like a prehistoric beast, fiercely fixed on Little Hawk King.

At this moment, Little Hawk King, who was half-man and half-demon, was overwhelmed by this aura and subconsciously stepped backward.

Not just him, everyone under the ring experienced a hallucination at this moment.

Seeing Bao Xiong approach, it was like watching a man emerge from a mountain of corpses.

“The blood you’ve seen is child’s play to us!”

“How many people have you killed?”

Bao Xiong was ruthless, his brutal aura wreaking havoc over the entire field, causing the sky to darken.

Dark clouds gradually gathered with lightning traveling among them.

Listening to Bao Xiong’s words, everyone fell into a form of illusion.

This time, it was stronger than before.

In a trance, Du Gang quickly snapped back to reality.

He possessed the Root Suppression, which was constantly operating, capable of resisting any Sector Lord Level mental attack.

“So powerful!”

Seeing Bao Xiong’s actions, Du Gang couldn’t help but exclaim.

He understood that Bao Xiong’s imposing aura capable of making everyone fall into an illusion was not due to any illusion technique he practiced. Instead, he had killed too many creatures, with countless vengeful spirits accompanying him.

“Cough, cough!”

At this moment, a Ying Family protector who hadn’t entered the void yet coughed.

This sound evidently carried a certain intimidating effect.

As the cough echoed, everyone on the scene quickly regained their senses.

Was he trying to be kind?

No, he was waking up Little Hawk King!

Indeed, Little Hawk King on the stage, as if struck by a sudden blow, his will, which was almost lost, awakened at this moment!


At this moment, this word echoed in everyone’s hearts.

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