Chapter 310: Chapter 157: Goodbye, The Great River

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“Really, Brother Wang?”

Luo Chen turned his head and stared blankly at Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan furrowed his brows, realizing that Luo Chen’s demeanor seemed off.

In the past, no matter how dire the situation, Luo Chen always remained lighthearted.

Even after the death of Mi Shuhua and being suppressed by Miao Wen, an elder from the sect aiming for Foundation Establishment, he never admitted defeat.

On the contrary, he led the Luo Tian Creed to a glorious turnabout, securing a degree of autonomy.

But at the moment, Luo seemed lost.

Was he feeling lost about his future?

Or was it due to a profound sense of powerlessness evoked by his inability to challenge a Golden Core Cultivator?

Wang Yuan sighed and patted Luo Chen’s shoulder.

“Look on the bright side, at least he is a very generous superior!”


He was quite generous!

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Luo Chen pulled out a bottle of Spirit Pills and casually handed it to Wang Yuan. “These are second-order Spirit Pills; he gave me quite a few bottles. You could use them. Consider them my parting gift to you.”

Wang Yuan stared at the jade bottle, not extending his hands to accept it.

“Don’t worry about me, if I void to enter the Great Sect, hook or by crook, I won’t let myself lack these things.”

Luo Chen gave a self-deprecating smile, “After all, I am a venerated Pill Refiner!”

Having said that, he thrust the jade vial into Wang Yuan’s hand.

How “venerated”!

For some reason, Wang Yuan felt that the jade vial in his hand felt incredibly heavy.

“It’s such a pity, 1 was nearly finished researching the formula for the second- order Blood Evil Qi Pill.”

“But I won’t have the chance to refine a few for you, Brother Wang.”

Yu Ding Sword Sect was situated in the heart of the Yu Ding Realm, a land seething with spiritual richness.

The distance from The Great River District was enormous.

Once they part here, it would be hard to meet each other again for years.

Wang Yuan opened his mouth, but failed to utter a word in the end.

He accompanied Luo Chen on a stroll around Crescent Valley.

Patiently listening to his ramblings.

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“What will become of Luo Tian Creed after I leave?”

“Brother Wang, would you take over? I know that you’ve once led a faction in the mortal world. You could make use of Luo Tian Creed to gather resources for cultivation, if you put your mind to it”

“Not interested? That’s understandable. You’ve become a cultivation maniac.”

“This place used to be different. I remember it being a first-order spirit field. In winter, Yuan Dongsheng would use a four-seasons Spring Array on it and it would be really warm. One time I was chased out for hiding inside and reading.”

“I spent a lot of effort on this Pill Hall. Back when old Mi was alive, he contributed a lot to help me make this happen.”

“I don’t know who will benefit from this in the future.”

“Tell me, how am I going to face Sister Murong and Caiyi tomorrow?”

“Cough, cough…”

“I will definitely miss this place!”

“I do understand, there are risks and opportunities awaiting me there. Perhaps, there would be more good than bad, especially, with a better platform to work from.”

“But I’m accustomed to being with the lower grade cultivators, and I don’t have experience with living in a sect life.”

“I wonder if Pang Renxiong has any enemies in the sect that will vent their anger on me, a mere Qi Refinement Cultivator.”

“But, upon joining, they should give me a Foundation Establishment Pill for free, right? Sister Xiu Xiu went to Shen Fu Sect, and they promised to give her one. I wonder if she’s achieved Foundation Establishment yet.”

“Cough, cough…”

“Brother Wang, you think…”

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Wang Yuan interrupted him.

“Stop talking, go and rest!”

“You’re feeling restless!”

Luo Chen opened his mouth, but eventually sighed.

He entered the stone chamber that Mi Shuhua had built for him alone, activated the Array, and fell into a deep sleep.

This time, he let go of his long-held daily cultivation routine.

The next day.

In the Luo Tian Creed.

In the newly-built hall that inherited the name of the Broken Mountain Gang’s Bright Moon Hall.

Luo Chen announced his decision to the high-ranking members of Luo Tian Creed.

Everyone was stunned; a rogue cultivator unexpectedly caught the attention of a Golden Core Cultivator.

Yet, once they recovered from their shock, it seemed reasonable.

After all, Luo Chen’s talent in pill refinement was truly extraordinary.

Thus, congratulations poured from everyone’s mouths incessantly.

Luo Chen accepted their congratulations.

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He could feel that most of the congratulations were genuinely given.

Except for Elder Zeng Wen of the Golden Hall, who was somewhat reluctant.

However, once Luo Chen gifted him five bottles of Ascendant Grade Allure Pills, he showed real emotion, and even wiped away a few forced tears.

Luo Chen could clearly see the desolation and confusion hidden in the depths of everyone’s eyes beneath the congratulations.

Everyone understood that once Luo Chen left, Luo Tian Creed would essentially cease to exist.

What were they to do then?

“It’s not so severe that we need to disband immediately.”

Luo Chen smiled, “I thought of a few things this morning that you all might find useful.”

“Feng Xia, Xiao Yue!”

Feng Xia and Yuan Xiaoyue, who had hurriedly come today, stood up in astonishment.

Luo Chen waved his hand, indicating for them to sit and continue talking.

“The demonic cultivator who framed the Yu Ding Sword Sect has already been purged, so the Dao Debate Platform will naturally open again.”

“So some small businesses can start, like your milk tea and snack shops.”

“There are also a few creations I came up with. You could start selling and expanding production. They should bring in some money.”

Luo Chen smiled and handed over several formulas to Murong Qinglian and Gu Caiyi.

All were little inventions he had developed in his free time, which could be tailored to the Immortal Cultivation World.

For example, ice cream, Spirit Fruit shaved ice, Demon Beast meat barbecue, and so on.

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