Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3271: 3271

Chapter 3271  A tragic end for Dou Tin

"Where are you guys from?" A man came down and asked where Ye Chen, Luo Bing, and Gu Xun were from.

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Ye Chen, Luo Bing and Gu Xun saw a man who came with 500 people with him.

"they are all powerful, such great people and highly cultivated.

"It looks like you guys are brave enough to show yourself, that's great, that means I don't need to look for you" Ye Chen immediately met the person he was looking for.

This is a full group of black knife king.

They were the full and main force of the black knife king group.

"There are so many enemies," Luo Bing said to Ye Chen. She was not sure if she could win against so many people.

"They shouldn't be that strong" Ye Chen said that they wouldn't be that strong.

"Even though they are not that strong, we are already outnumbered" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

They might not be as strong as their leader, but many of the enemies' combat abilities were too great for three people to overcome.

"Are you not aware of your current position? We are fighting 3 vs. 500. There is no chance for you to win against so many of us, the leader of the Black Knife Kings.

"We are very aware of our position." Ye Chen is, of course, aware of their current position, which is less favourable.

Even though he was disadvantaged in position and numbers, Ye Chen remained very optimistic that he could win.

The most important thing is self-confidence, Ye Chen must be confident in himself.

"You either surrender, or you want to die" he said to Ye Chen.

"Are you stupid, we already know your reputation, there's no point in choosing, you will definitely kill us" Ye Chen said that they would still kill Ye Chen.

"You are quite smart, then you guys can die in peace" the leader of the black king knife group began to give an order.

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He gave the order to kill Ye Chen Luo Bing and Gu Xun, with such an order, everyone attacked Ye Chen, Gu Xun and Luo Bing.

"We will fight against 500 people, I hope you have prepared yourselves" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun and Luo Bing.

"they are coming, we have to fight" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen, they have to fight,"

"let's start" Ye Chen said to the two, they started fighting.

Ye Chen showed his strength and ability, he did not show weakness in front of the enemy.

Using such great power, Ye Chen made the enemies retreat and some were killed.

"Dark Storm Shield" Ye Chen used the power of darkness, instantly destroying the people who approached Ye Chen.

The whirlwind pulled them all in and killed them all.

Gu Xun and Luo Bing used their strengths, they displayed the best abilities they had.

The enemy was instantly destroyed, their combined attacks destroyed the enemy.

Luo Bing fan Gu Xun can survive very well, I don't think Ye Chen needs to step in to help them anymore.

"Very good job." Ye Chen was very satisfied with their work; they did it very well.

Ye Chen decided to challenge the leader of the black knife king.

He went straight to 1 Vs 1 against their leader.

"I challenge you" Ye Chen immediately challenged the enemy, he wanted to fight the enemy 1 vs 1.

Their leader looked at Ye Chen, he was quite interested in what Ye Chen wanted.

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"All of you, quickly stop right now," he said to everyone, he told everyone to stop right now.

Everyone immediately stopped and went straight to their boss's side.

"You want to fight me 1 vs 1, how interesting, I'm interested" he said to Ye Chen.

The boss of the black knife king was interested in fighting Ye Chen, he indeed wanted to face and fight Ye Chen directly.

"Very good, let's move forward" Ye Chen said to his enemy.

Ye Chen told his enemy to come forward.

"Be patient, don't be too hasty" he said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen not to rush into the battle.

Ye Chen still had opponents to face, so he couldn't stay in this place and fight someone insignificant.

"Take that person out" the leader of the black knife king said to his men.

He told them to take someone out.

They all immediately brought someone out, they brought someone out and showed it to Ye Chen.

The person they brought out was Dou Tin.

Dou Tin currently looked covered in serious injuries.

What Ye Chen did caused a serious wound on Dou Tin's body.

"Do you know this person?" He said to Ye Chen.

"Little, the person who is my enemy, it seems you have made him feel pain," Ye Chen said to the group of black knife kings.

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"He is quite a rich man, we got quite a lot of things from him, such as property, women and slaves" He is indeed quite rich, it looks like you hit the Jackpot.

"It was stupid for inviting us." He said that Dou Tin was a stupid man for daring to invite them.

"He is indeed very stupid, what he has done is the same as committing suicide" said Ye Chen, Dou Tin was indeed very stupid, he didn't listen to his men and ended up like this, it was very ridiculous and very stupid.

"Hahahaha" he laughed with Ye Chen he agreed with what Ye Chen said.

"Damn you knife king, I will not forgive you" Dou Tin shouted, he was so angry with what the knife king did.

"Are you very angry with me, I have done nothing wrong to you, how can you be angry" the knife king said to Dou Tin.

"After what you did, I want to kill you" Dou Tin said that he wanted to kill the knife king.

"You want to kill me, how interesting, I want to see what you can do" The word by Dou Tin attracted the knife king.

"let me go, I will kill you" Dou Tin said to the knife king.

"Let him go, I want to see what he can do" knife king told people to let Dou Tin go.

they understood, they immediately let Dou Tin go.

"Now you are free, come fight me," the knife king said to Dou Tin. He told Dou Tin to fight him.

"I will kill you" Dou Tin stepped forward, he used all his strength and abilities to fight the knife king.

By using his strength and abilities, he might have a chance to win the battle easily.

The knife king couldn't help but smile when he saw Dou Tin.

What Dou Tin did was ridiculous for someone like the knife king. There was no chance for Dou Tin to win against someone of the knife king's class; winning against that person was impossible.

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Dou Tin started to attack, the knife king raised a finger, a flying knife appeared and directly penetrated Dou Tin's heart.

"Huh?" Dou Ting was shocked when he saw what happened, he had difficulty breathing and felt so empty, after some time, he fell and died in this place.

"Just a trash and wants to beat me" the knife king stomped towards Dou Tin.

Dou Ting had such a tragic ending, dying at the hands of someone he paid, it was the most ridiculous thing that happened.

Luo Bing and Gu Xun looked at Dou Tin, they were a little sorry for the old man, having to lose at the hands of the enemy.

Although Dou Tin deserves this.

"Sorry for the unpleasant situation, are you ready to fight against me?" he said to Ye Chen.

"of course, I'm ready" Ye Chen was ready to fight.

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