Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3272: 3272

Chapter 3272  Fight the knife king

"Then let's start the real battle" the knife king said to Ye Chen.

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"Come on and show the strength and abilities you have," Ye Chen said to the knife king. He told the knife king to come forward.

The knife king directed his attack towards Ye Chen, he immediately aimed for Ye Chen's head.

Ye Chen used one finger to deflect the attack heading toward him.

Using this, Ye Chen made the opponent's attack turn and hit someone else.

"ehhh ? ? ? what ! ! !" Although the knife king's attacks targeted other people, it was very funny when he saw the opponent's attack target his friend.

The knife king raised his eyebrows. This was a strange thing; how Ye Chen did this was quite strange.

"How does he deflect my attacks?" The knife king felt strange; it shouldn't be possible.

"How about more? Can you hold this?" He used more attacks than before; clearly, these were much more powerful attacks.

Tens of thousands of knives moved towards Ye Chen, he immediately targeted Ye Chen using so many knives.

The knife king did not hold back his strength, the knife was able to penetrate Ye Chen's body so easily.

Ye Chen used one finger again, using one finger, he again blocked the attack.

"What ! !" The knife king was shocked when he saw this, and he wondered how Ye Chen was able to block the attack he used.

"This doesn't make sense" he said to Ye Chen.

He felt that this all made no sense.

"In this world, everything doesn't make sense, do you think it all makes sense?" Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen said that everything in this world doesn't make sense.

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"-_-" The knife king was helpless when listening to Ye Chen's words.

Ye Chen's words were indeed true, everything was impossible to do.

"You are trying to trick me" The knife king realized that Ye Chen was tricking him.

"I'm not cheating you" Ye Chen said he wasn't cheating.

"I won't believe what you say" The knife king wouldn't believe what Ye Chen said, he didn't want to be tricked.

The knife king continued to attack Ye Chen, meanwhile Ye Chen continued to fend off every attack.

"Why, why can't I kill this person?" The knife king of course felt angry and annoyed, why couldn't he kill Ye Chen.

Even though Ye Chen was very easy to kill, he didn't resist.

"die-die" he continued to attack Ye Chen, each attack using his profound energy.

If he continued doing this, his profound energy would be exhausted sooner or later. It was a huge price to pay for using profound energy.

"It's not good. If I continue doing this, the profound energy I have will quickly run out." The knife king realized that his profound energy would run out if he did that.

He had to change the plan he had, he couldn't fight Ye Chen using ordinary means.

"You've given up?" Ye Chen asked the knife king, whether the knife king had given up the battle.

"Honestly, this is still far from fighting" the knife king said to Ye Chen.

He said that this was still very far from the strength he had.

"Oh, so you are still holding back?" Ye Chen understood. The knife king was still holding back from attacking Ye Chen.

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"Black Shadow Window knife" he uses a deadly technique that is not easy to guess.

"? ? ?" Ye Chen didn't see the attack from the knife king, guess what that person was planning.

"master be careful," Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to be careful.

"This," Ye Chen realized. Something was coming towards Ye Chen at such a fast speed.

A black shadow shot from an unexpected direction and directly stabbed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used the Clone's ability to create a shield, the black knife immediately stabbed Ye Chen's Clone.

"That was?" Ye Chen looked at the black knife used by the knife king, the knife had a very dark color, it was a color that could absorb 100% of the incoming light, so it was very difficult for the eye to see.

After quite a long battle, you decided to show the abilities you have" Ye Chen said the knife kings.

After a long battle against Ye Chen, the knife king showed such great ability.

This black knife is invisible and can move very quickly without anyone knowing, if combined with the dark surroundings, this can be a very difficult weapon to fight.

"Why don't you just die" he said to Ye Chen, why didn't Ye Chen just die, he wanted Ye Chen to die.

"That can't happen, the battle is still continuing," Ye Chen said that he couldn't be killed.

"nonsense, I will kill you in no time," he said to Ye Chen he would kill Ye Chen in no time.

Using his Black Shadow Window knife ability, he attacked and killed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen already knew the power of the Black Shadow Window knife, because he already knew the power of the Black Shadow Window knife, he was able to avoid the incoming attack.

"An attack like this will be useless against me" Ye Chen said that an attack like that would be useless against him.

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The knife king was annoyed with Ye Chen. Why was Ye Chen still able to avoid his attacks, even though it was impossible to do so?

"This doesn't make sense. What's wrong with this guy?" The knife king was starting to lose his temper. He couldn't afford to let Ye Chen act as he pleased.

"You have made me angry, you will feel the consequences of my anger" the knife king took out his flagship weapon.

He took out a long black knife. It was about 40 cm long, longer than the average knife in the world.

"That weapon, it's a Celestial Tier artifact" Ye Chen looked at the weapon that had just been taken out, if Ye Chen observed carefully, it was a Celestial Tier weapon.

"Celestial Tier weapon, quite powerful, stay careful" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to be careful.

Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan still didn't know the strength and capabilities of the enemy's weapons. Because they didn't know, Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to be more careful when facing his enemy.

"I will be very careful when facing my enemies," Ye Chen said.

"do you know what will happen next?" The knife king said to Ye Chen.

"I don't know what will happen next, what will happen next?" Ye Chen said to the knife king.

"You will die, this is a weapon that can kill you with just one touch.

"One small touch, you will die immediately," he said to Ye Chen.

The knife in his hand started to change color, it turned into a poison-green color.

"Poison?" Ye Chen realized that the knife was poisonous.

"that knife is poisonous," Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"It shouldn't work on you" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

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With Ye Chen's inheritance, that kind of thing wouldn't work.

"You're probably absolutely right, even though it won't work for me, the two of them can still be hit" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen looked at Gu Xun and Luo Bing.

It would be a big problem for Ye Chen if they became targets.

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