Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3273: 3273

Chapter 3273  Destroy the knife king's weapon

"I will make him focus on me" Ye Chen will make the enemy focus on him, that is something Ye Chen can do now.

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"Are you afraid? It's too late to regret it," he said to Ye Chen. It was too late for Ye Chen to regret this matter.

"Is that so?" said Ye Chen, Ye Chen didn't regret it at all, he didn't regret what he had done so far.

"Get ready." The knife king started to control the poisoned black knife.

When he controls this, this problem will be resolved soon.

The knife king was targeting Ye Chen. This weapon could not be destroyed by Ye Chen, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Chen to be able to destroy it.

This was a strong and great weapon; there was no way Ye Chen could destroy it.

This time you won't be able to fend off the weapons I have, you just need to stay quiet and wait for your death, he said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen to just wait for death.

The weapon started to circle around Ye Chen as if it was an item that Ye Chen couldn't destroy.

The knife king did this on purpose, to provoke Ye Chen and make Ye Chen afraid.

"You did something very ridiculous," said Ye Chen, Ye Chen said that this person did something very ridiculous.

Did he think Ye Chen was incapable of destroying this thing?

"You are too ridiculous, don't even think that you can do it.

Ye Chen moved, he caught the knife king's black knife.

"What ! ! !" The knife king was surprised by Ye Chen's action. How could Ye Chen do that?

"No way, how do you do that?" The knife king didn't believe it, how could Ye Chen do this?

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What Ye Chen did was impossible and he could be killed.

Ye Chen had already held the opponent's weapon, what could his opponent do now?

"it's just like this, are you too confident in your abilities" Ye Chen said to the knife king.

The knife king was silent, he didn't know what to say to Ye Chen.

"Then I will destroy this knife," Ye Chen said to the knife king.

"Hahaha, destroy that knife, don't be silly, you won't be able to do that," the knife king said to Ye Chen.

The knife king smiled and laughed when he listened to Ye Chen's words. What Ye Chen said was very funny, and clearly, it was something that Ye Chen couldn't possibly do.

"Why is it impossible to do it, it's because of a Celestial Tier weapon, destroying such a powerful heirloom is a very difficult and very complicated thing, Ye Chen wouldn't be able to do that.

"Are you sure I won't be able to do it?" Ye Chen said to the knife king.

"Just try and show me, I want to see when you embarrass yourself" The knife king said to Ye Chen, he wanted to see Ye Chen embarrass himself.

"You asked for it, so don't blame me" Ye Chen said not to blame himself.

"Just do it. I want to see it," he said to Ye Chen, wanting to see what Ye Chen could do now.

For the knife king, what Ye Chen said was impossible to do, obviously, it couldn't be done because it was impossible.

Because of that, he challenged Ye Chen and told him to do it and show it to him.

"Then get ready," Ye Chen said. He told you to get ready because Ye Chen was going to start doing this.

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Ye Chen used his power, he destroyed the knife that was full of poison, the knife glowed with a green color that was full of poison, once it was touched, ordinary people could easily be killed.

"Hahahaha, come on, what can you do?" he said to Ye Chen, what could Ye Chen do now.

Ye Chen just smiled when he heard this, and Ye Chen seemed to enjoy it.

Ye Chen used dimensional power, by using dimensional power, Ye Chen destroyed this thing.

Using dimensional power, Ye Chen began to destroy the black blade.

The knife lost its power when it was under pressure from the dimensional power; it returned to its original black color.

The knife began to vibrate and seemed to be instantly shattered into pieces.

"This can't be happening," the knife king was shocked when he saw his powerful knife destroyed.

The knife was destroyed so easily, and now the knife king has no more weapons.

"You, how dare you" he pointed at Ye Chen, he seemed very angry with Ye Chen.

"Why, are you angry with me?" Ye Chen said to the knife king.

"of course, I am very angry with you, I want to destroy you, do you know what you have done" the knife king said to Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen did was too excessive and the knife king could not accept this.

"You started it; of course, I have to end it." Ye Chen said that the knife king started first.

He challenged Ye Chen to do it, and when Ye Chen did this, he got angry with Ye Chen.

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"Damn, I'm so annoyed with you" The knife king was so angry with Ye Chen he now wanted to kill Ye Chen using both hands he had.

He had to make Ye Chen feel such intense torture.

"This is the last method." He finally used the last method. Ye Chen had forced him to use this method, and he wanted to make Ye Chen regret it.

"Rumble." A roar was heard, a very strong and very large roar that shocked everyone.

"Let's run and save yourselves. The boss will be angry, and you will all die." They all immediately ran away, and they seemed to know what would happen next.

They obviously ran away, they didn't want to stay here and watch the battle unfold.

If they remained in this place, then that would mean they would never see the light of day again.

"They all left, what happened?" Luo Bing asked Gu Xun.

"I don't know either, let's catch one and ask" Gu Xun said to Luo Bing.

she took the initiative to do this.

After Gu Xun took the initiative to do this.

They caught one of the people and asked him.

"What is going on? Why are you all running away?" Gu Xun asked.

she wanted to know why they were running away.

"Let me go, I don't want to die, quickly leave this place, he will use a technique to eliminate everything around him, if he does that, no one will be able to survive him," he said to Luo Bing and Gu Xun.

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Luo Bing and Gu Xun looked at each other, it seemed like this was really bad.

"Ye Chen, be careful. He will use a dangerous technique, and maybe he will destroy this whole place together with you," Luo Bing said to Ye Chen.

"He is going to do something dangerous, you guys step back first," Ye Chen said to Luo Bing and Gu Xun.

"Understand" Luo Bing and Gu Xun didn't ask Ye Chen much, they just stepped back and saved themselves.

If Ye Chen said that this place was indeed dangerous, so they decided to retreat.

"You have to be careful," Gu Xun told Ye Chen.

After that Gu Xun and Luo Bing withdrew, they could still see Ye Chen and used their strength to help Ye Chen.

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