Chapter 314: Chapter 314: Enna Clark is dumbfounded

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That’s in your eyes anyway, the important thing is to be in the eyes of the customers!

The Director of Advertising Department’s heart trembled as he had more to say, but when the words reached his lips, he swallowed them hard, his face flushed.

Baron Lawrence seemed not to notice his hesitation and turned his gaze to the others, “And you? Any opinions?”

With his position so clear, who would dare to have an opinion?

The crowd fell silent.

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“Good, since there are no opinions, let’s make the decision.” Baron Lawrence’s eyes lit up as he continued, “I plan to launch a brand-new advertising model in the form of a documentary, covering the entire process of the advertising shoot, and then promoting the video on new media channels.”

“Planning Department, in half an hour, I want to see the feasibility of this plan! Operations Department, I want new media data! Advertising Department, get ready to shoot immediately!”

He was calm and collected, with an innate power to persuade others.

Even if some people were not convinced by his choice of a newcomer, they

were won over by his novel advertising model. They were all insiders, and they had an idea of what kind of model could create a hot-selling advertisement. Baron Lawrence was not talkative and very assertive! But it had to be said, the model he proposed was very innovative and had a high chance of becoming a hit!

Who doesn’t want their new product to become a hot-selling item?

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The crowd had fewer complaints and began to act according to his instructions.

When several cameras and a group of people entered the room next door, Enna Clark was stunned.

What made her even more stunned was that a few people immediately came over to help her change her clothes, do her styling, apply makeup, and didn’t even tell her why.

Enna thought Baron Lawrence was attending another banquet, so she stiffly cooperated.

It wasn’t until her makeup was done and she was surrounded by people in the photo studio that she truly felt at a loss.

The spotlight shone on her, and Enna instinctively raised her hand to shield her eyes; she heard a click, and the flash of the strobe light passed, a middle-aged man with long hair said to her, “Very good, this action is very natural. Keep it up and change your pose.”

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What’s going on?

Change what pose?

Enna was bewildered.

She lowered her hand, moved the corner of her mouth, and wanted to ask where Baron Lawrence had gone. However, the entire photo studio was extremely quiet, with only the sound of the middle-aged photographer going click, click, click.

“Very good, now change your pose again.” “Yes, hold that position, don’t move.”

“Step your left foot forward, yes, not bad, very good.”

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After half an hour of clicking, the photographer instructed his assistant, “Get the male model ready.”

This series originally did not require a male model, but since Young Master Lawrence insisted on using the newcomer, they had to be prepared on both fronts. An experienced male model would help guide the newcomer to do more poses in front of the camera.

“Alright, I’ll go get him right away.”

The photographer then turned to the editor, “How is it, any usable photos?”

“There are a few good ones, they have a nice feel to them. The newcomer is more photogenic than I expected.” The editor’s eyes never left the computer screen as he continuously clicked the mouse to search for usable material, all the while talking to the photographer without raising his head.

Enna heard what they were saying and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Um… Have you got the wrong person? I…”

She was currently just a small host at the radio station, and even when she was in the entertainment industry, she was nothing more than a small name, even lower than the lowest tier.. How could they possibly choose her for an advertisement?

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