Chapter 315: Chapter 315: Baron Lawrence personally goes on stage to be a male model

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The photographer and the editor both looked up, waiting for her to continue.

Just then, a dignified and arrogant male voice interrupted, “They didn’t make a mistake, they are looking for you!”

The voice was …

Enna suddenly looked toward the source of the sound.

Her bright eyes widened in astonishment

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She always knew that Baron Lawrence was handsome! The kind of handsome that could make any woman become wanton! But now, she clearly realized just how handsome this man was!

Baron Lawrence wore a simple black V-neck thin sweater, his sharp and neat short hair combed back, revealing a full and shiny forehead, which further highlighted his three-dimensional facial features. His black casual pants wrapped around his long legs, showing off his over 6 feet tall height advantage. He also wore a pair of black flip-flops, while his strong and fair feet contrasted sharply with the black footwear, injecting a touch of laziness into his cold sexiness.

He walked up to her, his eyes deep and dark as if they were bottomless wells. His thin lips curled into a smirk and he covered her eyes with his hand. “Don’t look at me like that. If you keep looking, I’ll take it as you trying to seduce me!”

! Seduce, seduce him? Enna suddenly came back to her senses, instinctively keeping a distance from him, fearing that he would do something inappropriate in public.

Damn it! What did this woman take him for? Baron Lawrence’s face darkened as he pulled her close, his large hand gripping her waist tightly. He looked at the stunned photographer and others, and said, “Let’s begin.”

The photographer was the first to come to his senses and asked hesitantly, “Young Master Lawrence, are you going to personally participate in the shoot?”

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“Is there a problem?”

If he didn’t participate in the shoot, would he have to watch some foreign man getting cozy with Enna, hugging her arm and acting intimate?

Just the thought of that scene made Baron Lawrence’s eyes darken.

He was afraid that if he really saw that scene, he wouldn’t be able to help but smash the camera! And maybe throw that foreign male model off the 50th floor!

“No, no problem, of course not.” The photographer had a natural pursuit of beauty, and photographing someone like Baron Lawrence was his dream. He didn’t waste any more words. Bringing out his full abilities, he wholeheartedly devoted himself to the photoshoot …

Who was Baron Lawrence?

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He was a man destined to stand at the top of the pyramid from the moment he was born!

He was powerful, so he was calm, composed, and elegant in front of the


Under his guidance, although Enna didn’t quite understand what was going on, her stiff body movements gradually relaxed ..

At this moment.

There was no peace downstairs.

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Amelia Young was sitting quietly in a small conference room downstairs, accompanied by her manager.

After the Public Relations Manager finished explaining the situation, her manager slammed the table in anger and stood up, “What do you mean? Miss Amelia has already signed the contract and made time for this! And now you’re saying you’re replacing her?!”

The Public Relations Manager felt aggrieved to receive this scolding. Still, he maintained the poise of a large company’s Public Relations person, and politely responded to the manager, “We understand that Miss Amelia Young has signed a contract with us, but we didn’t have any control over this last-minute decision to reDlace her. Please be assured. Miss Amelia. we will comoensate

you for the liquidated damages according to the terms of the contract ..

Her manager couldn’t listen any longer.

Who wanted that small amount of liquidated damages? Everyone knew that Stellar’s Annual series was a highly sought- after advertisement among female stars, and anyone who appeared in it would see their popularity and endorsement tier rise significantly. Everyone in the industry knew that Stellar’s spokesperson this year was supposed to be Amelia.. If she lost this advertisement, what would people in the industry say?

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