Chapter 316: Chapter 316: There’s nothing I can do if the people above change.

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“This isn’t a question of liquidated damages, but of credibility! It was your company’s Advertising Director who approached our Ivy, asking her to endorse your product. Now that we’ve cleared her schedule and she’s available, you tell us it’s canceled and someone else will replace her. Isn’t that bullying?”

“Sister Lily, please don’t make it difficult for me. The higher-ups want to change the spokesperson, there’s nothing a small employee like me can do about it,” the Public Relations Manager said with a troubled expression.

As the manager continued to argue, Amelia Young stopped her, removed her sunglasses, and revealed her beautiful eyes full of refined charm. Being replaced at the last minute, she didn’t seem too angry, maintaining her elegant demeanor. However, her elegance exuded a sense of pride that made her difficult to approach, “Sister Lily, that’s enough, the manager is right, let’s not make it harder for her.”

“But…” Unable to contain her anger, the manager cut herself off before she could say anything further, out of respect for Amelia.

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Amelia Young pacified the manager, then turned to the Public Relations Manager, saying politely, “Manager, I won’t make things difficult for you. I just want to ask one question, who’s the higher-up you’re referring to?” The auntie had already talked to the CEO of Stellar, so it couldn’t be the CEO.

Any higher-up would leave only one possibility!

The Public Relations Manager hesitated, “This… ”

Amelia Young appeared indifferent to her difficulties, waiting patiently for her to finish her sentence, implying that she would not give up easily if the manager did not say.

“Ms. Young, I really cannot disclose that. How about this, if there’s a future opportunity for cooperation, I’ll strongly recommend you.”

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Amelia Young had basically determined who had replaced her at this point, tightening her lips and changing her sitting position with both hands on the table, “Alright, if you don’t want to say, then I’ll switch to another question, who’s replacing me? You can say that, right?”

It seemed that Amelia Young’s replacement was a newcomer. The Public

Relations Manager considered the situation and said with a smile, “If Ms. Young wants to know, of course, we don’t mind sharing. Actually, this year, our company plans to launch a new face, completely fresh and not from the entertainment industry.”

“A newcomer? Is their surname Clark?”

“Ms. Young, do you know them?” the Public Relations Manager asked in surprise.

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Enna Clark…

Amelia Young couldn’t help but clench her fists.

It was her again.

Her expression changed rapidly, and the Public Relations Manager was about to ask curiously when Amelia Young suddenly grabbed her bag, stood up abruptly, and said, “That’s enough, I understand. As for liquidated damages, I’ll leave it to my Agency’s lawyer to negotiate with you. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving.”

The manager didn’t understand why she was suddenly leaving. Just as Amelia Young strode out, the manager glared angrily at the Public Relations Manager and followed her out.

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“Ivy, wait for me.” She caught up with Amelia Young at the entrance and grabbed her, “Ivy, why did you just leave like that? They stood us up, we can’t just let it go. Let me talk to them more, get their company executive to come and discuss things with us, maybe if the talk goes well, you’ll still be the spokesperson, right?”

“There’s no need.”

“Why no need?”

“Because you can’t change things; nothing will change his decisions.” There would be no changing Baron Lawrence’s mind!

The manager frowned, asking, “Do you know that company executive?”

“You could say that.” Amelia Young pursed her lips, let go of her hand, and said, “Sister Lily, I’m going to see someone. Please don’t arrange any schedule for me this afternoon.”

With that, she hurried off..

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