Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 2288: 2288

Chapter 2288: Possessiveness, anger for a beauty (2)

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Translator: 549690339

The other party was unable to straighten his back after a few punches and wailed in pain. In the end, he was directly thrown to the side by Santos.

he felt a gust of cold wind on his right side. hearing someone screaming, a boy holding a chair came smashing towards his right side. santos dodged nimbly in an instant, and at the same time, he sent a roundhouse kick to the other party, sending him flying to the blackboard a few meters away.

The last follower was dumbfounded as he looked at the pathetic sight of his own people. When sang nuo’s gaze fell on him, a hint of fear flashed in his eyes, and he instantly fled in a panic.

Seeing this, sang nuo sneered.

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When he saw a basketball in the corner of the wall, he kicked it over and simply adjusted his position. He lifted the tip of his foot, and the basketball instantly bounced off the ground. Santos kicked it fiercely.

In an instant, the basketball flew in a perfect parabola and hit his head.

Immediately, that person cried out in pain. He fell flat on his face.

All of this had happened in just a few short minutes, so fast that no one had any room to react.

Day after day, Santos received special training for three years. For the current him, dealing with these college students who were acting all high and mighty in school was like using his talents for a petty job.

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Everyone in the classroom was dumbfounded by sang nuo’s actions. They hid in the back and watched the series of clean and crisp moves. Countless girls could not help but want to scream. No matter who was right or wrong, sang nuo’s hero saving the damsel in distress made them feel that he was extremely handsome.

An Xiaoyang, on the other hand, had been on tenterhooks as she watched the scene. Although she was afraid that something big had happened, she was even more afraid that sang nuo had been injured.

Seeing that sang nuo had safely dealt with everyone, an Xiaoyang’s heart was slightly at ease.

After sang nuo finished dealing with them, his cold and disdainful gaze turned to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi’s expression was already extremely ugly, but he still held on, leaning against the wall with difficulty and holding onto his waist as he got up.

The side of his waist was ruthlessly kicked by Santos, and he felt a burning pain.

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Jiang Yi held his waist with one hand and suddenly spat on the ground. He looked at sang nuo with a twisted expression. what the hell do you mean by this, kid?! What, you can’t bear to watch the little girl suffer? I’m f * cking chasing girls here, what does it have to do with you!”

Hearing this, sang nuo turned his head and snorted coldly. In the next second, he suddenly threw a fierce punch at Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi could not Dodge in time, and his cheekbone instantly swelled up.

Sang nuo grabbed Jiang Yi’s hair again and violently slammed him against the wall a few times. He also received a violent blow to his abdomen. After a few rounds of beating, Jiang Yi’s face was bruised and swollen. Blood was flowing out of his mouth and nose, and he could not speak.

It was only at this moment, after sang nuo had vented his anger, that he grabbed Jiang Yi’s collar and gritted his teeth. are you f * cking blind or deaf? I’m an Xiaoyang’s boyfriend. I’m the boyfriend who can beat you up until you’re in the hospital! He’s her boyfriend of several yearsas soon as he said this, not only jiang yi, but everyone present, except an xiaoyang, was stunned.

even though they had guessed that there might be something going on between an xiaoyang and sang nuo, it was still shocking to hear sang nuo clearly declare his sovereignty and say that an xiaoyang was his girlfriend.

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Jiang Yi’s eyes widened. He was an Xiaoyang’s boyfriend?

He was her boyfriend!

No, how could this be possible!

‘ if you’re her boyfriend, then why weren’t you guys together before?! ” Jiang Yi’s face was swollen and he said with difficulty.

However, sang nuo laughed coldly and sarcastically. why? between young couples .

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