Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 2289: 2289

Chapter 2289: Possession, anger for the sake of a beauty

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“What, which couple hasn’t quarreled or given each other a Cold War before?

however! i didn’t expect that you would take the opportunity to interfere. what, you want to destroy our relationship!”

Sang nuo grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the ground without holding back. He took a sip. why don’t you take a look at yourself! I’m telling you, don’t f * cking come and pester my girlfriend again, or I’ll make you die without even knowing how- !”

Jiang Yi was so humiliated by sang nuo that he could not help but fly into a rage out of humiliation. He wanted to struggle and hit him many times, but he was subdued by sang nuo instead. This made him even more irritable. Now that he was facing sang nuo’s threat, he suddenly laughed sarcastically, even if his face was bruised and swollen. hehe, pestering!? I didn’t mean to tell you, but so what if she’s your girlfriend? I’ve already had sex with her in the car. Don’t you know that? a pair of broken shoes that I’ve slept with-

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A shrill scream that had suddenly changed tone was heard. With a crisp crack, Jiang Yi’s little finger was broken.

Sang nuo stepped on his fingers, his expression as cold as an Ice Mountain. Jiang Yi? I’ll say it right here today, I’m the one who f * cking knows if there’s anything between you and my girlfriend. If I hear you mention my girlfriend again, I won’t just be cutting off my little finger like today!”

At this point, sang nuo half-knelt on one knee beside him, pulled his hair, and whispered into his ear, ” wipe your dog eyes clean. You’ve provoked the wrong person.

Jiang Yi’s chest was about to explode from the humiliation of being beaten up. However, when he saw the killing intent that flashed in sang nuo’s eyes, he was suddenly shocked.

He, he, just where did he come from?

The people in the classroom were completely shocked by these exciting scenes. Santos had completely exceeded their expectations. Who would have thought that this handsome and smart top student, the student council president with an excellent character in the grade, and an influential figure, would be so good at fighting!

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Standing up for his girlfriend so domineeringly, it was fine if he didn’t make a move, but once he did, he made people unable to resist at all.

He was simply bursting with boyfriend power!

And now …

Sang nuo walked towards an Xiaoyang, who was standing at the side and carrying her school bag. He walked over, took her school bag with one hand, and put his other hand around her thin shoulders. He took her away in a completely domineering and possessive manner.

He wanted to announce to everyone the true relationship between them.

The two of them left just like that. An Xiaoyang could feel the gazes of countless people, as well as the envious, jealous, and hateful gazes of countless girls.

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She sighed in her heart.

Santos was always so dazzling.

But so what? he was her clingy boyfriend.

However, an Xiaoyang had always been clear that when she was with an outstanding person, she had to become outstanding as well. Only then would she have the confidence to walk side by side with him.

The two of them left the school.

To be more precise, an Xiaoyang had skipped a class of her own accord. No one knew what the consequences would be, but they were far less severe than the consequences of sang nuo’s fight in school.

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“Sanno, Sanno, Sanno.”

An Xiaoyang pulled his sleeve and the two of them slowly stopped by the roadside.

“What’s the matter, little yang?

Sang nuo looked over, and his long fingers pinched her little chin as he asked.

an xiaoyang looked worried. ” what should we do? you’ll definitely be criticized by the whole school.. is it worth it to teach a scumbag a lesson? “

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