Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 2290: 2290

Chapter 2290: Possessiveness, anger for a beauty (4)

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Hearing this, the bottom of sang nuo’s eyes flickered slightly, and a helpless smile appeared at the corners of his lips. who said it’s for him? I’m doing it for you, and even more so for myself. I’ve wanted to beat him up for a long time. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’re in school, I would’ve made him bleed. Isn’t it just the position of the student council president? I’m more willing to beat him up than to be angry. I can also openly announce our relationship.”

He lowered his head slightly and kissed her delicate and beautiful eyebrows. I don’t want anyone to think about my little sun anymore.

An Xiaoyang didn’t know what to feel in her heart. After the bitterness and worry, there was more sweetness.

She threw herself into his arms and rubbed her head against his chest. Her voice became very gentle. sang nuo, then you have to believe that nothing happened between me and him …

I’ve said it before. If it really happened, he would be dead by now. I’d have found someone to kill him.

When sang nuo said this, his tone was hard to hide his ruthlessness.

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in fact, he knew that jiang yi would not let this matter rest easily after being humiliated in school. however, it would be best if he did not. he would see how jiang yi would break jiang yi’s legs after they left the school!

what do you mean by ‘dead’? if you really kill someone, you’ll have to go to jail.

Why? do you want me to be a widow for you? ”

An Xiaoyang knew that he had some contact with the underworld, so she was more worried about his safety.

Sang nuo smiled and did not say anything. He would just take it that an Xiaoyang thought he was being harsh.

He didn’t want her to know too much about those dark things.

He only liked to see her smile. Her sweet smile was warm and beautiful, like a little sun, warming his heart.

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look, you’re not even married yet and you already know the word ‘widow’. It seems that you’re already determined to marry no one but me. The corners of his lips curled up into an evil smile.

An Xiaoyang’s face turned red and she hit him on the chest. you’re taking advantage of me.

Sang nuo took the opportunity to hug her, holding her thin waist. He lowered his head and whispered something into her ear.

There was a meaningful look between his handsome and clean brows.

An Xiaoyang’s ears gradually turned red, and then it spread. Her little face was completely red, as if he had said something particularly embarrassing.

“little yang, can you?”

He gently pecked her small and fair earlobe.

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He breathed hot air into her ear, which made her body tremble and her feet go soft.

It was just a few words, but the meaning was particularly profound.

initially, sang nuo had only said it casually and did not have much hope, because little yang’s attitude had always been very insistent.

Therefore, when an Xiaoyang looked at him shyly and nodded, sang nuo was completely stunned.

His eyes were wide open, and he had a look of complete disbelief.

He took two steps back in excitement. wait, wait, you, you agree?!

F * ck, this happiness came too suddenly!

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But only God knew how long he had waited!

“One year? two years?” How many times have I wanted to do it?

An Xiaoyang raised her little face, her hands behind her back. Her bright big eyes had a hint of ridicule. what, you don’t want to?! So, sang nuo only has that much courage?”

Sang nuo looked at an Xiaoyang and licked the corner of his lips. He could not help but laugh.

His handsome and clean face seemed to still have some of the frivolity of his youth. However, after he grew up and gained more experience, he gradually changed. He became more mature and more rational.

He scooped an Xiaoyang into his arms and hugged her tightly. Xiaoyang, thank you for trusting me. I’ll be responsible for you for the rest of my life.

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