Chapter 335: Uniform Temptation

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“How? Tell me first.” Zhang Nan crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Fu Xin sent the horse back. How is she coming back? Is she walking? The East and West Peninsula are so far away. Do you want to tire her out?”

After Zhang Nan asked this question, Xu Hu began to admire Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi had actually predicted their question. He was simply extremely smart.

“The Island Master has a round-trip car. Fu Xin can take it back,” Xu Hu explained.

“Since there’s a car, why didn’t he come by himself? Why didn’t he get the horse breeder to come over?” Zhang Nan continued to ask.

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“Needless to say, the Island Master doesn’t want to show his face! Some rich people keep a low profile. As for the people who raise horses, they can’t touch this horse either. It’s completely unexpected that Fu Xin can ride it,” Xu Hu explained.

Not wanting Zhang Nan to continue pestering him, Xu Hu immediately said, “The prize this time is goat cheese. It’s a specialty here. You won’t be able to eat it outside of Country C. The Island Master also promised that if you send the horse back, he will get his chef to cook a meal for you. It’s also a local specialty, the kind that you won’t be able to eat outside of Country C.”

When Fu Xin heard that there was delicious food, she perked up. “It’s just a horse. It’s nothing. We can exchange it for food. Why not?” With that, she looked at Jiang Xinyuan. “Don’t work too hard. Mommy will be back soon.”

Jiang Xinyuan nodded obediently. Fu Xin was relieved. Then, she pulled the reins, kicked the horse’s stomach, and rode out.

Fu Xin ran along the coastline. The entire island was circular. She felt that she should reach the West Peninsula halfway. She ran so fast that the cameraman couldn’t keep up at all. He simply stopped following her and only gave her a

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long shot. When she disappeared from the camera, the cameraman went to take photos of someone else.

Although the sun was scorching hot, it was still alright. The sea breeze would often blow over. When the sea breeze blows on one’s face and body, it could lower the temperature. It was very comfortable.

She galloped along the coastline alone. It was as if this island belonged to her. She was like a female knight, valiant and beautiful.

The West Peninsula was a manor, and it was not small. Fu Xin rode a horse through the lush trees on both sides of the road and arrived at a pavilion. The man was wearing a green military uniform with his back facing her. He was wiping the long sword in his hand with an extremely clean handkerchief. His movements were slow, as if he was very serious. He was so serious that he didn’t notice Fu Xin’s arrival, or if he did, he pretended not to know.

The buttons of the clothes were tightly fastened, covering half of his neck. There was beautiful embroidery on the collar, and the ribbon was a bright yellow. It looked noble and dignified. The military uniform was turquoise, which suited his skin. He was very fair and his lips were red.

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Standing silently in the pavilion, Fu Xin’s heart started to beat faster.

“Hello! Are you the owner of the island? I’m here to return the horse.” Seeing that he wasn’t moving, Fu Xin pretended not to know him. Of course, she knew that Jiang Yi was pretending to be cold and aloof. If he liked to act, she would let him act. Anyway, she did not care. She turned around and got off the horse.

As soon as her feet touched the ground, she let out a cry and pretended that she was injured. As expected, it attracted Jiang Yi’s attention. Jiang Yi immediately turned around. Before he could take the first step, she said, “Fortunately, I’m not injured. I was so scared.”

Seeing that she was fine, Jiang Yi continued to carefully wipe the longsword in his hand and returned to his previous cold state.

Fu Xin walked to the pavilion and observed the sword he was wiping. It was sharp and shiny. It was obvious that it was expensive. Then, her gaze moved to his hand. It was still that pair of beautiful hands. His fingers were long and fair. It was good to have long fingers! When doing things, the beauty was strong, whether it was holding a brush, wiping a sword, or…

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Shit! Her thoughts are turning erotic again! She quickly stopped her unhealthy thoughts and looked at his face. It was just a glimpse, but she was deeply attracted.

Although he was cold, such an expression seemed to be more compatible with this outfit. He looked noble and abstinent. It was precisely because of this that Fu Xin felt greedy and wanted to pull him down from the altar.

Too handsome! Fu Xin couldn’t help but mutter in her heart. He was indeed the man she had taken a fancy to. Not only was he extremely handsome, but he also had an outstanding temperament.

But… What was Jiang Yi trying to do by seducing her here? There must be a motive for the uniform temptation. After being with him for so long, she more or less understood his temper.

Jiang Yi was still wiping his sword, as if he was unmoved by Fu Xin’s beauty. Could it be that he wanted her to take the initiative?

With this thought in mind, Fu Xin pressed his hand that was wiping the sword and paused. “Island Master, I’m here to return the horse. The director said that there’s a reward for returning the horse.. Now that I’ve returned the horse, hurry up and give me the reward!”

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