Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 2352: 2352

Chapter 2352: Mission 32

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Witnessing the cold demeanor on Gu Chaoyan’s face, the other party eventually abandoned their grudge.

In a short span, the Imperial Study had been meticulously restored to its original state, erasing any traces of the previous altercation. It was as though nothing untoward had transpired in the Imperial Study.

The Emperor of Jinwei Land was evidently unfazed.

In the presence of the Emperor at the Imperial Study, Gu Chaoyan had not held back, and he was now back at the same location.

Observing Gu Chaoyan’s arrival, the Emperor of Jinwei Land appeared in high spirits. “Lady Xu, greetings. I have a matter to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” Gu Chaoyan inquired, her expression tinged with curiosity as she calmly took a sip of tea.

“It’s like this. Today, in Baizhou Land, they are hosting a grand palace banquet. Jinwei Land needs to send representatives to attend the event. Besides Jinwei Land’s princes, they also require envoys. Traditionally, they would select suitable ministers to serve as envoys. However, now that women have been granted the ability to cultivate, the responsibility falls primarily on you. Logically, your pagoda should also nominate individuals to journey to Baizhou Land. Thus, I’ve come to discuss this matter with you. Of course…”

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“It’s entirely your choice if you are disinclined,” the Emperor of Jinwei Land stated with a smile, making it difficult to discern whether he favored the idea of the pagoda sending representatives or not.

Baizhou Land.

‘The envoy.’

Gu Chaoyan swiftly recollected the mission assigned to her by the chaotic spacetime. It was rather convenient that she could make her way to Baizhou Land as part of her journey.

In retrospect, it seemed that the chaotic spacetime often tasked her with missions as if it possessed foreknowledge of future events and prompted her to make choices in advance.

As for her, she had been diligently tracking the unfolding events to fulfill her mission.

Up to this point, Gu Chaoyan still found the missions in the chaotic spacetime to be rather extraordinary.

“Yes, certainly,” Gu Chaoyan assented.

The Emperor of Jinwei Land maintained his smile.

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It was apparent that he wished for her to accept the mission.

Naturally, the Emperor of Jinwei Land harbored a desire for her to participate.

What sort of place was Baizhou Land?

It was a nation that held deep-seated prejudice against women.

Xu Xunnan had found himself in a challenging situation, even if he presently agreed to the situation. He remained disgruntled and saw an opportunity to use the situation in Baizhou Land to teach an ignorant girl a lesson. In doing so, he could derive some satisfaction.

The smile on the Emperor of Jinwei Land’s face appeared to signify his delight in seeing Xu Xunnan face difficulties.

He was the emperor, and it was the first time he had been confronted with a threat. How could he readily accept Xu Xunnan?

Observing the Emperor of Jinwei Land, Gu Chaoyan chose not to dispute this matter. She had her own mission in Baizhou Land, one that would bring her substantial benefits.

Upon her return, she intended to address her grievances with the Emperor of Jinwei Land.

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Outwardly, both the Emperor of Jinwei Land and Gu Chaoyan displayed smiles, but beneath the surface, their intentions were far from benign.

After ascertaining the precise timing for her departure to Baizhou Land, Gu Chaoyan exited the court.

She returned to the pagoda to arrange the rest.

The nanny, upon spotting her, inquired with concern, “Has something occurred?”

“No, I simply wish to discuss something with you regarding Baizhou Land, and I intend to journey there myself,” Gu Chaoyan explained.

“Baizhou Land?” The nanny immediately furrowed her brow. “No, you mustn’t go. Baizhou Land is a place that harbors a deep animosity towards women. If you venture there, you’re likely to face hardship. You cannot rely on those individuals from the palace to safeguard you.”

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