Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 2353: 2353

Chapter 2353: Mission 33

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“Due to your cultivation, the emperor and those men are sure to harbor animosity towards you. I’m afraid they eagerly anticipate any mishaps befalling you in Baizhou Land,” the nanny expressed her disapproval, her eyes reflecting deep concern.

Gu Chaoyan had been well aware of this when she accepted the mission within the turbulent spacetime.

In fact, it was precisely because of this awareness that she embraced her mission.

The nanny’s words stemmed from genuine concern for her.

Nevertheless, she had to venture into Baizhou Land.

“Nanny, in Baizhou Land, no one can intimidate me with my current level of cultivation. If I want these girls to have protection, I cannot yield to fear. I must stand up for them. If I shrink from every challenge, these girls will never be able to cultivate properly,” Gu Chaoyan asserted firmly while locking eyes with the nanny.

Initially, the nanny had vehemently objected to this idea.

However, her retort led to a heavy silence.

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After all the time they had spent together, the nanny had come to regard Gu Chaoyan as part of her own family. She always dreaded the possibility of Gu Chaoyan facing mistreatment or hardship.


From the very beginning, everything they had undertaken required a willingness to fight.

Someone had to step forward and lead the way in these matters.

Xu Xunnan had always been at the forefront, so certain situations couldn’t be avoided.

The nanny no longer opposed this decision.

Yet, her worry remained.

After a brief pause, the nanny suggested, “You may go, but you should not go alone. I’ll gather a few girls with strong cultivation skills to accompany you and provide protection.”

Gu Chaoyan found herself inclined to decline the offer subconsciously.

However, when she looked at it from the nanny’s perspective, she refrained from refusing.

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The nanny was overly concerned about the situation. If Gu Chaoyan were to stay behind, the nanny would undoubtedly fret daily.

Allowing them to accompany her had its merits. It would grant them a chance to explore, assist her, and not be consumed by worry during her absence.

After contemplating this, Gu Chaoyan finally nodded. “Very well, I will approach some individuals and ask if they are willing to come along. If they decline, we’ll forget about it.”

The nanny remained silent for a moment.

“In addition, Nanny, there’s one more matter I need to discuss beforehand,” Gu Chaoyan continued, “Upon my return from Baizhou Land, I have other commitments that will require me to leave for an extended period. I will entrust the pagoda to you during my absence.”

The nanny was still silent.

“You should prepare yourself mentally,” Gu Chaoyan advised.

Originally, she hadn’t intended to go into such detail. Yet, in light of the nanny’s concern and her reliance on her, Gu Chaoyan wished to ensure that the nanny was mentally prepared so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard.

The nanny replied, “Don’t worry, Lady Xu. I will manage the pagoda and eagerly await your return.”

Gu Chaoyan was somewhat taken aback by the nanny’s response.

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Then, it struck her.

The nanny genuinely considered her part of her own family.

She would worry in the face of adversity but was overjoyed by the prospect of positive developments.

The departure for Baizhou Land was scheduled for three days hence.

Gu Chaoyan set off with Jinwei Land’s team, along with the nanny and ten girls.

This marked the maiden voyage of Jinwei Land’s women to Baizhou Land in an envoy capacity.

It was evident that a number of the accompanying soldiers harbored visible discontent and were disapproving of the presence of these women.

On their journey, they encountered numerous individuals who wore stern expressions and treated them with hostility.

Yet, the women paid no heed to these reactions.

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