Chapter 276: Chapter 274: I want to call off the marriage, no one can stop me! (Third update)

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Yin Family’s villa.

Yin Qin spoke to his mother with intense anger.

His mother was practicing yoga in the living room after breakfast when she saw her son return with a girl.

“Is my dad at work?”

“It turns out he didn’t go today, he’s in the room,” Qin Qin replied.

“Mrs. Wu, could you go upstairs and ask my dad to come down?” Yin Qin coldly ordered the housemaid.

Mrs. Wu agreed nervously and was about to go up.

Just then, Yin Bin’s voice came from upstairs, “No need to call, I was just about to find you!”

“Fine,” Yin Qin said fiercely, “Let’s make things clear today.”

Yin Bin, stern-faced, came down from the second floor.

Qin Qin didn’t feel like doing yoga anymore, she got up from the floor, poured herself a glass of water, and just watched coldly!

“What’s going on with the news!” Yin Qin asked vehemently.

Yin Bin clearly knew what Yin Qin meant by “the news”, he responded frankly, “It has nothing to do with me!”

“How could it not! If not you, who else would dare to leak this news!”

“I said it wasn’t me!” Yin Bin was so furious, he was like a volcano about to erupt, and his voice was so loud that the entire villa shook.

Qin Qin frowned a little.

Yin Bin said, “Why would I do that when I’ve already agreed to you?!”

“Why? Aren’t you businessmen the most cunning? Now everyone questions your son Yin Qin for being unbridled and seeking pleasure everywhere. I guess the Ji Family would regret their match any day now. Isn’t it normal for you to do this for your face?”

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“Slap!” Yin Bin slapped Yin Qin hard across the face.

Yin Qin looked terrible, he stared straight at his father without avoiding it.

He said, “I would rather you kill me than see you do such a despicable and lying thing!”

“Yes! I did it! I did it! What can you do about it?” Yin Bin was angry, he didn’t want to explain anymore, “The Ji family should have approached us to apologise for your affair with Ji Baixin. Why do I have to apologize for you and face everyone’s questioning as if I didn’t educate you well!”

“Did you educate me?” Yin Qin sneered, “In your eyes, isn’t everything about your business! I now regret having only one son like me. Why didn’t you have several more? By doing so, you wouldn’t be bringing me down, and I wouldn’t be ruining your family’s industry.”

“Yin Qin!” Yin Bin was so angry that his body was shaking.

He raised his hand again to slap him.

Yin Qin didn’t avoid it, stood tall and confronted Yin Bin, “You better kill me, or else your family will be ruined in my hands sooner or later!”

Having said that, he was about to leave with Luo Xiaolang.

“Stay right there!” Yin Bin shouted loudly.

Yin Qin stopped, suddenly turned around and said, “This is Luo Xiaolang, she has no background, she is just an ordinary citizen, and an orphan! I will only marry such women in the future. I won’t touch those women who are involved in financial gains!”

In other words, don’t even think about gaining any benefits through me!

Yin Bin watched as his son left, he was so mad that he could explode, he picked up the tea set on the coffee table and threw it on the floor. The maids were so scared they didn’t dare to make a sound.

Qin Qin just watched indifferently.

She never got involved in any family disputes, so she just held her water cup and went upstairs with indifferent eyes.

Seeing Qin Qin’s indifference made Yin Bin even more angry.

For so many years, how could he stand being in this family where he’s not welcomed at all, for so many years!

Yin Qin returned to his car.

Luo Xiaolang watched as Yin Qin leaned on the steering wheel, he was full of energy just now.

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But now, he seemed to have lost all of his fire, and didn’t lift his head.

Luo Xiaolang didn’t know why Yin Qin had such a big fight with his father today.

She didn’t understand what had happened.

But she guessed it might be something Yin Qin couldn’t accept at all, or else he wouldn’t have broken down like this.

In the quiet car.

Yin Qin’s phone suddenly rang.

It seemed like Yin Qin had kept his cool for several seconds, only to raise his head, pick up his mobile phone, and at that moment, he looked at the incoming call, he seemed to go stiff.

He just stared at the mobile phone, motionless, looking at the telephone number on the phone.

Luo Xiaolang wrinkled her brow.

She didn’t know why Yin Qin suddenly looked like this.

He looked very uncomfortable, as if he carried some despair along, it was hard to describe.

Just as Luo Xiaolang thought that Yin Qin might not answer the call, he did. “Ji Baixin.”

It was Ji Baixin.

Luo Xiaolang had guessed right at that moment.

She had a feeling that it was Ji Baixin who had called.

Yin Qin had always treated Ji Baixin differently from everyone else.

“Yin Qin, is this amusing?” came the cold voice of Ji Baixin from the other end.

Yin Qin’s lips tightened.

“Are you trying to drag me down with you?” Ji Baixin mocked, “Is it because you’ve been exposed, so you insist on dragging me down with you?”

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Yin Qin clutched his phone, trembling with suppressed rage.

Ji Baixin said, “So be it. Let’s clear things up today. I’m waiting for you at home. Come over!”

With that, the call was abruptly ended.

Yin Qin hurled his phone onto the dashboard with a swift motion.

Luo Xiaolang glanced at him but said nothing.

After a while.

Yin Qin abruptly flung open the car door again.

Luo Xiaolang had no idea what Yin Qin was planning to do.

Oozing with anger, Yin Qin once again walked into his mansion. Yin Bin was sitting on the sofa, fuming with rage. Upon seeing Yin Qin return, his anger flared up even more.

“To the Ji Family Mansion, to discuss the broken engagement!” Yin Qin threw out a sentence, “Take my mother with us!”

Having said that, he swiftly left again.

Yin Qin plopped back into the car.

Luo Xiaolang simply stared at him, watching as he furiously revved the car engine and sped off.

The car raced wildly down the road.

Several times, Luo Xiaolang wanted to ask to get out of the car, but seeing Yin Qin’s dark expression, she said nothing in the end.

This time, Yin Qin seemed different from his usual self.

She had always been the type to avoid causing trouble for others.

The car pulled up quickly in front of the Ji Family Mansion.

Yin Qin didn’t leave the car, seemingly waiting for someone.

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After a long while.

A black car finally pulled up behind Yin Qin’s sedan.

Yin Bin and Qin Qin emerged from the car.

Yin Qin watched his parents appear through the rearview mirror. As he unbuckled his seatbelt, he said to Luo Xiaolang, “Come along with me.”

Luo Xiaolang didn’t resist.

It seemed like she had grown accustomed to Yin Qin’s arrangements.

Yin Bin looked at Luo Xiaolang following behind Yin Qin and held back his anger.

Yin family, along with Luo Xiaolang, entered the Ji Family Hall together.

The atmosphere at the Ji Family hall was tense. Ji Yunlei sat on the sofa with Zhang Qingmei nervously sitting beside him. Ji Bai heart, looking somewhat pale, sat on the farthest sofa with Ji Baili sitting next to her.

The arrival of the Yin family did not alleviate the atmosphere at all. What was initially “in-law” relations, had turned into something akin to a feud due to the two sons’ actions, leaving no one interested in breaking the silence.

After a while, Yin Qin was the one who broke the silence. “We are here today to discuss the cancelled engagement. I believe you all have seen the news. I have someone I like, and Ji Baixin has someone she likes. As the saying goes, what is forced will not be sweet. So, our engagement should be concluded once and for all!”

Ji Yunlei’s face darkened considerably, glaring at Ji Baixin.

Ji Baixin did not say a word.

Zhang Qingmei quickly intervened, “Xiaoqin, don’t be impulsive. Auntie knows that you’ve liked Baixin since you were little, and I also know that boys sometimes revel in their youth. In fact, I know that you like Baixin. As for her, the news about her is fabricated, how could she still be involved with that person… that person left the country long ago…”

She even forced a trembling smile.

However, no one acknowledged her.

Zhang Qingmei turned anxiously to Qin Qin, “Qin Qin, you agree, right? Sometimes, a little quarrel among the children is not a big deal. Both sides have had damaging news stories break out, true or false, if the two kids are willing to apologize to each other, we should let it go, and the wedding should continue as planned. Just think about it, across the whole of Yanshang Country, which two families are as evenly matched as ours?”

So, the Ji Family didn’t want to terminate the engagement.

At that moment, Yin Qin saw Ji Baixin getting flustered and about to speak out.

Yin Qin decisively interrupted loudly, “I love Luo Xiaolang! I don’t love Ji Baixin anymore! I want to break off the engagement, and nobody can stop me!”

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