My Rich Wife

Chapter 2822: 2822

Chapter 2822: Heavenly Evil Thought

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“Boss Qin Yu, are you alright?”

Fatty Situ asked nervously.

Qin Yu shook his head. He pressed down on the wound on his chest.

In the terrifying wound, the damaged internal organs grew fine and soft tentacles.

Qin Yu could feel that his body seemed to have turned into a mollusk with strong recovery power. The terrifying injuries immediately recovered as the tentacles combined.

Some of the parts that were completely shattered began to slowly grow back.

In the blink of an eye, the severely injured body had recovered.

This was an extremely profound experience.

When Qin Yu’s body turned into a Creepy previously, his divine soul was completely in the Investiture of Gods’ space. This meant that he was almost a living dead.

He could not feel the process of recovery at all. However, the feeling he had now was somewhat unbelievable.

His body seemed to have transformed into another species.

The terrifying power of rebirth would leave him unscathed whenever he was injured.

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However, Qin Yu felt a strong sense of weakness after he recovered. In the next moment, it was as if an invisible force from the void was injected into his body. He recovered his previous vigor instantly.

Qin Yu was a little stunned. He did not know what had happened just now.

The feeling of weakness that he had felt earlier disappeared instantly. Was that the power of life that was transmitted over?

Qin Yu secretly guessed.

The fatty beside Qin Yu suddenly poked him with his hand. Only then did Qin Yu come back to his senses.

The pair of calm eyes in front of him had been fixed on him.

It was Jiang Shengling!

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Could this person have seen through something?

Facing this unfathomable scholar, Qin Yu did not dare to underestimate him in the slightest.

Qin Yu felt that this person’s peak power was stronger than Meng Jing’s.

If he had been discovered and the matter of the Investiture of Gods had been leaked, Qin Yu would probably have no way out of the Dao Mystical Kingdom now.

Fortunately, Jiang Shengling quickly averted his gaze and sat cross-legged to read again.

Qin Yu was a little nervous but he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Jiang Shengling was no longer paying attention to him.

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As they entered the second half of the game, the living beings that appeared here began to become fierce.

This included the netherworld barbarian race that Qin Yu had encountered previously, as well as some other living beings that were incomparably ferocious.

There were living beings from both the monster race and the demon race. Some of them seemed to be the descendants of the two races.

After a few consecutive battles, this team had already lost ten people.

There were only 70 people left in the team. Ten peak power top-notch martial artists were lost!

Moreover, there was a group of people who also had serious injuries.

“There’s something wrong with these magical beasts!”

Qin Yu was a little puzzled.

“I sensed it too. I remember that our Situ family had entered this route hundreds of years ago, but the magical beasts did not awaken their peak power. Not only did the magical beasts we encountered along the way have strong bodies, but a few have even awakened their peak power! This is a little exaggerated!”

Fatty Situ also felt that it was a little exaggerated.

One had to know that the physical talent of humans, monsters, and demons could not be compared at all.

The advantage of humans lay in their understanding of the Path of Heaven, while the monster race, demon race, and other races relied more on their physical strength and innate divine powers.

It was rare for demons and monsters to awaken their peak power even in the Saint World.

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If such an expert appeared, they would be protected and cultivated as future leaders.

However, they had already seen two magical beasts with peak power.

“The strength of the alien races seems to have increased a little too much.”

Fatty Situ concluded.

“Could it be that this is also related to the changes in the Heavenly Path Sea? The Path of Heaven of the human race declined when we were in the lower realm. The suppression power of the human world on various dimensions decreased, causing foreign races to invade the human world. It seems that the Saint World is also affected now.”

Qin Yu sighed. He had always been active in places controlled by the human race. Hence, he had not noticed it yet.

However, following Fatty’s detailed explanation, Qin Yu also realized this place was the same.

“That’s right. The power of the Path of Heaven makes it easier for the alien races to comprehend the peak power. On the contrary, the connection between the human race and the Path of Heaven is weakening. Fewer and fewer people have awakened the peak power recently. Moreover, the humans in this Saint World are filled with evil thoughts. It’s a powerful evil thought that targets the human race.”

The person who spoke was Jiang Shengling. Vice Captain Leng Yuanxun was a little stunned. He rarely saw Jiang Shengling take the initiative to speak.

He subconsciously glanced at Qin Yu and Fatty Situ, wanting to see what was so special about them.

“If you ask me, your words are a little exaggerated. If that was the case, why is no one realizing it by now?”

Fatty Situ immediately retorted.

He had never heard of this in the Situ family’s intelligence.

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Furthermore, Jiang Shengling said the Path of Heaven’s evil thoughts had descended on the human race. Then how could no one have discovered that? Although the human race had declined, the race still occupied one-third of the 18 Saints.

Jiang Shengling shook his head and sighed.

“Are you saying the evil thoughts of the Path of Heaven you mentioned will bring about a change in some people’s human nature? For example, Zi Yang, Chen Zhisha, and so on?”

After Qin Yu said that, Jiang Shengling’s eyes flashed sharply.

“It’s a pity that my righteousness qi is transformed from the human race’s power of reading. It’s the power of justice that belongs to the race. Therefore, I can feel the dark power that wanders among the race. It’s a pity that few people in this world can see it.”

Qin Yu laughed bitterly and thought, ‘The next sentence should be about the person who could see had low strength’.

“I’ve always wanted to find the source of that evil thought, so I’ve been on this voyage. Unfortunately, I’ve never found it. It’s too fast and difficult for me to keep up with its pace.”

Jiang Shengling slowly stood up.

The beast tide in front of him began to gather.

The world suddenly lit up and the tsunami-like power rushed out.

The hundreds of powerful demonic beasts in front of the ancient ship were blasted into nothingness.

“Is this the strength of the captain? At least five of the hundreds of magical beasts just now had awakened their peak power, but none were a match for him!”

One of the cultivators was dumbfounded by this attack. He stood at the side and couldn’t even close his mouth. This was also the first time he had seen Jiang Shengling attack.

This exaggerated strength made him freeze on the spot.

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