Chapter 263: Chapter 243: Mysterious Smoke Rises

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“The Law of Heavenly Fiend, The Law of Vast Sea.”

“If I continue to condense it like this, I fear that it won’t take long for me to form a Gold Core using these two laws.”

There was a touch of joy in Li Fan’s heart.

However, the moment this thought formed in his mind, a sense of crisis suddenly surged in his heart.

It was similar to when he faced the inscrutable Celestial Doctor.

The severity of the crisis made his heart palpitate with fear, his horror inexplicable.


Li Fan’s deep cultivation process was abruptly interrupted.

His face was extremely solemn, he had secretly puzzled himself.

“This premonition… where does the danger come from?” Li Fan was very confident in his sense of danger.

It had saved him from dangers on several occasions.

Therefore, facing this sudden sensation of danger, Li Fan had to take it seriously.

[Real] kept changing, merely maintaining the newly formed Heavenly Fiend and Vast Sea laws from completely dispersing.

Stopping the Gold Core forming process, Li Fan began to contemplate.

However, despite turning it over and over in his mind, and searched for a long time.

He still couldn’t find the reason.

Without risking to forcibly attempt forming the Gold Core, Li Fan decided to instead consider solutions.

“Heavenly Fiend, Vast Sea, cannot purely use these two to form the Gold Core.” “Although I am not clear why, there must be deep reasons behind it.”

“I might as well not bother why this result occurred, instead, treat [cannot purely use Heavenly Fiend, Vast Sea laws to form the Gold Core] as an established fact.”

“If you can’t use two, just use three…”

The Blue Flame Spirit suddenly appeared from his consciousness.

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Rushing to Li Fan’s front, putting a finger on the Dantian.

The Blue Flame Technique slowly integrated into the Gold Core forming process.

As time went on, Heavenly Fiend, Vast Sea, Blue Flame laws, the three gradually formed a tripartite balance.

The Gold Core gradually stabilized.

At this point, Li Fan had the thought of completing the Gold Core formation.

The sense of danger came again.

However, this time it was much milder than before.

“It seems that my approach is effective.”

“But what is the reason?”

“Are the Heavenly Fiend and Vast Sea laws toxic, needing dilution?”

Thinking back on the weirdness of the Law of the Vast Sea and how Heavenly Fiend was trapped by the Green Wind.

Li Fan could only make such a guess.

“If my guess is correct, then I just have to increase other laws during the Gold Core forming process.”

“With my current ability, maintaining four laws forming the Gold Core together is already my limit.” “The choice for the remaining law, there is…”

“Green Wind, Crimson Flame…”

Li Fan silently shook his head.

Both of them, one is a prison head, the other is a furnace worker.

Neither of them, in strength or rank, Li Fan felt, were on the same level as

Heavenly Fiend and Vast Sea.

As for Blue Flame, although it is weaker.

But its ability to maintain absolute rationality is the reason why Li Fan prioritized it.

“Now it’s locked in the 16th year.”

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“This life, Crimson Flame comes to life, MO Sha extinguishes everything, it should still be locked in the 28th year.”

“But with just a gap of 12 years, I can wait.”

Li Fan pondered, resisting the temptation to ascend, temporarily gave up on forming the Gold Core.

The Power of Principle that had finally condensed in the Dantian slowly dissipated.

Li Fan didn’t feel the slightest reluctance.

The terrifying power of MO Sha, which could extinguish everything, no cultivator could resist.

Even if it is just a weakened version of Gold Core, it must be extremely terrifying.

Waiting for 12 years for this, it’s totally worth it.

“The day MO Sha destroys Misthaven is the day I achieve the Gold Core.”

“However, during this time, I cannot advance my cultivation.”

“The feedback cultivation from the Mountain Sitting Technique will be wasted.”

“It’s a foregone conclusion that Su Xiaomei and Zhang Haobo will break through to the Foundation Establishment stage.”

“The major cultivation feedback from Ye Feipeng’s Unity-Path might follow…”

“Hiss, nope.”

Li Fan felt a sudden heartache, as if he saw countless grains being wasted in front of his eyes.

“I must find a way to preserve this excess cultivation.”

He was about to search for a solution in the TianXuan mirror.

A prompt sounded abruptly, its tone radically different from usual, full of deadly seriousness.

“Effective immediately, the Immortal Alliance has entered Class-B battle readiness.’

“All state domains, start the Protective Array.”

“All cultivators are not allowed to cross states.”

“All members of the alliance internally should return to their state cities as soon as possible and wait for instructions.”

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“Any foreign cultivators discovered will be executed on the spot without consideration for life or death.”

Li Fan’s eyelid twitched as he abruptly stood up.

“What’s going on?”

“Why suddenly enter battle readiness?


“Have they already started fighting with the Five Elders Organization?”

In an instant, several thoughts flashed across his mind.

This sudden event was completely unexpected to him.

He didn’t know what had thrown a wrench into things, causing an event of such magnitude to occur unexpectedly.

Soon, suppressing his distractions, Li Fan began to seek information from his friends.

At the moment he had extensive friendships and a rich network of contacts.

He sent out one inquiry after another.

“Hmm? How is this star…

Within the Communication Talisman’s content, represented by numerous stars reflecting the identities of different cultivators,

One was bright, but exhibited a dull and silent ash-gray color.

This indicated, the cultivator had perished.

Li Fan clicked on this star, and the identity of the fallen cultivator instantly popped into his mind. “Misthaven Ocean, Celestial Doctor Chen Ying.”

Li Fan was shocked.

“Why? Why would a Nascent Soul Monk like him perish so easily?” “Moreover, wasn’t he going to the Five Elements Cave Heaven…”

“Wait, could the current conflict have something to do with the Five Elements Cave Heaven?”

In a split second, Li Fan seemed to have realized something.

In the twelfth reincarnation, the Immortal Alliance discovered four other hidden cave heavens near the Wood-Attribute Cave Heaven over the course of sixteen years.

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The five cave heavens each belonged to Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth attributes.

They formed an indiscreetly aligned pattern, as if integral to each other.

The discovery of the Five Elements Cave Heaven attracted the covetous attention from the Five Elders Organization.

A battle broke out between the two parties, with the Immortal Alliance losing one God Transformation Expert.

The casualties of the Five Elders Organization were unknown, though they were successfully repelled.

“If my guess is correct…”

In a split second, Li Fan guessed the cause of the event.

In the twelfth reincarnation, the Five Elders Organization only knew that the Immortal Alliance had discovered a Five Elements Cave Heaven.

They probably had no idea about the specific situation within the Cave Heaven.

After a failed attempt, they gave up and withdrew.

However, this reincarnation, due to the turbulence caused by the Spirit Mist Grass, the TianXuan mirror had to intervene to stabilize the situation.

Although its words ended the turmoil, it also exposed the situation of the Wood-Attribute Cave Heaven.

“The Cave Heaven is enormous, with high concentrations of Wood-Attribute

Spiritual Energy and a great abundance of various spiritual plants and herbs…”

Li Fan recalled the TianXuan mirror’s phrasing, and his expression started to change.

Three times the use of ‘extreme’ fully emphasized the extraordinariness and rarity of the Cave Heaven.

If the Five Elements Cave Heaven’s Wood-Attribute Cave Heaven possessed such value,

it was hard to imagine what treasures the remaining four attribute cave heavens contained.

After connecting the dots, Li Fan comprehended the situation.

“No wonder they suddenly entered a state of battle readiness.” “It must be that the Five Elders Organization has made a decisive move..”

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