Chapter 264: Chapter 244 The Celestial Spirit State War

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“I wonder how the situation is goilu in the Great Five Elements Cave Heaven.” As far as Li Fan knew, the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals and the Five Elders Organization had not gone to war for about three hundred years.

Occasional frictions occurred between both parties, but they were mostly confined to single provinces.

Preparations for a full-scale war like this time are extremely rare.

Li Fan continued to ask his friends about the reason for the outbreak of the war, to see if his guess was correct.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the war information was highly classified, and all the responses Li Fan received were “not very clear”.

The cloud of war hung over everyone’s head.

The originally calm and relaxed atmosphere of the Ten Thousand Immortals Island has become desolate and stern.

A sense of unease was evident on everyone’s faces.

As an Array Repair Staff of the Array Strategy Hall, Li Fan also received his task assignment.

He was joined by the members of the Martial Arts Battle Hall to form a small team patrolling along the border of the Misthaven Ocean.

They were also tasked with setting up array techniques all the time, to stringently guard against spies from Five Elders Organization infiltrating.

The team led by Li Fan was led by a man named Shan Wu, a Middle Stage Golden Core Cultivator.

The team also included several Foundation Establishment Cultivators such as Huan Sui, who had jointly hunted the Red Exotic Beast before.

Not just one team, almost all available forces on the Ten Thousand Immortals Island had been mobilized, showing the importance given to this war by the officials of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Immortals.

As for Jiang Zhengji and Du Xingchang, it was heard that they were conscripted by the headquarters to go to the war front.

“When Jiang and Du cooperate, they can set up a Liuli World, which is comparable to an ordinary Nascent Soul Expert.”

“Array Master Zhang Zhiliang also seems to have been transferred to the front.”

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“Nascent Soul Cultivator serves as the main force of the war…” Li Fan silently mused in his heart.

The scale of this war seemed to be much larger than he had predicted.

“I don’t care about anything else, but I’m afraid that ‘Resurrected One’ Ye

Feipeng, if he finds that the situation is different from his memory…”

“Given that kid’s suspicious and cautious character, he might just give up his plan to assassinate the Crimson Flame.”

“Wouldn’t my calculations in this life be in vain?

With a thought, the scene shifted to chubby Ye Feipeng.

To Li Fan’s slight relief, the Misthaven Ocean was vast.

Due to Ye Feipeng’s previous strategy of avoiding the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals, he was completely ignorant of the ongoing war in the Immortal Cultivation World.

“I hope the war ends soon, so that it doesn’t spread to the Misthaven Ocean.”

As the so-called saying goes, ‘the divine cannot overcome fate’, Li Fan, despite being reincarnated multiple times, was helpless in the face of this variable.

It must be said that the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals has a strong grip on the grassroots.

The secrecy work of the war was carried out to the extreme.

On the surface, the Misthaven Ocean seemed only a bit tense, completely devoid of the smell of war.

If it wasn’t for the continuous rise in his merit level reminding him in the wartime state.

Li Fan would not have noticed at all that a shocking war was taking place in some distant unknown area.

Time passed slowly.

Several months had passed, and the anchor that was sixteen years is about to end.

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During this time, besides occasionally repelling a few minor enemies from the Five Elders Organization.

The war, as Li Fan wished, did not affect the Misthaven Ocean much.

And in the process of continuously completing wartime merit tasks, Li Fan’s authority level also increased to eighteen.

One day, finally, the notification from the Tianxuan Mirror came.

The dust from the war was settled, and the war preparations that lasted for more than eight months were lifted.

As for the results of the war, obviously, the Alliance of Ten Thousand Immortals won.

After the intel embargo was lifted, Li Fan finally got a rough understanding of the cause and effect of the war from the enthusiastic discussion and replay among the cultivators.

Nine months ago.

A group of cultivators from the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals, who were assigned to develop the Wood Attribute Cave Heaven, discovered during their research that the Wood Attribute Spiritual Energy in this Cave Heaven was not like typically found in most Cave Heavens – it didn’t require a longer period to recover naturally after being consumed.

Instead, it continually replenished from an unknown source, never ceasing.

It was as if it would never be fully depleted. After a large number of spiritual plants consumed a massive amount of spiritual energy, it would be naturally replenished immediately.

This discovery thrilled the cultivators.

Because the Spiritual Energy was clearly not spontaneously generated by the Wood Attribute Cave Heaven, nor did it come from the outer Xuanhuang World.

After analysis, the cultivators concluded that this Wood Attribute Cave Heaven belonged to the extremely rare type of Compound Cave Heaven.

And the rapidly generated Spiritual Energy was replenished from other Cave Heavens.

Through a somewhat convoluted search, the Alliance of Thousands of

Immortals team eventually discovered the complete form of the [Great Five

Elements Cave Heaven]

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This was a major achievement!

Besides their wild joy, the exploration team unavoidably became increasingly worried.

Because the location where the Five Elements Cave Heaven was found, was awkwardly situated.

It was located in the Heavenly Spirit State, bordering the territory of the Five Elders Organization.

Having such a treasure stationed on the front line made people feel uneasy.

So, the exploration team sent a message to the Alliance’s headquarters.

They explained the situation and hoped that the headquarters could send reinforcements to move the Five Elements Cave Heaven back to their hinterland, near Tianyu Province.

Who would have thought that the reinforcements from the headquarters had yet to arrive, when people from the Five Elders Organization arrived first.

News somehow leaked out.

The sudden attack by the Five Elders Organization caught them off guard.

The entire exploration team in the Wood Attribute Cave Heaven was wiped out.

According to the last message they sent out before they died, among the Five Elders Organization’s raiding cultivators, there were even three Unity Path Experts.

Having people sneak into their territory was bad enough.

But they were openly slaughtered by the Five Elders Organization in broad daylight, who also killed many Alliance members and stole rare Cave Heaven resources.

It was an absolute humiliation!

The Alliance’s headquarters immediately decided to go into a Level 2 state of combat readiness. They first mobilised eight Integration cultivators and several God Transforming cultivators to chase after the petty tricks of the Five Elders Organization.

The goal was to retrieve the Five Elements Cave Heaven at all costs.

They then ordered each state to be on high alert, preventing the Five Elders Organization from launching a feint elsewhere.

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Moving the Cave Heaven was not an easy task.

Even for Unity Path Experts.

When the eight Integration cultivators caught up with the sneaking members of the Five Elders Organization, just as they were about to take action.

They suddenly realised that the opponent had indeed been planning this for a long time.

In addition to the three Unity Path Experts who launched the surprise attack, there were also five Unity Path cultivators lying in ambush.

It was eight against eight.

A battle immediately erupted.

The process and outcome of the battle remain unknown.

All that is known is that after this battle, the Five Elements Cave Heaven remained in its original location.

Both the Alliance of Thousands of Immortals and the Five Elders recalled all their surviving Unity Path Expert cultivators in a tacit agreement.

Then, a war mainly involving cultivators up to God Transformation and below, revolving around the Five Elements Cave Heaven commenced.

The war endured for nearly eight months.

Countless cultivators fell.

The sky was filled with anomalies from dawn to dusk, and did not halt for a moment.

Finally, when both sides had taken significant hits.

The war mysteriously came to a halt.

The Alliance claimed internally that they had won the war.

Because the Five Elements Cave Heaven was indeed subsequently relocated to their hinterland, Tianyu Province..

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