Chapter 265: Chapter 245: Dingyu Meets with Complications

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As for the truth of the war, it was beyond what Li Fan could currently comprehend.

The overhanging cloud of gloom gradually dissipated when the drafted cultivators returned to their hometowns.

The war, which had lasted more than eight months, seemed like an illusory dream that had never happened.

Only when recalling those forever lost cultivator friends, could one faintly remember the atrocious war.

Naturally, Li Fan also had acquaintances who fell in the war.

Not to mention Chen Ying from the Medical Hall who died early during the Five Elders Organization’s sneak attack.

In the Misthaven Sea Martial Arts Hall, Jiang Zhengji and Du Xingchang both met their ends.

The Array Strategy Hall also suffered heavy losses.

Three people were drafted.

Gong Boyu and another Nascent Soul Array Master named Mu Bowen couldn’t escape the cataclysmic battle involving a God Transformation Expert.

Only Zhang Zhiliang survived.

As for the other cultivators who had held various positions on Ten Thousand Immortals Island and had briefly met Li Fan before the war, their number is uncountable.

The brutality of the Celestial Spirit State War could be seen from these examples.

Fortunately, what this world never lacked were cultivators who would persevere till death.

With a notice from the TianXuan mirror, everyone quickly left behind the war and the death it had brought.

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Within three years, every cultivator could purchase a technique at the original price with a 30% discount.

Each person was limited to one purchase, with no transfers allowed.

When the news came out, the cultivators, who had been slightly depressed, all regained their spirit and enthusiasm.

Those whose contribution levels were just a bit off, who could afford the techniques after the discount, were naturally the first to buy the earnestly desired techniques and began practicing with great joy.

Those who were still short of contributions, but could barely afford the techniques by striving for the three years, started to madly accept tasks and accumulate contribution points.

Lastly, there were those cultivators who had little hope left, with little contributions remaining and no chance even after three years of effort.

Some “lending” and “get rich overnight” methods became their lifelines.

As the most famous method of getting rich in Misthaven, the [Dingyu] linked with the end of the 16th year attracted several times more participating cultivators than usual.

The sky above the island was densely packed with spectators.

Li Fan was naturally among them.

He clearly remembered that this time’s target fish was a white pomfret.

Even though Li Fan’s contributions were sufficient, he wouldn’t miss any opportunity to grow his wealth.

He chose his target and placed his bet.

The twenty-seven-day observation period flashed past.

The day when the lake would erupt towards the sky and the grand prize would be born arrived quickly.

Most of the cultivators had bright red eyes and tense expressions, not daring to make a sound. They just stared fixedly at the countless fish in the lake below, all vying against each other.

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The final result surprised Li Fan.

This time’s leading fish was not the white pomfret Li Fan remembered.

Instead, it was a long spear fish, glowing with golden light and appearing very majestic.

“I won! I won!”

Among the alternate sighs and curses of the cultivators, an extremely excited holler stood out.

clothes. At this moment, however, he was incredibly excited, his face having turned completely red.

“Jackpot! I won! Jackpot!”

Fearing that others might not know, he was screaming frantically.

Ignoring the many fatal gazes, the young cultivator laughed uproariously, looking crazy.

“Damn, isn’t that Han Yi? I heard a few years ago some Foundation Establishment Master swindled him of his entire fortune, leaving him downright miserable. Who would have thought that his luck would finally take a turn and he’d hit the jackpot today!”

“What the hell kind of luck is this!”

“Why can’t such good fortune ever fall on me? I just lost hundreds of contribution points that I painstakingly saved up!”

“With so many people this time, and it’s a lump-sum prize. And it’s the end of the year, they want to empty out the usual prize pool…”

“Shit, the final reward is probably at least a million contribution points or more!”

Han Yi was looked at differently by the cultivators, who made a quick estimate.

Being the lucky winner, Han Yi, who was a little carried away, finally sensed something was amiss.

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With the increasing stares, he grew uneasy.

Fortunately, the rules of the “Tuna Game” were still in effect. Under broad daylight with all eyes on him, the security of the winner was guaranteed.

If murder for the prize happened easily, once the rules were broken, the number of cultivators playing the “Tuna Game” would certainly dwindle in the future.

Instead, they might as well take this opportunity to promote it widely to attract more cultivators to participate.

A desolate and impoverished Foundation Establishment Cultivator took a last-ditch effort, and completely turned his life around.

From then on, he embarked on the pinnacle of life, with the hopes of reaching Nascent Soul and God Transformation stages.

What kind of slogan could be more attractive than this living example?

The organizers of the “Tuna Game” quickly brought Han Yi into the center of the crowd after exchanging glances.

After some calculations, they transferred the massive reward of a total of one million five hundred and sixty thousand contribution points to Han Yi on the spot.

Upon receiving the reward, Han Yi lost his excitement.

He just looked somewhat dazed, as if he couldn’t believe all this was real, his face filled with bewilderment.

The greed in the eyes of the onlooking cultivators looked even more frightening.

For the safety of this lucky guy, the organizers of the “Tuna Game” decided to personally escort Han Yi back to Ten Thousand Immortals Island.

The cultivators, who had lost all their chips to Han Yi, followed reluctantly behind.

Soon, with everyone’s escorts, Han Yi left this sea area.

Only the Tuna Chieftain was left, quietly digesting the essence of the other participating fish.

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And Li Fan.

Watching the continuously strengthening Tuna Chieftain, Li Fan couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

“Why is the result of this world different from what I experienced?”

“Where does the variable lie?”

Li Fan, who missed the big prize, didn’t feel too upset.

Aside from the “Tuna Game”, he had many other methods to earn a lot of contribution points.

But the cause of the different results was what he was genuinely interested in.

“Logically speaking, except that more people participated, there should be nothing that could affect the result of the ‘Tuna Game’.”

Li Fan stood in place, thinking for a long time, but couldn’t come up with a convincing answer.

He simply used the Secret Technique of [Transmutation God One] to continuously replay the scene of the “Tuna Game” in his Spirit Consciousness.

Slowly, Li Fan began to see some clues.

Li Fan’s view that “there were no major variables” was from the perspective of a cultivator.

But from the perspective of the countless fish participating in the “Tuna Game”, variables were everywhere.

It could be water flow changes caused by an item casually discarded by a cultivator.

Or it could be a certain fish that changed its course of action due to being intimidated by a cultivator’s aura.

Because the fish were too weak and the cultivators too powerful.

The weak had no control over their fate, they could only go with the flow, subject to the so-called variables.

Li Fan seemed to have gained something..

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