Chapter 2045: The Impressive Boss Yan

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Lu Zijia deeply felt that her friends were born to jinx her! But she was helpless. After all, she was their master now.

In the end, Lu Zijia still compromised.


“Ah Yan, do you have any ideas?”

Lu Zijia frowned like a bun and asked the man next to her with a troubled look.

The expectant gazes of the Ice Flame of the Nether World and the Taiyi Pill Furnace that originally landed on Lu Zijia immediately turned to Mu Tianyan.

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Their burning gazes were like an X-ray.

However, Mu Tianyan was still as calm as before and wasn’t moved by the two burning gazes at all. “No, let’s take our time to think about it together. There’s no hurry.”

The Ice Flame of the Nether World and the Taiyi Pill Furnace really wanted to shout, “You’re notin a hurry, but we are!”

However, when they met Boss Yan’s deep eyes, the Ice Flame of the Nether World and the Taiyi Pill Furnace immediately cowered. They could only complain in their minds that their Boss Yan had too strong an aura.

So, the two of them and their seven companions rested on the spot.

However, in order to prevent any spiritual beasts from suddenly attacking, Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan immediately set up a few Earth-rank array formations.

Two days later.

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“Master, Master, the unparalleled master in the world, have you thought of a

Seeing that the Ice Flame of the Nether World was running around the lava mountain and still couldn’t find any traces of the lava crystal, the Taiyi Pill Furnace couldn’t help but repeat what it asked its master two hours ago.

Lu Zijia: ‘I …” What did Taiyi want to do? It had asked dozens of times these two days. She really wanted to slap this guy into a persimmon pancake!

Lu Zijia hid behind her Dao companion silently and pretended not to hear him.

Mu Tianyan, who was used as a shield: ‘

“Boss Yan, you’re handsome, confident, and imposing. Have you thought of a way?” Seeing that its master was ignoring it, the Taiyi Pill Furnace turned to Mu Tianyan aggrievedly.

Mu Tianyan:

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Lu Zijia: ‘I ! ! !” Why was it that she only had one “unparalleled master in the world”, but her Dao companion had two more compliments? Did this little bastard, Taiyi, still know who its master was?

At this moment, the Ice Flame of the Nether World suddenly roared in exasperation, “Ahhh!!! There’s nothing here or there. Where exactly is it?”

Lu Zijia was already used to the furious roars that came from the Ice Flame of the Nether World from time to time these two days, but she still couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

She thought to herself, I already said that its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Xiao You still said that I don’t have ambition. She’s simply too arrogant!

“Hahaha, Xiao You stayed on the lava mountain for too long. Did she melt herself?”

The golden pagoda, which had always been enemies with the Ice Flame of the Nether World, immediately gloated when it saw the furious look of the Ice Flame of the Nether World.

Lu Zijia glanced at it speechlessly. What nonsense was the golden pagoda thinking? Xiao You was an Alien Flame. How could she possibly be melted by ordinary flames?

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No matter how hot it was, it was impossible, alright?

Before Lu Zijia continued to complain about her friend’s way of thinking, she sensed something on the communication jade pendant the green-robed man gave her a few days ago.

After Lu Zijia teleported the approximate location to the other party, she ignored it.

“Found it?”

Mu Tianyan, who saw his wife’s actions, held her by his side and asked.

Lu Zijia nodded slightly. “Found it. That person indeed knows where to find the

Spiritual Silkworm.”

The person Lu Zijia was talking about was undoubtedly the green-robed male cultivator who was the representative a few days ago..

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