Outside Of Time

Chapter 1396: 1396

Chapter 1396: After Awakening (1)

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Five months later.

North of the Nanhuang Continent.

The scorching sun hung high in the sky, and golden rays pierced mercilessly down towards the Forbidden Sea like countless sharp swords.

Where the light passed, the Forbidden Sea seemed to ignite, forming tumultuous waves that surged upwards. The oppressive atmosphere left one breathless, yet it also conveyed the defiant spirit of this vast sea.

Especially with the strong sea wind sweeping in, it seemed as if it wanted to blow everything on the sea’s surface toward the boundless horizon.

The echoing roar of the waves, like the howls of countless sea beasts, formed a tremendous force that shook all beings.

It seemed as if everything would be buried in the vast and deep sea.

Anomalous substances rose with the waves, distorting the light and casting the world into a haze.

Compared to these, all existence within the Forbidden Sea seemed insignificant, like mere specks of dust.

Just like at this moment, on the boundless Forbidden Sea that seemed to be connected to the edge of the world, there was an inconspicuous lone boat.

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In the lone boat, Huang Yan lay there. Amidst the blurry world, amidst the anomalous substances and the intense waves, he patted his stomach and let out a long breath as he glanced at the bottom of the sea.

“What a spectacle.”

Huang Yan’s voice carried a note of emotion, nearly drowned out by the roar of the waves. At the same time, a massive vine, over ten feet thick, burst forth from the sea’s surface. It swept across the surroundings, radiating waves of excitement.

After that, it dove into the sea again, stirring up the undercurrents as it headed straight for the bottom of the sea.

In the depths of the Forbidden Sea, the world seemed to be smeared by black oil, covering all light and sealing off all heat, causing it to be pitch-black and cold.

Only the starlight emitted by the vine became the only source of light at the bottom of the sea.

As it rushed over, the seawater parted and the anomalous substances inside seemed to have become nutrients for the vine.

It eagerly devoured, moving faster and faster. Some ordinary sea beasts, sensing it from afar, trembled and quickly moved away to avoid it.

Hence, the vine’s path was unimpeded. As it got closer to the bottom of the sea, the starlight on its body also illuminated a portion of the bottom of the sea.

With the help of this starlight, one could see that at the bottom of the sea in this area, amidst the black sand, there was a deep pit.

It was so profound that even the starlight couldn’t illuminate it. It also emitted an inexplicable aura that gave off astonishing pressure.

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Sitting cross-legged above this sea pit was a person.

This person wore a long purple robe embroidered with dark patterns, his purple hair draped over his shoulders, untouched by the water of the Forbidden Sea, floating naturally. The purple attire further highlighted his handsome features.

His skin was as fair as jade, seemingly glowing faintly under the starlight.

His eyes were like deep lakes, bright and profound, as if they could see through one’s heart, making it hard for anyone to meet his gaze.

Especially striking was the heroic and wise aura his face emitted, with sharp features that commanded respect and admiration.

His entire person was like a dazzling star!

He was Xu Qing!

His expression was calm and there was no fluctuation in his eyes. He sat cross-legged above the sea pit and grabbed the vine.

One end of the vine extended outward, traversing the Forbidden Sea, now returning to encircle him, exuding a sense of familiarity.

As for the other end… it was deep into the sea cave and was struggling intensely.

Moments later, as Xu Qing pulled his hand, the end of the vine that had been deep within the sea pit suddenly retracted with a shrill howl. It floated in front of Xu Qing.

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There was actually a terrifying existence tied to it!

It was an old woman clad in a robe woven from countless fish bones, with numerous tentacles sprouting from her body.

Her face was deeply wrinkled and half-decayed, yet her golden eyes gleamed with terror, and her breath carried a thick, potent anomalous substance imbued with intense divinity.

From behind the old woman, amidst the swirling fishbone robe, extended a massive, crimson tongue covered with countless souls of the dead.

They were all wailing.

As for the tentacles covering her body, each one bore a golden eye, all of which were wide open, staring fearfully at Xu Qing.

However, many of them were now severed, and even the old woman’s flesh had deteriorated, rendering her incomplete.

The former intimidation that once emanated from her now lacked its previous power in front of Xu Qing. All that remained was trembling fear.

She was Binding!

Back then, she was one of the gods worshiped on Merfolk Island.

Although she was called a god, she was actually just a powerful divine creature.

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She neither had divine fire nor had a divine authority.

Right now, she was Xu Qing’s bait.

Xu Qing had tied her up with the Holy Heavenly Vine and used her as bait to… fish here.

“The divinity you emit isn’t enough.”

Xu Qing calmly spoke. With a swing of his hand, starlight flickered on the vine forming a restraining force, causing Binding’s screams to become even more ’ miserable. He then threw her into the sea pit again.

This time, the fluctuations from Binding were clearly stronger than before. The divinity she emitted was also extremely dense.

The effect also exceeded the past.

After about fifteen minutes, heavy breathing rang out from the pitch-black pit.

This sound was like heavenly lightning exploding in all directions, forming an undercurrent that swept out, stirring up the seawater in all directions.

At the next instant, amidst Binding’s wails, Xu Qing tugged the vine.

Immediately, the vine was straight and taut, as though a prey had bitten the hook. At that moment, it was resisting Xu Qing in terms of strength.

Xu Qing’s eyes flashed with coldness, and his right arm’s blood vessels bulged m an instant. The entire right arm seemed to take on a mercurial quality, coupled with a terrifying physical force, which erupted forth.

In the next moment, with a pull from Xu Qing, the vine came coiling back, dragging out from the depths of the sea pit a rotting lizard-like creature..

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