Outside Of Time

Chapter 1397: 1397

1397 After Awakening (2)

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It was a divine river dragon!

Its appearance was similar to that of a lizard but also different. It was more sinister and uglier, and its entire body emitted decay and death.

These divine creatures are rare in the Forbidden Sea and seldom appear in shallow waters; they usually lurk in the depths of the sea.

Only when they needed to feed did they emerge from the seabed, appearing on the surface to devour all living beings.

Therefore, every time a divine river dragon appeared, it would be a calamity for the forces on the island.

Hence, among the various races of the Forbidden Sea, they were known as the lizards of the underworld river.

This particular specimen was extraordinary; it stretched for a hundred thousand feet, its entire body shimmering with an eerie glow. Countless lost souls devoured by it manifested around its scales. While its terrifying aura filled the surroundings, its gaping maw clamped down fiercely on Binding’s body.

Despite Binding’s agonized screams, the divine river dragon, having severed its prey, found itself trapped by the spikes formed by the vine, unable to break free.

It couldn’t break free.

Now that it was fished out, the aura on its body erupted, causing this part of the Forbidden Sea to tumble. The waves outside became even larger. Even the sky changed color and the wind and waves became even more majestic.

A violent energy of Soul Accumulation fluctuations surged into the sky.

It was comparable to the three worlds Soul Accumulation!

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It let out a furious roar at Xu Qing, forming a storm that swept over. Three worlds of death appeared on its body, enhancing its entire body, causing its aura to be even more terrifying.

After that, it rushed toward Xu Qing. Although it could only barely open its large mouth, it was still huge for a human.

When it opened and closed, the seawater formed a vortex.

All the sea beasts in the surroundings trembled after sensing it.

Only Xu Qing calmly stood up.

The instant he stood up, he was like a pine tree, giving off a feeling of strength and firmness.

With strides akin to a dragon and tiger in motion, as if a god walking among mortals, he approached the ferocious divine river dragon with the heavenly vine in hand.

As the divine river dragon roared closer, its gaping maw ready to swallow, in that moment, Xu Qing clenched his left fist, emanating an endless imperial aura from his entire body.

Indestructible Emperor’s Fist.

He punched out.

The seawater exploded, forming intense ripples that destroyed everything, directly colliding with the head of the incoming divine river dragon.

A muffled roar reverberated throughout the seabed, suddenly echoing back. The divine river dragon let out an even more piercing cry, its skull cracking, and many of its teeth shattering.

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Under this terrifying heavy blow, its head reeled back uncontrollably, flesh and blood scattering everywhere.

However, this divine river dragon wasn’t ordinary either. Although it was heavily injured, it lashed out with its tail.

Its tail was covered in bony spikes. It ignored the obstruction of the seawater and instantly reached Xu Qing.

While holding the vine with one hand, Xu Qing looked at the incoming tail but he didn’t dodge.

He stood there and allowed the tail to land on his body.

At the next instant, an unbelievable scene appeared.

Xu Qing didn’t budge even a bit.

As for the divine river dragon’s tail, it trembled as though it had slammed into an immovable mountain peak. Half of the tail instantly shattered.

The barbs on it were broken.

The intense pain caused this divine river dragon to emit extreme terror. It suddenly turned around and tried to escape.

However, the heavenly vine barbs in its mouth had long burrowed into its flesh and bones. Moreover, Xu Qing had been holding onto the vine, so it had nowhere to escape.

At that moment, Xu Qing took a step and directly stepped on the head of the divine river dragon. He stood there and ruthlessly tugged at the vine.

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Wails echoed.

The 100,000-foot-long divine river dragon’s head was forced up, and it rushed upwards.

It charged out crazily from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the sea.

The sea caved in and the sky was covered with seawater before the seawater fell down, casting a huge shadow that covered the lone boat Huang Yan was on.

The seawater splattered all over Huang Yan.

Huang Yan was not happy.

Xu Qing stood on the head of the divine river dragon. As he looked at the world, he grabbed at the sun.

With this grab, the sun actually distorted.

At this instant, Xu Qing seemed to have stolen the illumination of the sun. His body became the sun, shining with an astonishing light.

From afar, it looked like he was the sun.

He emitted endless illumination and heat which he pressed against the skull of the divine river dragon.

Amidst the rumbling and light, the divine river dragon trembled violently and its wailing stopped abruptly.

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At the next instant, its corpse landed on the surface of the sea and floated there motionlessly.

The huge waves from the fall swept in all directions, forming a tsunami.

Resplendent illumination spots of divinity flew out of the divine river dragon’s corpus and headed straight for Xu Qing, surging into his entire body.

He seemed to be surrounded by various colors and was as resplendent as the stars.

It was as though a god had descended.

“This Profound Sun Immortal Light Technique is really not simple.”

Xu Qing mumbled and took a step forward, stepping on the boat Huang Yan was on.

He loosened his right hand, and the heavenly vine swiftly retreated, dragging Binding back. It danced joyfully around the lone boat, but Binding, now missing half of her body, shivered uncontrollably.

Little Shadow, who was on the lone boat, shivered as well.

It was originally resting. After seeing Xu Qing’s return, it immediately emitted cracking sounds that spread toward the Forbidden Sea with a certain rhythm.

“Master… no… reaction. Good… continue…”

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