Chapter 578: Unity

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“I gave you a choice. Besides, it’s a good marriage. Things only ended up like this because you insisted on marrying Song Lu. The Song family has never been easy to get along with. I don’t blame you this time. But in the future, I hope you understand your enemies before questioning your family.”

After Chu Heng finished speaking, he ignored her and strode out of the hall.

“You are clearly biased…” Chu Qingxiang fell to the ground, tears streaming down her face as she clutched her handkerchief tightly.

Fifteen minutes later…

Chu Zhiwen had brought the other five men of the Chu family to come.

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Madam Liu and Madam Zhang had also prepared a table full of dishes.

Although they could not eat fresh meat now, there was bacon. The meal was still considered sumptuous.

Soon, everyone was seated at the dining table. Chu Heng sat at the side and toasted the elders one by one. Considering that he would be leaving tomorrow, the elders of the Chu family did not allow him to drink and replaced it with tea.

After the meal, Chu Zhiwen, Chu Yonghua, and the other men who were in charge of each family stayed in the main room. Chu Heng explained the reason and then arranged the subsequent matters.

Chu Yonghua knew the seriousness of the matter and nodded. “Don’t worry, Ah Heng. I won’t tell anyone else in the family and will also restrain my own family. There’s no need for a guard. It’s just a month. If we really need to buy firewood, rice, oil, and salt, we can buy them at the bridgehead. We don’t have to go to the county.”

“Uncle, just take the guard. Just treat him as an extra servant doing chores in the house. I’m just taking precautions.”

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“Big Brother, just accept it. Otherwise, if something really happens, how will Ah Heng and I be able to handle ourselves? But don’t worry, this matter isn’t that serious. At most, the Wang family will frame us. As long as everyone is smart, once Ah Heng passes the High Scholar examination, or after the Xie family and the Wang family discuss things clearly, everything will be fine.”

“I hope so,” Chu Yonghua took a puff of his pipe.

“Ah Heng, you just need to focus on your exams. There are so many of us. It won’t be easy for the Wang family to deal with us. Besides, if the Wang family really dares to treat human lives like grass, they won’t dare to be a landlord anymore.” Fifth Uncle Chu Fengsheng was not afraid.

Chu Heng smiled lightly. “Fifth Uncle is right. After all, there are many people in the county who are interested in the Wang family’s land. There’s no need to worry too much.”

When Chu Heng returned home after dinner, the sky had just turned dark.

Ye Muyu had just finished her dinner when she heard some noise. She quickly walked out of the hall and saw Chu Heng coming in from the courtyard. She quickly went up to him and asked, “How is it?”

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Looking at Ye Muyu’s worried eyes, Chu Heng reached out and pulled her into his arms. He placed his hand on her neck and said softly, “Yes, everything is settled.”

As he spoke, he recounted what had happened at the old residence.

Ye Muyu was relieved to hear that. If the family was united, the chances of anything happening were actually not high.

“I’ve already prepared your luggage and placed it on the carriage. Wake up tomorrow morning to confirm what you’re missing.”

“I don’t lack anything.” Chu Heng swallowed the words ‘I only need you’ with difficulty. In order not to worry Ah Yu, he had to leave decisively.

“I still have to confirm it,” Ye Muyu said gently.

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“Father, Mother… Wow, Father is hugging Mother behind my back again…” Chu Jin’s voice sounded from the side. Ye Muyu’s face turned red and she reached out to tap Chu Heng’s shoulder. “The child is here. Let go.”

“It’s okay. It’s not like I haven’t hugged you in front of the children before.

Otherwise, where would they come from?” Chu Heng said it so confidently that Ye Muyu did not know whether to laugh or cry, but she did not refute him..

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