Chapter 579: Emergency Goatskin Booklet

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She had to let him leave without worry.

Chu Heng did not hug her for long before he let go.

“The hot water is ready. Go wash up first,” Ye Muyu reminded him gently.

Chu Heng hummed in agreement. Madam Hu then looked for Zhang Shu and filled the bathtub with hot water. She did not put any spices in it, so it was just an ordinary bath.

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Chu Heng went to take a bath.

Ye Muyu went to Lu Chuan and said, “This is the Emergency Manual. Keep it with you. It’s made of leather, so it’s waterproof.”

“There is also a bag of silver needles here. You can keep it too. If you really encounter a situation where there is no doctor, you can use it.”

“Madam, I don’t know how to use needles…” Lu Chuan panicked.

“Aren’t you a martial artist? You can recognize his acupuncture points, right? I drew the structure of the human acupuncture points on the back according to the medical books. Please look at it a few more times.” Ye Muyu thought of this as a precaution. She thought about how Chu Heng was not only going there for the exam but also to deal with the Wang family and might even make enemies with the officials in the prefecture. She was worried. She always felt that if she made more preparations, it would be useful.

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Lu Chuan reached out to take the silver needles and the sheepskin notebook. He was a little embarrassed. “Madam, let me take a look first. I’m a rough person. I didn’t pay much attention to my acupuncture points when I was learning martial arts.”

“Don’t worry. Actually, the acupoints are all the same. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look. It’s quite easy. Just remember it.” Ye Muyu pointed at the acupuncture points on the sheepskin notebook and told Lu Chuan. “Don’t you usually pay attention to these when you practice…”

Ye Muyu was explaining seriously, and so was Lu Chuan. After all, it was a matter of life and death.

A moment later, Lu Chuan frowned and nodded. “Thank you, Madam. I have a

general understanding. If there is any problem, I will ask a doctor for confirmation.’

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“You don’t have to feel pressured. I only need you to save him in special circumstances. You might not even use it.” Ye Muyu could not help but laugh when she saw his bitter expression and comforted him.

‘ I’ll protect Master.” Lu Chuan heaved a sigh of relief.

“By the way, I’ve thought about it for a long time. I think you can bring Doctor Lu to the prefecture. I went to see Doctor Lu in the afternoon and he nodded in agreement,” Ye Muyu said.

“Did Madam go to see Doctor Lu?” Lu Chuan was shocked.

Thinking of Chu Heng’s instructions, he refused. “Madam, Doctor Lu is not easy to control. If he is instigated to betray us and drug us, I’m afraid we won’t be able to handle it.”

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“What you said makes sense. However, the Lu family seems to have a normal relationship with the Zhao family. With the favor of returning the medical book previously, Doctor Lu should not be easily betraying us.” Ye Muyu felt that something was wrong, but she could not pinpoint it.

Lu Chuan said seriously, “Madam, the relationships between the wealthy families in the capital city are complicated. I can’t find out what the relationship between the Lu family and the Zhao family is. Therefore, it’s best not to bring Doctor Lu along.”

“Besides, the medicine that Madam has prepared is enough.” Lu Chuan tried his best to make Lu Sangqi stay away. He thought that his master had deliberately made Lu Sangqi stay to protect his wife, young master, and young miss. He did not dare to ruin this plan.

“Alright, then you have to prioritize safety.” Ye Muyu thought for a moment. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone hurt Master.”

“Mm.” Ye Muyu could only trust him. “Oh, right. The iron hooves that I asked the blacksmith to make are back. Go and install them first.” “Iron hooves? Iron plates on the horses’ hooves?”

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