Chapter 316: She Was Pregnant

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When Ye Wanwan heard Jiang Yu’s words, her blood started to flow backward.

She turned around and looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief.

Did she just invite Wen Ruan to the Zhou Residence for dinner?

She had heard of the Zhou Residence before. It was not just about money, but also power!

Jiang Yu had never taken her there.

But now, he had invited Wen Ruan over for a meal.

And the roses in his hand, were they for Wen Ruan?

Ye Wanwan felt as if she had fallen into an ice cellar. Her entire body was extremely cold.

Wen Ruan looked at the gentle and harmless man in front of her. She had a feeling that this was only his appearance. He was definitely not as simple as he looked!

He didn’t believe that he didn’t know that she was Wen Jinzhang’s daughter, but he still sent her flowers and invited her to dinner. There must be something wrong.

Wen Ruan secretly became vigilant.

“Mr. Jiang, I’m sorry. I have an appointment tonight.”

Jiang Yu squinted his light brown eyes. The smile on his lips didn’t change. He still looked warm and sunny.” Miss Wen seems to be a little afraid of me. When you talked to me, your expression was stiff and your pupils dilated. Do you have some misunderstanding about me?”

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A chill ran down Wen Ruan’s spine.

She took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Yu calmly.” Mr. Jiang, you’re overthinking. We’re not close, so why would I be afraid of you? I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first!”

Without giving Jiang Yu a chance to speak, Wen Ruan left quickly.

Jiang Yu didn’t chase after her, as if he had expected her reaction. The smile in his eyes deepened.

Ye Wanwan saw Jiang Yu staring at Wen Ruan’s back with interest. She was so angry that she was trembling.

She did not understand why all the men around her, no matter who they were, would notice Wen Ruan while she was just a foil!

Jiang Yu was her man, and she would never allow Wen Ruan to steal him away.

Ye Wanwan stepped forward and tugged at Jiang Yu’s sleeve. Her eyes were filled with grievance as she said,” Young Master Jiang, how could you ask her out for dinner? Don’t you know she’s Jinzhang’s daughter?”

Jiang Yu looked away from Wen Ruan’s back and smiled at Ye Wanwan.” So what?”

His voice was very soft and not cold at all. His smile could be considered sunny, but Ye Wanwan felt a chill.

Ye Wanwan was stunned by his words. She bit her lip hard, and the grievance and fear in her heart expanded in an instant.” Young Master Jiang, we have an intimate relationship. Moreover, I’m pregnant!”

Her mother told her to tell Jiang Yu after three months.

However, his current attitude made Ye Wanwan a little flustered.

If she couldn’t keep him, perhaps the child could!

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Jiang Yu handed the flowers to Ye Wanwan and chuckled.” You’re pregnant?”

Ye Wanwan took the flowers and her heart lit up with hope. She nodded at him.” Yes.”‘

Jiang Yu rested his chin on his slender fingers and pretended to think.” Mine?”

Ye Wanwan’s heart sank.” Young Master Jiang, do you know that when I was with you, it was my first time…”

Jiang Yu looked at Ye Wanwan’s red eyes and patted her head. He smiled and said,” Don’t worry. I didn’t say I didn’t believe you.”

Ye Wanwan knew Jiang Yu didn’t finish his sentence, so she stared at him.

Jiang Yu’s light brown eyes flickered. After a while, he said to Ye Wanwan,” Abort it. I’ll make it up to you.””

Ye Wanwan felt like she had fallen into hell!

She didn’t expect him to ask her to abort the child so easily!

The tears that she had been holding back fell out of her eyes.

‘ Young Master Jiang, you said that you like me very much. You said that you would be responsible for me…”

Jiang Yu sighed.” Silly girl, how can you believe a man’s words in bed?”

His casual tone made it seem like he was talking about something insignificant.

Ye Wanwan looked at the smile in his eyes and suddenly felt her scalp go numb.

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His face turned pale, and the blood in his body seemed to freeze.

Her lips trembled as she spoke,” All this while, you’ve been lying to me, right?” After getting what he wanted, he felt that it was meaningless, so he kicked her away.

Jiang Yu looked at Ye Wanwan’s tears. His eyes were still gentle, but the words he said were like a poisonous sword that stabbed into Ye Wanwan’s heart.

“There’s no such thing as lying. Back then, didn’t you fall into my arms on purpose? I thought you wanted me to sleep with you!”

Looking at Ye Wanwan’s pale face, Jiang Yu gently patted her face and chuckled.” I hate people who don’t stop pestering me. Wanwan, you’re a smart girl. You know what to do, right?”

With that, he put his hands in his pockets and jumped into the sports car.

She put on her sunglasses again and waved at Ye Wanwan with a smile.

The weather was still very warm, but Ye Wanwan felt as if she had entered the middle of winter and was frozen stiff!

What kind of gentle devil, what kind of ghost in human skin, today, she finally saw the truth!

Jiang Yu was a heartless!

Ye Wanwan looked at the bouquet of roses in her arms and felt extremely ironic. She walked a few steps and threw it into the trash can!

Wen Ruan didn’t know what Jiang Yu’s purpose was. He would appear at the school gate almost every day after her afternoon classes.

If she didn’t accept a bouquet of flowers, he would throw it into the trash can.

He didn’t force her to do anything. He just persevered and appeared in front of her.

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Wen Ruan felt the pressure on her multiply.

She felt like she didn’t want to leave the school every day.

Moreover, the news of Jiang Yu pursuing her had spread like wildfire in school.

It was not a good influence on her.

There were no classes on Friday afternoon, so Wen Ruan left the campus early to visit the film studio.

She had already booked a hotel there. She would spend the weekend at the film studio to relieve her stress.

Recently, Jiang Yu’s appearance had made her nervous. She was afraid that he would do something crazy!

After sitting in the car for three hours, Wen Ruan arrived at the film studio.

Qingyu still had to shoot a night scene, so Wen Ruan went straight to the production team to look for her.

This time, Ye Qingyu was acting as the female lead of a Chinese drama. She was the most beautiful socialite on the beach. She only sold her skills and not her body. In fact, she was an amazing underground worker who sacrificed herself for the country.

Director Wu of this drama was a famous gold-medal director in the industry.

As long as the female lead had acted in his drama, she would become famous.

Ye Qingyu did not know how such a good opportunity had fallen into her hands.

The manager had initially set Liu Keer as the female lead, but after Director Wu gave the manager a call, Liu Keer became the supporting actress.

The fiancé of the supporting actress was attracted by the female protagonist. The supporting actress came to the dance hall and made a scene. She slapped the female protagonist in public.

Ye Qingyu was wearing a green checkered cheongsam. Her graceful curves and bright and charming temperament were vividly displayed. She stood on the stage and sang. Her red lips and white teeth were dazzling and moving. Her seaweed-like long hair draped over her shoulders, and she was beautiful. She looked like a little vixen from the Republic of China..

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